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  1. Anybody knows where Hotforex brokers gets liquidity for BTCUSD and ETHUSD pairs? Just want to make sure there is no conflict of interest.
  2. That's why I opened long position at Hotforex at 6K and still keep it open because I believe in cryptocurrencies
  3. Can demo account holders join this contest?
  4. Right, that's why I try to make money trading BTCUSD with Hotforex. I do believe that blockchain will replace those crooks like central banks and other policymakers which can provide unlimited money supply at their will
  5. The only source of knowledge in trading is your experience. Relevant knowledge should be unique because basically it represents your edge over the market which you have develop on your own.
  6. Can you advice me on Hotforex demo to real contest? Is it worth to join?
  7. Does hotforex offer any kind of no deposit bonus? I think it was available in the past what about current offers?
  8. Is 30 no deposit bonus still working for clients from Indonesia? Some of my friends want to try it
  9. Cryptocurrency trading saw second wave attention from global investment community after big money signaled they wish to join the party. Would you like to try trading without going through sophisticated process of buying BTC through mediators or exposing yourself to risky exchanges? Have you considered trading BTCUSD pair on brokers like Tickmill or Hotforex? Please share your feedback, thanks.
  10. Coffee consumption is really high in the world, these companies will be always highly profitable and generate stable profit. That's why its wise to make long term investments in them. Wish Hotforex would add such stocks as CFD in trading platform.
  11. What's your view guys on credit bonuses, like the one that Hotforex offers https://www.hotforex.com/hf/en/landing-pages/100-percent-bonus.html ? Does it really help to boost our trading potential?
  12. Do you mean with subtitles? Great, fine advice hope it conveys the sense in effective way so it won't harm my learning process.
  13. Don't see a reason to change my current broker Hotforex which offers excellent trading conditions to new and untested broker which is likely to care only about their own profit.
  14. Do you offer CFDs on US indices? Where can I find it?
  15. Can you suggest any guide to achieve emotional stability and discipline?