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  1. Thousands of brokers but only a few offer reliable trading services like Hotforex and Tickmill. Did you personally try this brokers in trading?
  2. Which timeframe is best in your view for trading? What can you advice you for newbies so they will get best protection from sudden market moves?
  3. Nice.. what about your outlook on oil prices. Haven't seen it in your market digest recently..
  4. Merkel will beat rivals because it has strong support among electorate. Moreover German people feel fine in eurozone and merkel is a proponent of saving the Union.
  5. Better to stop trading with the broker which stole money from traders, delaying withdrawals and delivering fake prices, and apply your trading efforts backed with reliable industry names like Hotforex or Tickmill
  6. How do I sign up to webinars. I'm new to this but want to receive educational information from trusted sources, like Hotforex analytics team.
  7. For swing traders like me there are no bad or good times, I just make my money from BTC speculations trading with safe broker Hotforex. You don't need to own bitcoins exposing yourself to systemic risks, because you trade CFD contract, i.e. earn money from price swings.
  8. What are the criteria for winner? Or it is randomly chosen?
  9. Good job, hope you apply this guide to your trading as well.
  10. Nice, hope they will carry this contest on monthly basis, because I missed the registration date, now wait for next announcements.
  11. I also had troubles trading EURUSD on demo account with Hotforex, but after I learned how to interpret ECB and Fed meetings, my trading has considerably improved, and later I switched to live account with the same broker.
  12. How do you measure risk in trading? Is it variance of returns of you measure market volatility and regard it as a risk? In my trading with Hotforex the only risk is market volatility and I do my best to avoid it.https://topgoldforum.com/topic/320849-trading-is-very-risky/?page=7&tab=comments#
  13. Nice, but what's your view on Dollar for the rest of this week? Should we start to sell it before the Federal reserves' meeting on June 12?
  14. Can we expect deeper coverage of Italian crisis and guidance how to trade this event?
  15. Anybody knows where Hotforex brokers gets liquidity for BTCUSD and ETHUSD pairs? Just want to make sure there is no conflict of interest.