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  1. I have seen all the extensions of Joomla which are really awesome and very useful. As per the BJ Image Slider provide great combination of images and photos slider as well content slider. It also provide animation effects facility which you can easily use it on images. Thanks for sharing this information.
  2. The very nice peer to peer eCommerce solutions lanched by OfferMyOffer.com that might be very useful for so many peoples. As per the eCommerce solutions concern i am preferred with Openxcell. Openxcell is one of the best eCommerce development company that provide great eCommerce website solutins at very affordable cost. If you need more information about its eCommerce services then visit its website.
  3. The above given functions of HTML are used for some specific purpose. The <script> tag is HTML used to define the client side script while <A> tag is used to define a link from one page to other page. HREF is the most important attribute of <A> tag that is used to indicate a link's destination. <comment> tag is used to create a comment in source code but it is not displayed in browser. If you need good knowledge about HTML then visit w3schools.
  4. Hey, As per the your reason concern i would like to say that this might be very difficult for you to learn programming because programming is the process that contain lot of coding and ideas and that must have you. According to me w3schools is the best website to learn a programming very easy way because this website provide great tutorial for each programming language. I hope this might be very helpful for you.