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  1. Brokers exist with their advantages and disadvantages respectively. Most beginner traders are confused at the moment will choose a broker to start trading forex. As a suggestion, traders, especially beginner traders can choose a broker that provides educational programs that are easy to digest for beginner traders as provided by Tickmill.
  2. Manage trading well and correct in my opinion more easily by doing manual trading with discipline on good money management. Fund management in forex trading is the main key in maintaining our balance when facing a bad situation in the forex market
  3. Experience is a very important factor that and must be owned by traders in order to be confident when trading. Because in forex, experience can be the best teacher for us in minimizing risk.
  4. If we can manage the trading we have as good as possible, later we will also receive satisfactory results. Because the risk will always exist, as well as in forex trading. But its big or small risk that we can it depends on how we manage the trading we have.
  5. Very true, it is very basic in forex. Because it is important for traders, especially beginner traders to do the learning and training first by using a demo account in order to understand. Or we can take advantage of educational programs provided by Tickmill.
  6. The most important in theforex is we must remain focused and concentrated in order to manage the trading we have with good and right. Psychological we have will support if we can keep our focus and concentration.
  7. If in my opinion, the most important in forex is we must be able to manage the trading we have with the good and true in order to continue to survive in forex. Because the right trading management is the main factor that must be owned by a trader. I'm always trying to manage trading well with Tickmill.
  8. I really agree with that. All the things we do must have risks that we must accept. In the forex too, we must really be able to minimize the risks that exist. That's why it's important for us to master good trading management skills.
  9. I really agree with that. We besides having enough skill, we also need to be able to have good and correct trading management capability. We must be able to generate maximum profit with a risk that can be minimized.
  10. Really, we should be able to trade with sufficient ability. Because if we htrading only by relying on alone, I think it will be difficult for traders to survive. Therefore we need to do the training and learning by using my demo
  11. Therefore we should be able to do the learning and training. A good way to do both is to use a demo account. We can use a demo account as a place to practice and learn. Besides that we can to focus learn tanpay mengi8kirkan existing risks.
  12. Very interesting article, this will be very useful for traders in developing skills and skills in forex trading, especially for beginner traders. Then from it active in the forex like this can menambaha insight for traders.
  13. In the forex we will not selamannya get profit, because it could be at any time we make a mistake and eventually we get loss. Then from that strong mentality will be in need by trader in order to continue to survive in forex.
  14. Besides having sufficient trading ability, we also have to pay attention on trading management. Because if the management of trading that is done is correct and correct, then the gain will get big. However, if its management is not noticed, the results obtained will be disappointing.
  15. Security and convenience broker is a very important factor that we must get from brokers that we choose. We can see the regulations used by brokers. I choose trading with Tickmill because in addition to safe, I can also get support to be successful in forex.