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  1. Payitforward Traffic will be announcing something in the next week I think is absolutely killer... I can not tell you what it is..But I feel it will help take PIFT to the next level... It was actually a suggestion of a member and Tony loved it... I will tell you this about this new announcement.It will generate tons of outside income for PIFT effortlessly and nobody in the industry is utilizing it...This new idea does so many things to help PIFT move forward in all aspects of our business... I would highly suggest putting your time and resources in building PIFT to the max. Because I have a serious feeling it is really getting ready to explode. So guys who are not into PIFT jump IN now and enjoy the ride at the next BIG revenue share :thumbsup:
  2. If anyone has not signed up in payitforwardtraffic,I highly recommend adding this program to your portfolio. The new Accounting System Rocks and Tony is staying on top of his game... And here is the best news for a lot of people. You can start earning money in PIFT for as little as 5 bucks. PIFT is fast becoming my favorite program online...and you're seriously missing out if you're not earning in this program...
  3. Got Paid Very Fast Again :thumbsup: Anyone considering to join Revenue Share Programs then its worth adding this to your portfolio.. The Best replacement to AV4U
  4. Got Paid Again and again and again :thumbsup:
  5. Requested part of my RC and got paid fast as usual :thumbsup:
  6. Server Move is now in Progress on 7-5-09 Here is the Update
  7. My 3rd payment of the week :thumbsup:
  8. Another Payment of the Week :thumbsup:
  9. PIFT is growing well, paying promptly as usual. They will be moving server to offshore soon and in the process of getting some software automation for their computations. New features like benefactor program added. Unique way of paying it forward forever! PIFT looks very promosing with new members joining in and getting good support at forums. A good program to include in your portfolio.
  10. Awesome new PayItForward Benefactor Program starts today. It is explained in the back office and even includes a sample email to send your downline. This is another reason PIFT is going to get much bigger very soon. I guess now "PayItForwardTraffic" is living up to its web name. here is the Update
  11. Requested some RC this evening..
  12. Got Paid Again Date: June, 25 2009 10:42:58 AM Amount Sent: $12.35 USD Sender Name: EasyShareProfit Sender Email: [email protected] Reference Number: E780E-00EFD-44D1B, Message:
  13. Requested some RC this week and got paid fast once again.. With fast payouts and lightening support system this one will sure be a BIG ONE in the future like Adventures4u :thumbsup: Date: June, 24 2009 9:03:05 AM Amount Sent: $36.09 USD Sender Name: IncomeClubMonitor Sender Email: [email protected] Reference Number: DB99E-4634C-64ABC, Message: PayItForwardTraffic.com Rebate/Commissions for Member ID: