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  1. Anybody tried to short BTCUSD with brokers like Tickmill or Hotforex? How safe to trade like that during major drawdown? Any price feed, spreads or execution problems during this time?
  2. Where I can see past performance of signals providers listed on your platform?
  3. Withdrew all my money from this exchange because of unfair fees, also it doesn't provide an option to short BTC with margin so moved to Hotforex CFD's to make money from swings in both directions.
  4. Every time you change your broker you should use low-risk approach and it basically involves loss of productivity. Instead of spending hours for tests and risking your capital, you can sort out outright scam from potentially trusted brokers, reading trading reviews on FPA and forexfactory. They helped me to save plenty of time and jump straight to top 3, from where I chose my current broker Hotforex.
  5. Thanks, but can I use your market analysis to trade on my Hotforex platform? Do you provide some concrete recommendations based on your stuff?
  6. I've been already trading BTC and ETH on Hotforex and managed to make a lot of money on their wild swings. My general advice now is to short this pair because crypto market completely lost its bullish steam
  7. Ahaha yes it stopped growth recently and now looks downside. Time to sit on the fence and wait lol
  8. Doesn't instill trust to me, better to stick to regulated brokers that offer fair client treatment such as Hotforex or Tickmill
  9. Highly speculative tools I would say. Brokers should lower the leverage soon, but I took step forward and changed my leverage at hotforex to 1:100 and never exceed it despite my sweet profit gains.
  10. What about technical news on market? Do you provide them as well? Would really like to read about them.
  11. Do you have information on Hotforex plans to introduce Ripple? This currency looks promising to me
  12. Alpari is not so good as you might expect. They had serious issues with unprocessed and delayed withdrawals, also their reputation was damaged severely after SNB flash crash in 2015 when one of their branches was liquidated.
  13. How does it help to make profit from bitcoin swings?
  14. Hey Hotforex, I can't figure out one thing, should I top up bitcoins to trade BTCUSD or I can start with dollar deposits? Thanks.
  15. Assuming bitcoins is currently intended purely for speculations, isn't it better to trade CFD contracts instead of bitcoins itself, for example like Hotforex offers https://www.hotforex.com/hf/en/trading-products/cryptocurrency.html ? At least you eliminate risks associated with trading on unregulated venue, aren't you? What are the pros and cons of each type of trading? Thanks.