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  1. I really agree with that. But to be able to find new opportunities, traders must have the ability to analyze the good and right, so traders can to practice the ability to analyze the good and true by using a demo account for evaluation.
  2. Importantly, we will be very helpful to be able to run our trading activities well if we can choose the right broker who provides what we need well. I choose trading with Tickmill because the regulation used is a trusted regulation.
  3. Very right, because in addition to trading, I think the risk will always be there. Therefore traders should really have good management skills accompanied by sufficient trading skills in order to minimize the risks.
  4. I really agree with it. The risk will always be there, therefore I always use Tickmill dmeo account in order to train my trading ability. Because I will always try to be able to manage trading activities that I have with as good as possible when trading with using real account.
  5. I really agree with that. Because with sufficient trading experience, trader will be assisted at the time to manage trading activity and face, serious problem when trading by using real account.
  6. If I choose trading with Tickmill, because there are many benefits that I can get. In addition to getting a lot of benefits, I can also take advantage of promo or contest that is provided in order to increase the benefits and experience that I have.
  7. If I always focus to always be trading with Tickmill. I can take advantage of the deposit bonus that is provided in order to improve the ability of trading that I have in order to become better and maximum.
  8. Very true, because it is very important for traders to always pay attention to the psychological state he has to always be in a good state. The psychological state that is owned by the trader will greatly affect the management of trading and the results that will get it
  9. really agree with that. Besides traders will also need the ability to analyze the good and true will be better again in seeing the opportunities that exist when we are trading with using a real account.
  10. I really agree with that. Traders will indeed need a sufficient trading ability. Because to be able to generate profit in forex is not easy, traders should be able to better manage their trading activities in order to generate maximum profit.
  11. Very well, forex is a very lucrative business if we can manage it properly and correctly and can to calculate the MM and RM that exist. Because it is very necessary preparation and understanding is mature
  12. Really, in forex we are also able to generate profits that can exceed our expectations. Therefore traders should really be able to better in improving their trading skills in order to be better and can be maximized
  13. So manual management of trading with respect to MM and RM will be needed by trader to do better in trading activity and can to manage fund and risk that there is good and can generate profit with risk which can be minimized
  14. really agree with that. To be able to manage our forex trading we must be able to have sufficient trading skills and good analytical skills in order to manage funds and risks that exist well
  15. To be successful in the forex is not easy, traders really have to struggle hard to be better to improve our trading ability. Besides traders can also to further improve the trading skills in order to be maximized

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