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  1. I decided today to re-invest the balance I had accumulated, thus increasing my investment value by more than $ 300 that generate commissions every Monday. This time I invested practically $ 50 as you can see from print: I would like to point out that the company is offering the "Tips" package between February 1st and 20th, this promotion ends as soon as the application becomes available for both Android and iOS, enjoy it because it is a big discount!
  2. This week's commissions have arrived, we have again passed the 3% barrier over the amount invested!
  3. The objective of this platform is to "combine the experience in trading with the valences of the Digital Marketing market". This is a group trading site where the traders team will be focused on the following markets: Sports Trading: betting on football and other sports; Forex Trading: international currency trading; Crypto Trading: trading of crypto coins. Through Easy4Trade anyone can profit from these markets, all the "hard work" will be the responsibility of the staff that will manage the funds that the site accumulate through members deposits, assuming the commitment to distribute up to 7% of the profits once a week on Mondays. The site transactions are made entirely in Bitcoin but the account balances are converted into dollars and it is in this currency that are made calculations of the earnings to be distributed. To participate the member must choose one of the four available packages: Beginner: costs between 0.05 BTC and 0.39 BTC (referrals up to 5 levels) Basic Trader: costs between 0.4 BTC and 0.99 BTC (referrals up to 7 levels) Pro Trader: costs between 1 BTC and 2.49 BTC (referrals up to 9 levels) Super Trader: from 2.5 BTC without max. (referrals up to 11 levels) The profits are distributed once a week according to Easy4Trade earnings, if the week is profitable we will receive the 7% but if it is not good we may receive much less. The better days will compensate for the worst and for that reason the percentage could never be a fixed amount. The packages have a profitability limit of 7x the value of the same and still offer a percentage of 10% of earnings with direct referrals. The minimum withdraw is 0.01 BTC. Before having access to the packages the member has to buy the membership package or Tips. This is a one-time purchase of 0.02 BTC (it is for life), and also guarantees access to three services that Easy4Trade will develop: tips for football gaming betting, automatic trading robot for Forex trading and signal sharing for those who do crypto trading. If you are curious register from: https://goo.gl/3Ucwpb I already got paid once: Now I am reinvesting all my earnings to repurchase another package! Let me know if you have any doubts.
  4. Dear participants, Nexi System update was successfully completed the, implemented multiple improvements and staff is sure to be ready for great growth and expansion globally in the coming months. Policies and conditions have been updated. Also uploaded a financial report of the updated platform to July 08, 2017, you can download it here: https://goo.gl/iq3FPX
  5. As promised, Loyal Crypto has already changed the system so that all transactions are accounted only in Bitcoin, leaving the USD conversion out of the calculation. As the site does trading in Bitcoin this change makes sense and so the members no longer worry about the possible fall of the USD against the BTC. It was also added the possibility of investing with Ethereum, which will have its value based on Bitcoin. In the future more cryptocoins may be added. However, the site ended the 0.1% gains a day while the market did not recover, thus avoiding to make the site a ponzi because, in fact, trading at this time is not giving enough profits. As the news comes out, forecasts are that the market will get interesting again next week. The timing of the launch of Loyal Crypto was not the best, if it had been a month before the profits had been very good, but no one could guess the future!
  6. Second payment from Nexi System: This is a resume of the changes implemented from today on: Bonus of $100 to those who invest $1,000 was removed - now we make donations in Bitcoin and Ethereum (without conversion) - donate 1 BTC receives 1.17 BTC - this is the best way to work around USD to BTC devaluation Leaders: - will have more network management options - send / reply to messages, solve problems - serve as intermediaries between the system and other site leaders The exact day we have to make the donation (after making the offer), will no longer be right and visible to become random. Some members were misrepresenting this request process until the site marked the "confirmed" submission promising they would do so later. There are also members who do not want to wait so many days until they are assigned a member, because they only make the offer when they have the money ready-to-send on their wallet.
  7. I leave here a small comment the first few days of the site. Loyal Crypto members can not forget that they are working with a pure and hard Profit Share site, that is: - is pure because the site only shares a percentage of the actual earnings; - It's hard because on bad days it may be only 0.1%. This means that if the market is good the return may be fast, but if it is bad (as it has been this week), Loyal Crypto will not invent money to distribute a fixed percentage as other sites have always done (I'm talking about MyPayingAds for example ). If you had that fixed and high percentage the site would eventually go into a ponzi system because you would be using the new deposits to keep that rate rather than the real business that is trading. That's why I keep my posture calm, waiting for the best days because I believe in the system and trust the staff's attitude. Experts say the market will recover soon and I will be here to profit from it.
  8. In few days Loyal Crypto will be launched officially but traders are already working since the first deposits of members arrived, yesterday they shared with us the trading sheet of the Poloniex account and see just how much they profited: VERY good earnings indeed! Ready to start being distributed on the 25th that is already this Sunday. If you also want to start receiving your percentage on this day you have to make the deposit until tomorrow, but do not do it if you are still not sure how it works. In this case I ask you to read my presentation again and contact me if you have any questions.
  9. Good news, the minimum amount to make an offer on the Nexi System has dropped and is now only 0.005 BTC. This may be the opportunity you were hoping to get! If you still have questions answer this topic or contact me in person.
  10. As I said on the day the site opened, Loyal Crypto is still in pre-launch phase which means that members can only: create account, test the backoffice, get referrals and deposit money. The site will only share the first profits one day after the official launch, which takes place on June 25, but I have already made my initial deposit of BTC 0.01256148 ($30). This is because the staff is already using the deposited amounts to negotiate in the market. The more they have the greater the distribution on the first day of revenue sharing! I recall that there is no fixed daily earnings rate but there is a 0.1% earnings guarantee.
  11. A new Profit Share called Loyal Crypto has just started minutes ago, it uses the investments of the members to trade crypto currencies. There is an investment plan for members with the following characteristics: ROI: 120% Minimum investment: $ 25 Minimum Reinvestment: $ 5 (not required) Earnings: 1% per day Minimum payout: $ 1 Referral commissions: 10% on their income Processors: Bitcoin and Ethereum The operation of the site is quite simple, the staff will use the funds deposited by the members to do daily trading of crypto coins, in some days will profit in others may not. After you make your investment you only have to wait until you recover the amount deposited plus the ROI, nor do you need to come to the site daily, unless you want to keep track of the progress of your balance to make withdrawals whenever you have accumulated $1. Payments take up to 6 hours to process for security reasons. Trading is and will continue to be an unstable business where only the most audacious and well-informed earn money. The admin behind this site has already proven to be good at this but in the end it's just someone we do not know but trust our money. If you want to try it with me then click on the link: https: //www.loyalcrypto.com/ref/8 The site has just been launched and is still in the pre-launch phase, a very important phase to test all the features and fix any errors that persist. For now members can refer people, test the backoffice and deposit money.
  12. I just received the first payment from Nexi System! Little by little I am increasing the value that I offer and receiving more and more. If all the sites were so profitable and without giving work like this ... : D
  13. I AM NOT THE ADMIN Building a Cooperative Economy Nexi its a platform based on collaborative economy were members help each other in a direct way. At Nexi all funds, aids or money transfers to other members are made voluntarily, via donations. Money is donated directly from member to member, without intermediates or the own platform having access. All transactions are made in Bitcoin and Ethereum More than 1200 members entered on the first two weeks and made aid offers of more than $500.000 USD For each donation you send you will receive 17% back in approximately 15 days, example: You offer aid of 1 BTC today 2 - 3 days after Nexi matches your donation to other member you send the BTC value of your aid directly to member 10 - 12 days after you can make a aid request of 1 BTC plus 17% up to 15 days after you receive 1.17 BTC on your wallet The minimum for each donation is 0.05 BTC and you will also receive 10% from you referrals donations. My referral link: NEXI SYSTEM
  14. Here are two images from the prize I received yesterday, SmartTV LED from LG, in exchange of 10 confirmed referrals: Thanks to all that helped me achieving this prize!
  15. UPS at my door, my new prize from FreebieJeebies arrived, the SmartTV LEED from ‪‎LG‬! Later will post some images!
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