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  1. In my point of view and what first came into my mind when i had read this question is the word luck. I think the main difference between forexand gambling is the word "luck". At gambling we more rely on our luck in winning,while at forex we cant we need to learn and analyze.The market is so huge so we need to learn we cant rely on our luck.
  2. gerski

    Sure student can be a good trader,that is in due time. As student they can be a good trader with their good time management to allocate their time in learning their academic and to that of forex. Forex is a good opportunity for students to earn,its just that patience must be present.
  3. gerski

    Demo for me is very important for newbies.As newbies this will be the best chance to try and do their trading and put their skills without sacrificing their real amount of money.Demo will serve as newbies training ground,even those traders who are not newbies even use demo.Thats why demo is helpful for everyone,newbies or not.
  4. gerski

    Definitely yes,Forex gives a lot of opportunity for anyone who is interested to invest into it. Everyone may do forex,and being a housewife is not a hindrace at all since we know forex can be done eitheir part time or full time. What matters is we have the passion to learn and focus to succeed in this field.
  5. gerski

    This is a good way to show how grateful gdmfx is to their clients.And as a way to say thank you all and in view of the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year of this year,Gdmfx Red Packet Giveaway is in the air untill feb 14.So for everyone join now and enjoy the Special Prosperity Bonus that this broker offer,and get a chance to win cash prizes.
  6. gerski


    Hi and glad to meet you vong! May you enjoy your stay meet a lot of friends as well around. Happy posting and have fun with your stay.
  7. gerski

    Greetings to you Hana Hannah! Glad to meet you around the room,its kind of happy feeling to know your into interested in forex.This field is really getting more and more popular . There are a lot of places and resources to start our learning about forex such as social media sites,in this site alone we have a section for forex.Plus add to check to signature below to learn more and to have a free demo. Nice meeting you and hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. As per wikipedia A Forex signal is a suggestion for entering a trade on a currency pair, usually at a specific price and time.[1] The signal is generated either by a human analyst or an automated Forex robot supplied to a subscriber of the forex signal service.
  9. gerski

    Hello diana yes! Glad and happy to meet you here,its a nice feeling when we find a co filipino/kabayan around.Its like that we are really in just one roof.Hope to see you around and goodluck on your money endeavor.Happy posting for us.
  10. gerski

    I believe so.Having a free demo account on our broker for free just like mine at gdmfx is useful since we can learned from it one way or the other.Knowing it is for free so why not grab the opportunity and learned from it. Forex business is indeed very risky and managing the risk that forex entails is really important.Acquiring knowledge on how to manage/minimize the risk that is present in forex is not enough we should be disciplined enough to apply what we learned on our actual trading.This is one important thing that will help us prolong our stay at this business.
  11. gerski

    Hello hilah!Happy to meet you around the room .See you around and may you find what you are looking for around the room.
  12. gerski

    Hello and welcome on topgold Elisha! Happy to find you here another trader around.See you around the forex section .Looking forward to see you at this forex section and to share and exchange ideas with you soon.Happy New Year!
  13. gerski

    Hello invinsible 722 welcome on board! Happy New Year to you and glad to find you here.Feel free to share your knowledge as well as ideas for us all.See you around.Enjoy
  14. gerski

    I dont think that forex will be boring at all.Forex gives us the possibility to earn profit we just need to devote ourself in learning about forex first.And if we are really interesed in forex we will not feel bored at all especially if we are already earning from our trade.
  15. We are acquiring ideas,tips etc about forex in order to boost our knowledge about this field in order to succeed thats why in order to really succeed we must implement or apply what we learned when trading.I do not get why we have to learn if we are not going to use it anyway.
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