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  1. pradegxs

    To make decision quickly you have to practice, thankfully brokers like Hotforex or Tickmill offer excellent demo account options where you can develop any trading idea and fine-tune existing strategies. It really simplifies trading process, its most risky part where you don't know whether your trading idea works and have to test it.
  2. pradegxs

    How many Industry awards does Hotforex have? Any news about recent FX expo in Dubai? Were they awarded with anything?
  3. pradegxs

    why you chose this company that has 0 reputation and lacks trusted reviews. Check Hotforex its much better option if you want to trade safely.
  4. Dear folks, Anybody knows Is it safe and cheap enough to trade crypto products (CFDs) with forex brokers like Hotforex or Tickmill? I saw that they offer cryptocurrency pairs trading with relatively low transaction costs and leverage (1:5). They are also regulated and support USD withdrawals to bank account or payment systems. Are they better option that exchanges that deal only with cryptocurrencies?
  5. pradegxs

    Can we choose assets or currency pairs which will be studied In the live analysis webinars? I think we can do that through voting procedure, it will also increase engagement of traders = better experience
  6. pradegxs

    Anybody tried to change withdrawal method in Hotforex from credit card to crypto? How long will they make security checks before changing your payment method?
  7. I use raw spread account with Hotforex and they charge me 8$ round-turn, Tickmill charges 4$ round turn. I use them both because they have different service features which I need.
  8. pradegxs

    Any news about Bitcoin withdrawals limit? When are you going to lift up the daily limit, because I need this option to use my trading strategy..
  9. pradegxs

    Thanks but I think most of the members prefer to stay with reliable brokers with proven operation history, like Tickmill or hotforex.
  10. pradegxs

    Yeah I tested this app too, made two withdrawals of my profit to crypto wallet, money were credited in two hours. I think its pretty fast and reliable.
  11. Scalping is great opportunity for newbies to catch small profit and test their trading skills but as they mature they tend to bias towards swing trading or medium-term currency investments, because it involves lower stress. I prefer to trade with EA on my Hotforex platform and grab profitable trading opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies.
  12. pradegxs

    Can I request withdrawals and top-up my account using your mobile app? Or it's only available when logging in from PC?
  13. pradegxs

    What best trading style for newbies can you recommend. Most of them start from S/R lines but I think they are very subjective and lead to improper mindset and trading set-ups and that's hard to correct.
  14. pradegxs

    Do you still offer cryptocurrency trading with the same trading conditions as before?
  15. pradegxs

    Is this trading signal still valid? or maybe there are updates to this set up? I'm going to open trade with Hotforex but not sure if the technical picture remains intact.
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