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  1. pradegxs

    I trade mostly on Gold, it's been known for it's wild swings, I set 1:20 leverage on my Hotforex platform and feel fine even with big drawdowns. That money that they printed and poured into economy, I think its a massive inflationary move and you know gold is a hedge so it's a kind of long-term bet on Gold hitting 2K
  2. pradegxs

    It's has created perfect opportunities - buy some valuable assets for cheap because irrational market reaction created opportunity where current prices are lower than their intrinsic value. Our goal is to find that assets. Also increased volatility helped me to make decent profit trading gold with Hotforex.
  3. Best platforms and brokers are usually those which have good license and tight spreads. Hotforex are Tickmill are examples of them.
  4. pradegxs

    Yeah, you've discovered quite an unexpected meaning of this phrase 🙂 Good for them.
  5. pradegxs

    I also tend to trade with brokers who offer STP execution rather than ECN, because careful choice of liquidity providers is what makes brokers like Hotforex exceptional choice for traders who value execution.
  6. pradegxs

    Is it possible to use Pro and Standard account at the same time? I have two different trading systems that require two types of account and I want to try them with you.
  7. pradegxs

    Indeed, esports draws a lot of attention and gamers can form a new generation of traders that will replace old school.
  8. pradegxs

    How can we make money from the assumption that EURUSD market creates sideway movement in the price. Should we just ignore setup where the price oscillates randomly and wait for a breakout or scalp inside the range?
  9. pradegxs

    Looking to short the pair with Hotforex, expect heavy drop to 1.05, Euro looks extremely weak because of the trade deal and coronavirus outbreak.
  10. pradegxs

    Hope you will announce a kind of new bonuses for clients who extensively trains some computer games 🙂
  11. pradegxs

    Have you tried to trade on Hotforex demo? I like their support of autochartist which is offered for free, you can quickly learn methods of technical analysis and start to apply them in your trading.
  12. pradegxs

    Yes only step by step approach ensures you will test everything important and there won't be anything that will come as a surprise to you.
  13. pradegxs

    Do you offer cryptowallets or have plans to introduce it?
  14. pradegxs

    I trade with FCA regualted broker Hotforex which offers compensation for investors in case of emergency. They also offer segregated accounts which is a big plus if you value safety of your funds.
  15. pradegxs

    I trade with Hotforex using only fundamental analysis, because technical analysis is clearly a product of our imagination.
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