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  1. Hi all, i have found this legit site, seems to have a high eCPM in PPD industry. Anybody still uploading for cash here? UploadOcean - Upload 'n' Earn PPD Program: We are a dedicated team We are google verified business (http://prntscr.com/eh5x3i) We are active on all social media for 10 hours everyday (During Office Timings) Our Social Network manager is usually always online on most of social media including Skype, she transfers all queries to Tech and Finance department during office timings. Payment are sent as soon as traffic is verified, our top uploaders receive payments within an hour (If requested during office timings) Our Facebook page graphics, website is professionally designed not like other local file hosting sites We organise giveaways very often and winners are chosen, you may check our Facebook page (this proves our legitimacy) Thanks REGISTER HERE (REF) : https://uploadocean.com/free15543.html Proof of payment 2017: If you have lots of files with download, you can ask for free premium
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  3. walterko

    Thank you all for your registrations My stats until 24th January:
  4. This is a new GPT site, planning to grow up fast and be established in scene. We have lots of "new" things and we plan to add more soon: - Direct Offers. We work directly with many companys and we have the best converting and easy offers out of the normal offerwalls. - We have cashback for betting sites! - Videos. - Surveys. - OfferWalls of course. - More methods soon. Why Offers2Cash? Because noone pay more than us, if you don't belive just check it and compare what we pay with other sites. REFERRAL PROGRAM: 1. We pay 15%. Only first level 2. Month ranking with rewards: We have 2 mensual rankings, one for users that earn more and other for users that earn more with referals. Three places on each rank: 20$-10$-5$ We have in 6 presents all what anyone can want, type of rewards: - Direct money with Paypal, Neteller or Skrill. (Minimum $5 USD) - Bitcoins. - Amazon Gift Card. - G2A Gift Card. Register here: http://offers2cash.com/?referer=110
  5. walterko

    Revsharestar still paying ... Paypal still accepted, great opportunity
  6. DisplayBit - Upload images or videos and earn for every view! Current Rates: Worldwide $1.50 / 1000 views Referral system: Refer friends and receive 10% of their earnings for life! Payout: Minimum $5 USD - Payza, Payoneer REGISTER HERE: https://displaybit.com/signup?refId=1422
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    Alexasurfing still paying. You can earn through more IP instances. Use your VPS to make more profit.
  8. walterko

    My newest payout:
  9. walterko

    AlexaSurfing still paying. You can run more IP instances on your PCs.
  10. RevShare Star is a new advertising and revenue sharing program who started on January 30. We already reached $7,000 of AdPacks purchased and made more than 140 payments... thumbs up Referral commission is 15%. We offer 30% during this week! 5 Level AdPacks: from $5 to $100 ROI from 150% to 180% No daily capping: instant distribution. Payments: PayPal from $5 USD REGISTER HERE: https://revsharestar.com/?r=walterko
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    Great news for today from admin: Just thought I would email to let you know our system will be going live later today. We are planning on doing a bit of press work to get users active again such as: Newsletter planned for Sunday A bigger giveaway (upto 0.01 BTC in each giveaway!) Opening up purchasing referrals
  12. walterko

    I have just received a great news from admin: "We are working with several faucets, and faucetbox on an API which will allow us to monitor payments. This means two things: We'll know very quickly if any faucets are trying to cheat our members by not paying them. We can update payout information instantly. This will make our faucet rotator the best on the internet by far. We have 300 pending sites to be added to the system - all of which will be automatically added using this system. "
  13. Anonymous Ads is an advertising network that doesn't collect personal data: Diverse inventory Selection of traffic sources Affordable traffic Great CPM rate for publishers - More than $0.17 USD eCPM You can send every traffic you want (including autosurfs, bot traffic, etc.) Cashout to BTC Wallet :arrow: You can create btc wallet easy by Bcoin (Cashout to Paypal) Create your own Ad Space here (no registration, just put your wallet ID): http://a-ads.com?partner=114483
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    I recommend to use a-ads for webmasters. Accepting every traffic (including bot, autosurf traffic) . You can payout every day to your wallet ID from bcoin.
  15. Classic autosurf, earn 1 point per 1 minute Payouts from $1 USD via Paypal You can surf on more IPs Big referral system: 5 levels :arrow: 50% / 20% / 10% / 5% / 3% You can also use your points to advertise More earn possibilities: Watch videos, FB likes Exchange rate: 1000 points = $0.10 USD ! You need to install alexa toolbar for surfing - Chrome: http://www.alexa.com/toolbar ! Proof: http://www.pixhost.org/show/67/31195444_file-php-id-25720-mode-view ! Register here: http://www.alexasurfing.com/?refid=4720