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  1. Whoa59

    Help me understand this - you pay for a membership to click to earn?
  2. Whoa59

    I love besutiful shoes too! ;)
  3. How's it going, Bugaboo? I'm curious to know how this is working out for you, as it sounds like a really interesting concept. Have you seen results yet?
  4. Excellent post, Godfrey and thanks very much for the Twitter tactic! You're right in stating that people often do join a person and not a company, but I do (kind of) disagree in that if a product is exceptional, a person will seek out the business which has that product. Unfortunately, most MLMs are lacking a product that people really, really want and need. It's obvious that most of the time the business aspect is the main thrust and the product almost seems like an after thought. For me, that was the crux of my failure with MLM in the past. You can't get people to sign up for an autoship of a product that they aren't completely sold on themselves. If you have a crazy-amazing product or service, results come oh, so much easier. I did seek out a company because of the product and signed up through no one's efforts but my own. Just my 2 cents... :smile:
  5. Visi Global Company Website: Visi-Global.com It's Visi's 1st birthday and to mark the occasion, Visi is expanding to Europe and the UK as well as already being available in the U.S. Canada and Australia. The Visi story began with 3 amazing products: Trimma (weight loss that actually WORKS!) Wellness Energy and 2 new highly-anticipated products are coming soon: Visi WholeBody Cleanse and Visi Collagen Protein Chew. There's already a ton of buzz, especially for the collagen chew, which is being touted as being an incredible anti-aging product. If it's even close to being as effective for anti-aging as the Trimma is for weight loss, this is going to be incredible! The Visi opportunity is just gaining momentum. Consider joining us for a wild ride! Check out the exciting Visi Products and Opportunity HERE.
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