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    I found a really good artical that showed me how to earn money with GTP when I was just starting out. The guide is here Thanks to the author, who wrote this really good guide :)
  2. MoneyManJack

    I would just like to point out a few reasons why, I am making money while others are not. I listen to others and follow guides like ShoeInMoney I don't listen to people who are negative I belive in proven methods with a good backing by the pros I implement the methods, straight after I have read a guide Thats all that is to it really. Just take a person like myself's advice; A person who is earning money online.
  3. I have noticed that people all over the internet are being scamed with spammy products. Only buy products that are sold by reputable people, such as Jeremy Shoemoney and other large internet marketers. There are alot of products, and most are fake so be careful.
  4. MoneyManJack

    Thanks for the share, but may I just say, why would you use these paid services when there is no less then two free eBook selling services?
  5. Thank you for the share, but are surveys alowed for downloads on this forum?
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