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  1. fxapex

    The main intention of any one who is join he market is to earn money, and there are so many stories of people getting rich in no time that more people just put in their money, only to realize that its not that easy.
  2. fxapex

    yeah they could work on a odd day but i think its not that easy to trade with autotrader, as on a volatile market day it could place a wrong trade.
  3. fxapex

    Yeah it is one of the jobs that you can join online, but certainly its not that easy to do it. Youu have to spend a lot of time in the market.
  4. fxapex

    The main reason why people join forex market is because it can be accessed fron anywhere and at anytime, which makes it one of the preferred part time jobs.
  5. fxapex

    Euro has been on a positive move but still there might be some selling take place in the pair, which might push the prices down.
  6. fxapex

    Broker effects a lot about your trading and its better to open an account with a good broker rather than choosing from who offers a good bonus or any promotional scheme.
  7. fxapex

    Yes you can gain a lot of money from forex trading, but doing it is very hard amd many people fail to do so.
  8. fxapex

    yeah now these days brokers are also providing with stuff for traders to learn from it.
  9. fxapex

    Choosing trading hour depends on the comfort of the broker , and he should choose a time in which he can trade without interference.
  10. fxapex

    yeah demo accocunt could be one of the important source of learning but apart from that you should also regularly access forums and social networking sites.
  11. fxapex

    yes you are right most traders ignore the importance of Demo account, but they are really important to prepare us for our trading experience.
  12. fxapex

    Yes its very impoortant to trade according to your skills, even if you earn less, forex can be a good source of income as you gain experience.
  13. fxapex

    I ve been trading with liteforex, they have multiple payment systems and their service support is one of the best.
  14. fxapex

    It can be only if you are making consistent profit, or else it might be a pain, nobody like to loose but making profit in the market is also not easy.
  15. fxapex

    Forex trading needs practice and lot of time has to be dedicated in the market, the more time you spend in the market the your will understand it.
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