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  1. What is the average live spread your broker quote you in trading? Or you don't trade and merely engage in forum discussions?
  2. Have you tried to diversify your trading for example trading with several trusted brokers like Hotforex
  3. Please prepare some review of the events in next week. I think it will far more useful for traders. Thanks
  4. Nice to see this thread updated everyday, by the way what's your view on EURUSD this week?
  5. Trading is difficult because there is no universal and clear-cut approach to it. You have to work it out on your own and never share with others to have it working only for you.
  6. Do you provide technical setups for trading? I see only fundamental insights, but would also like to see them combined with a confirmation from technical side.
  7. How do you determined that they offer ECN execution? From their website? Don't buy for that, brokers without proper regulation like CySEC or FCA UK often run DD model which makes impossible to win for traders. I would suggest you to trade with regulated brokers like Tickmill or Hotforex, they have long history of operation with low amount of complaints, according to my research. Most of complaints probably made by newbies
  8. Anybody tried to trade bitcoin on forex brokers? Is it possible to catch sudden movements which offer appear on cryptomarket because of lower liquidity? I checked the spread, it's about 25 USD a bit higher than on exchanges, but ability to short without coverage offers excellent opportunity to trade during declines. What do you think about that?
  9. So you guys make money from trading, but could somebody reveal me the info what is best account with Hotforex to trade news? There are rumors guys regularly pull out 300-400 USD with quick 3-4 trades in a month on events like NFP, CPI with Hotforex. But I can't get my head around the platform details, namely what is best account type for news trading?
  10. What's minimum deposit on VIP account?
  11. Going to open short position on the pair on my Hotforex MT4 platform. What's your view on that?
  12. When August webinars schedule will be posted? thanks
  13. Thousands of brokers but only a few offer reliable trading services like Hotforex and Tickmill. Did you personally try this brokers in trading?
  14. Which timeframe is best in your view for trading? What can you advice you for newbies so they will get best protection from sudden market moves?
  15. Nice.. what about your outlook on oil prices. Haven't seen it in your market digest recently..