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  1. Forex trading involves a lot of stress especially when you frequently check trading positions to see profit or loss outcome. This process distracts you and could lead to mistakes because you can close early position.
  2. Broker is really important because it is responsible for execution of orders and withdrawals. It's hard or impossible to earn with slow brokers. One of the fastest brokers I've tried is Hotforex that's why I'm still trading with them.
  3. Forex trading is speculation and investment using currency pairs as well as assets from other asset classes such as commodities, stocks, bonds, and even crypto. I use Hotforex because it offers wide array of trading instruments so everything is gathered in one place which is very convenient.
  4. That's why I trade with tight stop loss with Hoftforex, I trade to avoid large unexpected losses because they are detrimental to your emotional state, while you can easily handle small losses
  5. Did anybody trade last NFP with Hotforex? What slippage did you get?
  6. When are you going to open Ethereum for trading? I think focus shifts from btc to ethereum on the crypto market, want to follow the fashion and open some long term positions on it.
  7. I never thought that I could earn from others' investment. FxStat signal copy service at Hotforex offers opportunity to earn commission from those follow my trades. I can be both a Trader (signal source) and an Investor at the same time. What this means is I can sell signals from my investment portfolio, and signals from those you have chosen to copy.
  8. Is it possible to take part in this "demo to live trading contest" every month? https://www.hotforex.com/sv/en/contest/demo-contest.html Is it allowed by rules to be a winner several times in a row?
  9. I have been using signal copying service in Hotforex (in partnership with FxStat) for more than 4 months. The filters provided by the platform for filtering signal providers and automation tools are very useful. But I still trade manually to have practice and to retain skills.
  10. Well if we trade on news I think we need more leverage to increase our potential profit. Basically the strategy I use is depositing 200$ and taking highest leverage to put two pending orders in opposite directions. It also known as news straddle. Anybody of you have successfully implemented this strategy on Hotforex?
  11. You can be easily confused if I try to deduce a lesson from every losing trade. Instead I would recommend to draw conclusions from 100-200 trades to see low the Law of Large Numbers (statistical property) applies to your trading results. There can be million reasons why you lost in a particular trade.
  12. I guess tier-1 jurisdiction is FCA and tier-2 are CySEC, SA FSA and third regulation which I don't know. Hotforex put a lot of efforts to become properly regulated.
  13. By using high leverage you get an opportunity to make more money from price movements that you guessed correctly but the downside of this is that your account becomes more vulnerable to adverse price moves. I use 1:50 with Hotforex it took 1 month of trading to realise that high leverage doesn't suit my trading approach.
  14. Brokers offer very low entry barrier for retail investors, for example Hotforex starts to accept clients with as low as $25. My first deposit with them was 50 USD which quickly grew to 100USD after two weeks of extensive training.
  15. This broker is really excellent place to trade FX their trading conditions make profitable some spread- and speed-sensitive trading systems which fail with other slow brokers.
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