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  1. I'm new, my name is Rennie, and I'm doing fine :biggrin: , more so now that I've found where most of the 'good guys' be.
  2. Firstly, my name is rennieT (Rennie Arrington), :mellow: Hello! and how are you? I am looking forward to staying on at TopGoldForum, as this seems to be one of the best Forums, I have come across yet on the internet; and of course, I have used the internet for approx. 10 years, on and off. Secondly, I noticed my intricate question on how what about, "autoresponder code" is probably being suggested; but none the less, I will find out. Thirdly, I have a few downloads anybody may be interested in: ListBuildingMadeEasy.zip BasicListBuildingStrategies.zip StartAMembershipSite.zip AutoSubmi
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