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  1. In my point of view and what first came into my mind when i had read this question is the word luck. I think the main difference between forexand gambling is the word "luck". At gambling we more rely on our luck in winning,while at forex we cant we need to learn and analyze.The market is so huge so we need to learn we cant rely on our luck.
  2. Sure student can be a good trader,that is in due time. As student they can be a good trader with their good time management to allocate their time in learning their academic and to that of forex. Forex is a good opportunity for students to earn,its just that patience must be present.
  3. Demo for me is very important for newbies.As newbies this will be the best chance to try and do their trading and put their skills without sacrificing their real amount of money.Demo will serve as newbies training ground,even those traders who are not newbies even use demo.Thats why demo is helpful for everyone,newbies or not.
  4. Definitely yes,Forex gives a lot of opportunity for anyone who is interested to invest into it. Everyone may do forex,and being a housewife is not a hindrace at all since we know forex can be done eitheir part time or full time. What matters is we have the passion to learn and focus to succeed in this field.
  5. Greetings to you Hana Hannah! Glad to meet you around the room,its kind of happy feeling to know your into interested in forex.This field is really getting more and more popular . There are a lot of places and resources to start our learning about forex such as social media sites,in this site alone we have a section for forex.Plus add to check to signature below to learn more and to have a free demo. Nice meeting you and hope you enjoy your stay.
  6. Hello diana yes! Glad and happy to meet you here,its a nice feeling when we find a co filipino/kabayan around.Its like that we are really in just one roof.Hope to see you around and goodluck on your money endeavor.Happy posting for us.
  7. We are acquiring ideas,tips etc about forex in order to boost our knowledge about this field in order to succeed thats why in order to really succeed we must implement or apply what we learned when trading.I do not get why we have to learn if we are not going to use it anyway.
  8. Forex offers a lot of opportunity for individuals to invest in,but ofcourse just like the other business that we are investing with we must know or learn the basic and how the forex market works in order to succeed. In forex there are really lots to be learned its a step by step procedure before the actual trading.Thats why i believed that in forex we must learn first before we can actually earn.
  9. As we had encountered lots of testimonials about greed on their trading would only leads to their loss.Thats why i believe and i know there would still lots to agree with me that greed is one factor to be avoided when trading since it would not bring good results to our trading.
  10. Hi and welcome back Sonykapoor Hi and welcome aboard Zoeforex.Are you a forex lover also?See you around .
  11. Aside from the above mentioned.Forex is the best online earning source knowing its advantages from other online earning source.At forex we can trade on our availability time we can trade eitheir full time or part time and we can trade anywhere we are.
  12. Yes forex trading is the best online earning source for us if we have sufficient knowledge as well as skills otherwise it will not be a best source of earning for us.
  13. I agree knowledge is very important so with its implementation,It becomes useless when we acquired knowledge but never /miss to apply it on our trade.
  14. Good to hear that your enjoying your stay around ,its really a nice place to stay a lot to be learned.See you on the forex section.
  15. I would also agree with others saying that our initial investment in trading is the amount that we can afford to lose,this amount even when lose will not bring a great impact on our financial status.But whatever the amount youwant or you might have to invest what matters is your ability to have a good money management.

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