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  1. Mateo Rodriguez

    I've been trading with Gdmfx for several months now. So personally, I can testify that this broker is not a scam broker. And I am confident to recommend this broker to new traders because they are one of the better, if not the best, brokers. I am happy with them and I do not have any plans to change them.
  2. Mateo Rodriguez

    Forex trading can be done by anyone regardless of age, race, color, religion etc. If she is interested then she can give it a try. And I suggest she do the demo account first. It would be a good way to have idea about the trading process.
  3. Mateo Rodriguez

    Forex trading is one of the fast growing online investment. It is one of the easy ways to make and earn money via the Internet. Also you can do Forex trading at the comfort of your home or even at any place other than your home as long as you have a device and a mobile connection. These maybe the reasons why many are encouraged to do it.
  4. Mateo Rodriguez

    Forex trading, like any other forms of investment, is risky. And you have to take that risk if you want to succeed. Well of course you should have sufficient knowledge and information about Forex trading, the market and its trends. If you have so, you would know what to do.
  5. Mateo Rodriguez

    Demo account is a good way to have a general grasp of the trading process and the Forex market. It allows you to have a general idea about the trading itself. Also using a demo account is a perfect way to test your broker. It helps you to develop a trading strategy that you can use when you go to the actual trading.
  6. Mateo Rodriguez

    Your weapon and alas in Forex trading is your sufficient knowledge and information about the market and its trends. Those are the keys to become successful in trading foreign currency. Additionally, you should also have patience and discipline in trading.
  7. Mateo Rodriguez

    There are a number of ways to study and learn more about Forex trading. One of the good resources to enhance your knowledge about the subject matter is via online. There are lot of Forex Web sites and forums that you can read and learn with. These include Babypips School of Pipsology and Hermes Academy School or Forex.
  8. Mateo Rodriguez

    I am a new trader too. And what I am doing is I am studying first Forex trading. I visit and read Forex Web sites and blogs and interact with other traders in different Forex forums. I am also doing a demo account. These are my ways to hone my skills and knowledge about the subject matter.
  9. Mateo Rodriguez

    Noted with big thanks, Thank you for sharing. Information are really helpful to new traders like me.
  10. Mateo Rodriguez

    Hello. How is your trading going on? Hope we can share tips and ideas about trading.
  11. Mateo Rodriguez

    Hello Antez. This forum is indeed very nice. There are so much to be read and learned here. I wish you good luck in your gold digging.
  12. Mateo Rodriguez

    Nice to meet you and welcome to the community. Enjoy your stay here my friend.
  13. Mateo Rodriguez

    Hi there Aljen. Welcome to Top Gold Forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here they way I do.
  14. Mateo Rodriguez

    Enjoy your stay here Jeanne. Have a nice day to you.
  15. Mateo Rodriguez

    Hello Bling. Its nice to see you here. Welcome.
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