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  1. pradegxs


    I really appreciate adding webinars on economics it should improve technical literacy among traders. Your education undergoes great improvements for benefit of traders of course
  2. pradegxs


    Oh yes got my 1000 withdrawal in 2 hours! Hotforex rocks!
  3. pradegxs


    Any plans on introducing PAYZA as an option for top up and widthrawal? It would be quite convenient for me.
  4. pradegxs

    So as per your words you can have best trading system in the world without proper care about trading risks right? What are the major rules to avoid trading crashes? thanks.
  5. pradegxs


    What about bitcoin withdrawals? Can I use different wallets or should always use the same to pull the money out?
  6. pradegxs

    How do you guys trade with brokers without proper regulation? Have you every considered regulated brokers like Hotforex?
  7. pradegxs


    Are you going to introduce withdrawals to Payza anytime soon? Thanks
  8. Does your company affiliated with Hotforex or it's independent service?
  9. pradegxs


    Perfect contest and a great challenge and motivation for newbie traders.
  10. pradegxs

    What is the average live spread your broker quote you in trading? Or you don't trade and merely engage in forum discussions?
  11. pradegxs

    Have you tried to diversify your trading for example trading with several trusted brokers like Hotforex
  12. pradegxs

    Please prepare some review of the events in next week. I think it will far more useful for traders. Thanks
  13. pradegxs


    Nice to see this thread updated everyday, by the way what's your view on EURUSD this week?
  14. pradegxs

    Trading is difficult because there is no universal and clear-cut approach to it. You have to work it out on your own and never share with others to have it working only for you.
  15. pradegxs

    Do you provide technical setups for trading? I see only fundamental insights, but would also like to see them combined with a confirmation from technical side.