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  1. Yeah, just keep trying and trying it will be more useful to make up our talent in forex skill. Keep going and never give up..
  2. I like paypal, its the best payment processor. Its very secure and make me feel safe to save some money there. I hope this money bookers will always exist in online world.
  3. Yeah, you are right guys. only knowledge that will make all our dream come true..
  4. Being IB could make you more wealthy. Of course if the program that you followed was good one. I've an information and its really amazing program to increase our salary. If we can bring 1 clients, we will get $15. It just on first level. How is in next level?? More detail here guys...
  5. I've making some hundreds dollar and invested in Liteforex broker, exactly in NDD account because its based on ECN types. Its fast and no delay order there..
  6. Im sure, anyone here is master traders.. I need to ask here, Why do the market makers always trade against us??? How if they never trade against us??
  7. It's lol.... $1 can make you rich??. in any broker will never win with just $1.Although they give 120%. it will not enough for trade...
  8. All business need plans and need knowledge, so if you are moving toward without plan i can guarantee that you will suffer of loses... I've trade so many years in lite forex brokers,they are fair and never against us. I can gain more than $200 per weeks using huge plan and strategy...
  9. I'm very agree with your brilliants analysis miss nany,,,,, Just leave it,, it's not worthly.. Let's find dollar and trade all night... I've got $139 today... Thanks God.... Succes for all and lite too
  10. I don't think so... <_< I always trade using EA here,, it works very nice and ripe hundreds pips a days. I like so much this broker... succes for lite forex...

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