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  1. very true, because the actual facilities provided by the broker it should be able to be used by traders in order to better and be more leverage in improving trading experience owned by traders to be better.
  2. managing trading well and correctly in my opinion more easily by doing manual trading with discipline on good money management. Fund management in forex trading is the main key in maintaining our balance when facing a bad situation in the forex market
  3. indeed a broker is an important factor in the success of a trader. then think of it well when going to choose a broker, note the advantages and disadvantages of the broker. if I prefer to trade with Tickmill.
  4. if I prefer to bsia trading with Tickmill, because in addition to get a lot of profits and trusted security, I also can to get support that is very useful to be able to increase my trading motivation got better.
  5. we are attempted to take advantage of demo account first, this is done so that traders can for better and more maximal again in preparing and can to be more leverage in improving existing trading skills in order to get better.
  6. but if we are a beginner trader, it would be better for us to use demo account first in order to be able to better and can more maximal again in preparing the trading plan and do the preparation to be able to trading in real account.
  7. I really agree with that. a good understanding and true should be able to continue to be done by traders in order to be more leverage in managing existing trading activities in order to become better and could be more maximal again.
  8. very true, doing training and learning is one of the important business that must be done by trader, because then trader can to be more maximal again in increasing skill trading and maximize it in real Tickmill account.
  9. yes, we really use the demo account with the best possible in order to be able to better and more leverage in increasing the existing trading skills to be more leverage, because that is the trader should be able to better utilize the demo account.
  10. because once in a real account, there are a lot of obstacles that will confront us to success, because if we are not ready, I think it will be difficult for traders to get more leverage in making profit in real accounts.
  11. we will be very helpful to be able to run our trading activities well if we can choose the right broker that provides what we need well. Fortunately I've been able to find a broker like Tickmill.
  12. Therefore, before going to trading in real account, it is better for traders to be more maximal again in doing the first understanding by using a real account, it is necessary for traders to be better in managing existing trading activities with more leverage.
  13. we should be able to continue to improve our trading skills well. this will be needed so that traders can be more maximal again in survival and can be good to manage existing trading activities.
  14. I really, really agree with that. in this forex will never have an instant, that's why traders should be able to get better and be more leverage in doing the training in order to get better in improving our trading skills.
  15. if I am more comfortable to choose trading with Tickmill. because in addition to getting good security, I also can get many benefits that can make me become more focused in running trading activities when trading in real Tickmill account.