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  1. pradegxs

    Do you still offer cryptocurrency trading with the same trading conditions as before?
  2. pradegxs

    Is this trading signal still valid? or maybe there are updates to this set up? I'm going to open trade with Hotforex but not sure if the technical picture remains intact.
  3. pradegxs

    Could you please suggest which Hotforex account is better to use to enter this trade? I'm currently trading on their micro account but making research if they can offer something better which I can switch to.
  4. pradegxs

    Are there any limits on the number of webinars a person can attend in a month? Can I attend four webinars from this list?
  5. pradegxs

    Thanks but it's better to attend Hotforex education webinar which are much more effective in helping you to achieve trading success
  6. pradegxs

    Is it also available for European citizens?
  7. Thanks but I trade with hotforex and don't plan to change my trading venue soon.
  8. pradegxs

    Do this broker also conducts webinars dedicated to fundamental analysis? I see that they spend a lot of efforts and time to enlighten traders regarding trading based on technical analysis only.
  9. pradegxs

    What about fundamental analysis webinars? Want to enhance my background in this direction but can't find good place to learn.
  10. Every time I see that new names appear in the industry but their business doesn't last long because they don't expect long-term relationship and don't value client loyalty. That's why I prefer to trade with reliable and trusted brokers like Hotforex.
  11. pradegxs

    I trade with leverage on Hotforex because using it you can adjust your risk/reward settings while you can't do that trading with your own money. Sometimes I want to take higher risks for example trading on news because expected return is higher, but the only option to do that is to use leverage from the broker.
  12. pradegxs

    Yeah this is what called high industry standards and desire to follow them, we should appreciate Hotforex efforts as their clients
  13. pradegxs

    Where did you find this scam? Did you check their regulation? They have very limited responsibility in processing your orders properly and paying the profit too. Better to trade with Hotforex, Imo
  14. I would like to know your opinions about this broker especially from those who trade scalping EAs on their pro account. They offer very low commission - 4$ per lot round turn, I wonder where is the catch. Thanks
  15. pradegxs

    How long have you been trading with this broker?
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