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  1. Never heard of Hubpages before, but it sounds something definitely worth checking out. Has anyone tried it before? Does it help, at all? Thanks for the tip by the way! :cool:
  2. You can't just think "hey, I should start a blog." and actually make one. You must do a lot of research before you even buy a domain name or a hosting plan. Everything counts and you should take that into consideration. First off, you should pick a good niche with not too many competitors, specially if you're a beginner. It's hard to compete with already established websites, and you're better off choosing another niche. So think before you do anything, and search, search, search! B) Just my 2 cents.
  3. Nettuts offer you a lot of money for each article you make. But it's hard to get your article in there, instead of all the other articles written by professionals and full-time bloggers. But it's not hard to get money from blogging, just make it popular, drive some traffic there, create a Twitter and Facebook account, interacte with users, and then when it's active, BAM, put some ads on it and you'll be making money in no time. It works, but it's not easy.
  4. Thanks for sharing. $150 bucks sounds pretty cool, but have you tried it, and if so, does it work? Got any proof? Because, you see, if I could make $150 a day from Facebook, I would have quit school and my job a long time ago, and so would have other people. I'd really like to know if this works, probably it's just another EDITED or something. Cheers. B)
  5. My favourite social network is Twitter, I use it pretty much everyday, but I haven't been tweeting in a while. I just read and RT some cool things I like, and talk with friends once in a while. Either way, Twitter is great for both business or personal use. It's a powerful tool and it must be used if you want to spread the word about your site!
  6. Hi, First off, thanks for the ebook! I read some pages real quick and it seems to be a really good read. I will take a more in depth look at it later on, but it's definitely a must read for anyone who wants to up their site's rankings. I'm recommending this to my friends right now. B) Cheers.
  7. Damn, that's a lot of tips there! Very nice stuff indeed, thank you so much for sharing. I can't stop praying enough to get my sites indexed faster, and hey, it seems to work pretty well! Thank you Jesus! :D Cheers. B)
  8. I consider the title tag, link building, h1 tags, image alt tags and such to be the most important things. It's pretty much all you need to get your site on the top of Google! But please note this isn't a 10 mins task. It takes time and dedication, don't forget that! B) Fresh content everyday is also very important.
  9. So it's that easy to get your site indexed, eh? :P Thank you so much for the list! This will come in really handy. I mean, who doesn't want some backlinks and PR to their site, right? B)
  10. Hi! :) My name is Mark, I'm 17 years old and I like wasting my time on the internet developing and learning new things everyday. Other than that, I'm an average person. I eat, I go out with friends, I play games and I watch soooo many movies! Cheers. B)
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