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  1. rrayne2009

    Discipline and overall fortitude are indeed FAR more important than intelligence when it comes to successful Forex trading.Intelligence and previous accomplishments do not really matter at all when it comes to trading. What matters the most is your ability to stay dedicated to and master your Forex trading strategy, your ability to stay disciplined in the face of constant temptation, and your ability to stay realistic.
  2. rrayne2009

    You're right indeed.But forex is "survival of the fittest" :laugh:. Forex is just a risk managing game and is not a lottery or a overnight millionaire game show.
  3. rrayne2009

    Demo accounts are good but not as good as projected by many.It take quite some time to master FX very well. It is very broad. You need to study and practice with a live account say micro account and avoid demo account cos there is no emotion involve.
  4. rrayne2009

    don't persuade your mother to become a member of the FFL(forex fail list) :wink:
  5. rrayne2009

    We can reduce the risk of forex by having a good risk management.Risk management is one of the most key concepts to surviving as a forex trader.It is a combination of multiple ideas to control your trading risk. It can be limiting your trade lot size,hedging, trading only during certain hours or days, or knowing when to take losses.
  6. rrayne2009

    Developing a trading plan that works for you is one of the most difficult things to do. A demo account will allow you to try different trading ideas until you come up with a system that makes you comfortable. A demo account will allow you to explore the strengths and weaknesses of a trading system without risking a single penny.
  7. rrayne2009

    AWARDS Unity Forex, Asia Pacific Fastest Growing FX Broker Award 2013 Unbiased global news Unity Forex prestigious 2013 FX Broker Award winners are based on a survey collected over six months that polls Unity Forex’s readers about their trading experiences and observations. GDMFX won this award as we grew to 6 continents over 30 countries within one year of operation and serving more than 12,000 active trade accounts. awards-2012 Unity Forex, Best Execution Broker Asia Pacific Award 2012 In shortlisting GDMFX, Unity Forex online global news says GDMFX “has speed and simplicity in a way the other FX brokers simply have not.” We are honored to receive this award and continue to provide the best execution and the best support to all our traders. VISION & GOALS Our Vision To provide world-class financial solutions to our customers by providing them access to financial instruments at its best trading condition, a safe environment for their trading activities, and to build a globally trusted brand in the online trading industry. Our Business Principles Our business practices At GDMFX, we heavily emphasize on the need operate on a professional, efficient, and trustworthy relationship between us and our clients. We strongly believe that our commitment to our clients will form the foundation of trust between the company and the clients. Your fund, our priority We understand that there is nothing more important to our clients than the safety of their invested capital. Accordingly, GDMFX is regulated as FSP New Zealand and our client’s fund is kept at top-tier banks segregated from companies operating account. Our Competitive edge AT GDMFX, we understand online trading is very dynamic and challenging therefore at GDMFX, you will find tools and other resources that will help you overcome these challenges while still providing the best trading conditions to you. By providing interbank prices and trading technologies normally inaccessible to retail investors, we aim to provide a favourable marketplace for our clients. Our Goals To continuously improve our technology We at GDMFX will strive to incorporate the best of today’s technology into our business. We understand that only by utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovations can we provide the best of our services to our clients. For that reason, we will work toward improving our current technologies while seeking out newer and better technology for the future. To help our clients master their trade We at GDMFX will work towards providing our retail clients with best possible trading conditions and knowledge about the online trading markets, by providing educational articles and videos, live webinar sessions, trading tools, and news analysis to our clients, GDMFX hopes to assist our clients maximise their potential gains in their trades. To improve the security of clients’ funds We at GDMFX will continuously work towards providing a safe and transparent trading environment for our clients. To ensure that our clients’capitals are secured, we work closely with banks and trust parties to ensure client’s fund is safe at all times and our operation will not jeopardize safety of client’s fund. Contact Us Head Office T (+64)99734263 F (+64)99734253 E [email protected] Global Derivative Capital Markets Ltd Level 4 406, 350 Queen Street, 1010 Auckland City, New Zealand Company Registration Number : 3945518 FSP Registration Number: FSP238465 Visit the Financial Services Provider website for more information Indonesia SMS Center : (+62) 83879798899 Blackberry Center : 2930f0C6 Yahoo Messenger Center: [email protected] Indonesia Email Support: [email protected] Skype Center : gdmfxindonesia Infographics-Live Chat China T (+86) 755-86243964 F (+86) 755-33902129 E [email protected] QQ [email protected] China- Suzhou Support Office T (+86) 512-8096 1835 F (+86) 512-8096 1809 Suzhou = 江苏省苏州新区狮山路199号新地中心1502室 China-Tai Yuan Support Office T (+86) 351-5247-905 Taiyuan = 山西省太原市小店区学府街123号恒运通大厦A China-Chong Qing Support Office T (+86) 400-0670-616 India T (+91) 98919 76819 E [email protected] Start Trading With GDMFX Now!
  8. rrayne2009

    GDMFX welcomes the 2014 Lunar New Year as they present their Red Packet giveaways with their 28.8% Prosperity Bonus on Any Deposit Amount you make with them. Every deposit of US$1888 will receive One Lucky Ticket which entitles you for One Entry in our special Prosperity Draw to win valuable cash prizes of up to USD 7000 from GDMFX! Hurry!Deposit with GDMFX now and avail of this great promo.Promo runs through January 20th to February 14th 2014.For more details visit the link below. http://www.gdmfxpromo.com/landing.html
  9. you are right gaban.We can find many broker promotions and ads here at forums in broker section.We can see their offers and what qualities do they provide.
  10. rrayne2009

    I trade at the comfort of my home.That the beauty of forex trading,you can trade wherever you are where there is a internet connection and a pc or a mobile.But I need a quite place though to concentrate so I do it on my room.
  11. rrayne2009

    I do agree that it is highly advisable to start live forex trading on a small account.An amount you can afford to lose as the first stage of live trading is still a continuation of our learning process and we can't really expect as much to profit easily and right away..We must be patient as forex success don't come easily.
  12. Gambling always all the time depends on luck.If your cards didn't fall into good pieces,there is nothing much you can do but rely on luck.In forex,you can't depend on luck to be successful.You must be skillful and knowledgeable to analyze the market for favorable and profitable trade position.
  13. rrayne2009

    I agree with you.If you are a newbie,it is best to start with a capital you can afford to lose.Initial stages of live trading is one of the difficult part of forex because in this stage,you are still learning some skills and emotion control.It is best to start 100usd or lower and you can consider it as a fee of learning.I also started with 100usd with GDMFX.
  14. rrayne2009

    Thank you for your responses.Forex is definitely tasking but as you said,it is challenging because analyzing the unpredictable market makes you think and work harder to put up a good trading plan.And patience must be appllied everytime and you must not get bored along the way.
  15. rrayne2009

    I agree with you Gaban.The forex market offers a huge potential to profit a big amount of money.But as you say,it is not easy though.You must be knowledgeable and skillful to succeed.
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