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  1. no neng i am not the admin, im only an ordinary member here i earn with the help of my direct and rented referrals ^_^V i havent cashout again yet, coz i rented new refs, next time i hope i could cash out again and put my payment proof again here soon.. :)
  2. http://www.imeezo.co...6F_4D0C1458.jpg JUST GOT PAID TODAY, Thank you admin
  3. good news to all livbux.com already have their payment proof posted at forum,
  4. hey skylday, sorry for my description of the site, didnt know how to edit it after posting this, anyways thanks for editing it for me the site is running good here, im a new member here, so ill update if i reach my minimun payout. site has an active forum for everyone to see.. check on forum for more updates of the site ^_^V thanks.. as far as im concerned there's nothing yet in the forum with complains or bug reports, so far site is running smoothly.. no payment proofs yet, for site is fresh as new
  5. GET SILVER MEMBERSHIP IN 5$ -Limited Offer] At Livebux receive free and easy cash by making referrals also earn upto 0.02$ per click and 0.01$ per refferral click Our payout minimum is at $1 3 level Membership Instant payouts Lots of high earning contests SPONSOR NEW MEMBERS AND EARN COMMISSIONS http://www.livbux.com/?ref=donchris21' rel="external nofollow"> {{ As in any Forum, the posting rules must be read BEFORE you post a Topic, and instructions followed... as well as the Forum Rules... skylady }} corrected your Description... Read the Rules for Posting a Topic and follow ALL the instructions, thank you...
  6. thank you jessica for the exchange, ill exchange with you again if needed... thanks a lot ^_^
  7. hi i have 132LR can i exhange with you my LR for 100 PP really need it for online shopping, please accept my YM request.. thank you.. ^_^
  8. (message to me from the admin of the site) Date 9/23/2010 11:20 Batch 45338883 From U5289973 (1golden-game.com) To U9184746 (amythystsapphire) Amount $0.15 Memo well i guess it just took a little longer before i receive the payment.. thanks admin, this time i know for sure that the site is paying.. Edited: don't like the way the game pays, don't play it... skylady
  9. 1)http://letsgoearn-moneyonline.webs.com (blog) 2) https://oilstructure.com (HYIP) 3) https://ackeworld.com (Financial Services) 4) https://www.alertpay.com (payment processor) 5) http://www.imvu.com (online community)
  10. tried a test play here, i won 1 time, then checked my account if it pays, but sadly it didn't pay me.. try looking at it's history my LR: was U9184746 i think this is a Edited: unless you can SHOW Proof this kind of talk is NOT allowed''' skylady
  11. wow nice win lusciousjessy ^_^ that's what we call winning,, i also have another tip to share, if you loose on your first bet double it on the second time and so on.. untill you win thegame.. but keep it in mind that this is only a game... DO NOT bet what you CAN NOT afford to lose GOODLUCK ^_^
  12. another new head or tail game.. chances of winning is 70% Welcome to DreamGold.Info - LR Headtail game Choose whether the next coin flipped return head or tail! Place your bet and you can win 220% of your spend if your bet is right! Click here for complete bet result history. So, what do you think the next coin flipped will be? You earn 10% of every bet of the player you refer to us. TRY YOUR LUCK HERE Tip to win but its up to you if you give this a try or not ^_^V just my tips as i have played it this way Here, I only introduce you how to find the rules in the game. The game rules are changing all the time. The history page displays a record of the latest game. And we should observe more history records to find the rules during different periods. Finding these rules ensure your great benefit in this game. TRY YOUR LUCK HERE
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