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  1. pradegxs

    Why don't you provide some trade entry points based on your research?
  2. pradegxs


    Does it mean that you will restrict leverage somehow or everything will remain as before?
  3. pradegxs

    Yes I took me three months to train on demo account , testing waters, understanding interface and developing basic trading strategy before I was able to make some money on live account. Hotforex greatly improved my trading experience and skills, thanks to their education courses and assistance from personal managers.
  4. pradegxs


    Bitcoin is up I think whales are preparing gift for us, time for big investments
  5. pradegxs

    They started to offer connection to MQL 5 signals https://www.hotforex.com/sv/en/trading-tools/mql5-signals.html. Has anybody tried to use it, does it work as passive income or part of the trading decisions is still on me? Looking for "autopilot opportunities of earning..
  6. pradegxs


    Yes hope they won't close BTCUSD trading next year. I see many brokers remove the pair from their trading list, warning sign for all of crypto holders.
  7. Anybody tried to short BTC through forex brokers. Despite the slump of crypto market, some brokers still maintain the option of selling BTC. I want to catch the final way but need more information of what's pitfall of btc cfd contracts. Please help 🙂
  8. pradegxs


    How long have you been trading with Hotforex. I see you are long-term participant to this topic I guess you have wide experience with them.
  9. pradegxs

    What's your preferred trading session then? Mine is Asian because it grants many trading opportunities which I put into practice on my Hotforex platform.
  10. Can I try it on my Hotforex platform? Does it support MT4?
  11. pradegxs

    Good advice, I followed similar steps when was searching for a broker and found Hotforex which delivers excellent quality of trading services.
  12. pradegxs

    How to measure trading risk? Do you know any theoretically based approach to this? I heard about variance of market returns but it looks to primitive for me. Maybe you can advice me some books on this? thanks in advance.
  13. pradegxs


    I really appreciate adding webinars on economics it should improve technical literacy among traders. Your education undergoes great improvements for benefit of traders of course
  14. pradegxs


    Oh yes got my 1000 withdrawal in 2 hours! Hotforex rocks!
  15. pradegxs


    Any plans on introducing PAYZA as an option for top up and widthrawal? It would be quite convenient for me.