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  2. my ID Trading account number (login): 3020995
  3. mine is "man in the mirror" no other MJ song will beat that as that is my number one song and i simply love it
  4. neng

    yes i find this posts really amusing, well guys so whats the real score? is it true? better tell the truth or else ........
  5. neng

    really nice post, i am alone here in my room and laugh solely haha! never imagine he would be in profit with his losses
  6. neng

    yes of course andry we always see each other through this country i hope this forum will have contest most of the time
  7. neng

    well looks like the two of you are getting along with each other, :) hey pj we had seen here on this contest twice because of this contest but you are not asking for my fb! lolz :)
  8. neng

    well i think we should be familiar on what is going through that you may be able to know somehow if a site is scam or not
  9. neng

    i had a copy of this one on my email it was forwarded to me by a friend, this one is really helpful
  10. neng

    well if a certain person knows how to take good care of his winnings then i might say that he will prosper
  11. neng

    you have a point alice but the thing is that nobody wants to give way no wonder until now there is no peace among them
  12. well yes but there are games that is really relaxing but there are games that is stressful which really makes your mind whirl
  13. neng

    hopefully there would be a forum that is paid to post and together there is a top poster :) we hit twice the fun by then
  14. neng

    yes it will totally depend on us on how we will handle matter this coming year, if we are not doing anything then i don't think we will earn good
  15. neng

    yes andry i am also interested on those forums who paid us and also those who provide informations to members
  16. neng

    yes i agree with you i was once in line with celphone business and we could still open a phone even if it is blocked but it will cost much
  17. neng

    yes if we could do a thing then i think you should be doing it for your own good not relying on solely to robots
  18. neng

    well you are talking about a different talent pj the talent that is meant here is talent in line of doing good thing
  19. neng

    well pj just make sure you will have anything to share to us ok? lolz as i myself have nothing to share that much
  20. neng

    the question is who will control the plane for you?
  21. neng

    well the thing is if i am a buyer i would not buy from the internet, as there is a real big chance that the item is fake
  22. neng

    A Withdrawal transaction has been made in your account Batch no: 68458448 E-Currency: Liberty Reserve Transaction amount: $-0.06 Available balance: $0.01 Transaction date: Feb 21, 2011 8:41 AM Memo: Withdrawal to U2XXXXXX with batch No. 55742198 vaneax.com
  23. haha! ok then cnbc reminiscing those days when we were still active on iw lolz good luck to us buddy
  24. it is because we only judge on a picture but if we will judge on actual appearance you may me able to see it clearly
  25. neng

    well we are moving forward so efinitely robots are also updated, here in my country there is already a school for robot making for kids
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