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  1. pradegxs

    I trade with FCA regualted broker Hotforex which offers compensation for investors in case of emergency. They also offer segregated accounts which is a big plus if you value safety of your funds.
  2. pradegxs

    I trade with Hotforex using only fundamental analysis, because technical analysis is clearly a product of our imagination.
  3. pradegxs

    Can demo traders take part in this contest? Or live account is the requirement too?
  4. pradegxs

    Can I top up my account with Bitcoin? Are you going to support this payment option soon?
  5. pradegxs

    When are you going to introduce bitcoin option for deposit and withdrawals?
  6. pradegxs

    Are you going to introduce no deposit "welcome" bonus as you did before? Some of my friends want to try your services...
  7. pradegxs

    Concentration is really important I don't trade without focus with Hotforex because I don't want to lose money
  8. pradegxs

    Do you charge any fixed commission instead of swaps or it's completely free?
  9. pradegxs

    I use Tickmill and Hotforex brokers, anybody has experience with them?
  10. pradegxs

    Because it is risk free opportunity. Competition between brokers create these nice contest where you can earn not risking a cent and it is wonderful.
  11. pradegxs

    I trade using algorithms with Hotforex earn 50-100$ weekly, it is very conservative strategy but I'm going to improve it soon. Remember that without clear market edge it is impossible to have long-term trading profits. Short-term yes, but definitely not long-term.
  12. pradegxs

    I would rather start trading with Hotforex it has a lot of positive reviews on FPA and they also offer raw spread account perfect for scalping on EURUSD during London session with 0 spread.
  13. What are pros and cons of trading crypto's with Fx brokers? recently I've discovered that Hotforex offers crypto for trading but I have account on binance and thinking about moving tor regulated environment? What's your opinion guys on this?
  14. pradegxs

    Can demo traders take part in this contest? Or live account is the requirement too?
  15. pradegxs

    Please share your opinion about this broker. I started to use their Pro account, it's cheap and fast. Is it safe to trade large lot sizes with this broker?
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