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  1. diana yes

    Forums is really a good place for traders who are needing for advice.With the help of forums newbies and traders are be able to share and gather their ideas to one another.For me I can say that you should have a self-discipline in entering forex and you have to be patient and wise doing decisions.
  2. diana yes

    Hello!I can suggest you to try babypips the school of pipsology or GDMFX Hermes academy.I tried those school and it helps me a lot in trading.There are lots of resources to be learn.
  3. diana yes

    In generation today online is one source of earning.It just depends on the person on how they manage their money and they should be patient.
  4. diana yes

    Lack of concentration and lack of risk management.
  5. diana yes

    Forex risk is very high that's why we have to be continous in our learning.
  6. diana yes

    I agree!It would be easy for student if they know their time management for learning.
  7. diana yes

    Yah right if you are interested you'll not get bored.
  8. diana yes

    Yes everything can be learn and even student they can even learn how they can manage their time in studying and trading.
  9. Hello Rryane nice to meet you. You are right I also trade with GDMFX and it's good thing that I chose GDMFX as my broker.
  10. diana yes

    Thanks for posting..you have a good opinion.
  11. diana yes

    Hi Bling welcome on board.
  12. diana yes

    Hello Jeanne welcome to Topgold! Enjoy your stay,see you around.
  13. diana yes

    Hello Aljen nice to meet you.I hope you could learn a lot from the forum.
  14. diana yes

    You are right there are lot of resources to be learn at Babypips.
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