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  1. Yeah betting on luck is the worst thing trader can attempt.However with proper money management it is still possible to get randomly in profit.
  2. I like to trade BTC with Hotforex because it offers leverage and average spreads lower than in competitors.
  3. I test every my trading strategy on Hotforex demo before shooting it on live. I think proper test are essential thing to avoid dumb losses.
  4. Major requirement for brokers are stable predictable spreads even during volatility outbreaks because it allows your trading strategy to behave in expected way yielding results similar to backtesting results. A good example of such broker is Hotforex.
  5. I usually have zero spread on EURUSD at Hotforex, however I pay commission on my trades, still it is much better than other brokers offer.
  6. I speculate on XAUUSD with Hotforex really enjoy current volatility as it creates many trading opportunities.
  7. I think practice matters more than knowledge because what really works in trading can't be acquired in books, theory differs from practice very much in trading.
  8. Anybody tried raw spread account at Hotforex? Is better than premium or zero spreads, basically what's its advantage
  9. A channel is a trading range of two lines, a trend line, and a concurrent line used to find trend direction and trend pattern. There are three types of channels an ascending channel, a descending channel, and a sideways channel or ranging channel. Traders use the channel for technical analysis. Traer can easily draw a channel in MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. My broker Hotforex provides both platforms.
  10. Forex is the best trading market in the world. There are a lot of traders who choose this market as their only living source. I am a forex trader too. I am trading with Hotforex since 2014. I started forex trader as a part-timer. But after 1.5 years I choose it as full time. I am happy to be a trader in the forex market. I am generating a healthy profit from forex trading.
  11. Not only due to psychology but also because of higher transaction costs and slower execution. They may have decent impact on your trading especially if you are a scalper.
  12. I trade mostly on Gold, it's been known for it's wild swings, I set 1:20 leverage on my Hotforex platform and feel fine even with big drawdowns. That money that they printed and poured into economy, I think its a massive inflationary move and you know gold is a hedge so it's a kind of long-term bet on Gold hitting 2K
  13. A lot of money can be made on Hotforex platform if it is done according to proper plan and discipline. I have been able to become a profitable trader by trading for a long time. Patience is required when trading. If there is no patience, it will be very complicated to make a profit.
  14. I keep my leverage fixed at Hotforex 1:50 and instead choose risk using lot size.
  15. Forex can be very time efficient, that's true - except in the beginning as it can take quite a bit of time to learn everything and practice, plus you have to take some time every once in a while to evaluate your profitability and make sure everything is as good as it can be. But the more experience and the more capital you have, the less time you need to spend on trading. I spent 2-3 hours in trading at Hotforex while when I was started I could spent all day studying charts and testing different indicators.

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