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    Do you want a website of your own, but don’t know where to start? Read our free guide to creating websites! What’s inside: 10 steps to a successful website, ideas for content creation, software advice and kickstart bonuses. Download now
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    Aloha! Here is what you missed over the last two weeks on our blog and in other media. Welcome Trainline and Discover Car Hire New advertisers joined our travel network! Trainline is Europe’s leading train and coach website and app. The company works with 209 rail and coach companies and provides travel to thousands of destinations in and across 45 countries. And, Discover Car Hire is a car rental comparison website. It has a wide choice of car destinations and a special affiliate reward until the end of July. Join the Intui webinar Tie the whole trip together with transfers from Intui! Join our webinar on July 16 and prepare for the Q&A session. We will share insights and provide tools and recommendations on how to attract your relevant target audience to transfers. The registration is right here. Independence day is coming! There is a short amount of time until the 4th of July — that means that you don’t have much time to prepare. No worries! Here are some useful tips on the popular 4th of July destinations. We have a ton of data and know exactly where your travelers will go. Here is your guide. Google IR: Catch that pokemon! What’s an IR score? How does Google determine it? How do you find out what it is and promote it? Let’s clarify this weird abbreviation: IR score, or Information Retrieval score, is a metric used by Google in ranking websites. So, if its a metric from Google, you can easily affect it to get better results. Read our research about this tool. Tripster’s success story Tripster is an excursion and travel activity booking platform which joined Travelpayouts in January 2015. 4 years later, in March 2019, affiliates earned a record $24,000 a month from selling excursions! Tripster CEO, Alexey Melchakov, shared his experience collaborating with Travelpayouts. Best regards, Ivan Baidin
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    Hey! I’ve picked up the latest blog posts and news from Travelpayouts for this newsletter. As usual, useful content only. First article on medium A round of applause goes to our product manager — Alexey, he just published his first article on Medium. Just one more platform for content distribution — we really want you to know more about Travelpayouts. Read our first story about RTL languages and how we translated our widgets to Arabic with no working knowledge of Arabic. We’ll be happy to have you there and we will share even more product insights. Hotels.com A newbie is here — Hotels.com is now available on the Travelpayouts campaign list. Hotels.com is a leading hotel and accommodation provider. The website has a strong, well-known brand and is available across 35+ languages. Now, they join our other industry leaders, like Booking.com and Agoda. Check these guys out and apply for a Hotels.com offer. Summer guide webinar Summer is the perfect season for travel. We know that and are ready to share our experience on providing travel services. On this webinar, we’ll cover all existing summer trends, popular destinations and events to keep in mind. We’ll share ready-to-use tools for your website, blog or social media page. Save the date — join us on June 18 at 1 PM GMT. Alternatives to WordPress A list of proven tools that will replace WordPress for you? Isn’t that cool?! Prepared a big post with a list of alternative services. You will find a separate list for each industry: travel, e-commerce and site building. Check them out and let’s discuss your experience in the comments. Car rental program Don’t forget about summer — it’s the time of year when most of your users will be vacationing. Suggest as many services as they need! Begin with proposing a car rental for their trips. Thankfully, Travelpayouts holds a lot of choices. Read about EconomyBookings here — we prepared an article with an audience insights and tools review. Best regards, Ivan Baidin
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    The Travelpayouts team created and promoted a profitable website in six months with a $500 investment. You can succeed too! There are just 10 simple steps to a kick-ass website! Download for free
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    Hi Here are today’s highlights: There is a Voyagin offer available at Travelpayouts, several online courses that really work (we’ve tried everything for our blog, btw) and a helpful Facebook group for affiliates. Read on! Voyagin offer We are proud to announce the Voyagin offer at Travelpayouts! Voyagin is a trustworthy Asian tour experience company. Voyagin provides its clients with over 3,500 activities that are organized so that guests can truly experience Asia’s culture and natural beauty with the help of local guides. Check out how you can work with Voyagin in our blog and join the Voyagin affiliate program today! Increasing website trust flow Website trust flow — one of the most important website metrics — is scaled from 0 to 100. Trust flow is a huge part of search engine optimization (SEO). There are different ways and techniques available to improve it. We’ve reviewed every one of them and made a helpful step-by-step guide for you. More helpful content! We’re sharing the best we have. Download the special guide from our tech writer Egor called, «10 easy steps to create a website» Egor built his own website and created a detailed white paper with a step-by-step guide to making your own website. Take a look. After downloading the white paper — check out the Facebook group for travel affiliate webmasters. Online courses: Yes or No? Have you ever wanted to study everything online without leaving your home or office? Here is a list of the best proven courses for making money online. Our editors found the best courses, categorized them and then published them on our blog. Have you tried one of them? Share your opinion! Best regards, Ivan Baidin
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    Hi Highlights for today include revealing the secrets of double commission, reviewing the Compensair offer and sharing instructions on how to make money on free apps and software. Compensair: Who’s that pokemon? Canceled or delayed flights can cause tons of stress for passengers. Did you know that your European users have the right to compensation? Compensair is a service that helps travelers get compensation easy and quickly. Join the Compensair offer through Travelpayouts and get double commission until the end of 2019! Making money in CIS: personal experience Sharing success story from one of our affiliates: Alexey has two major projects in the CIS market: ticket.by for Belarus and eBilet.kz for Kazakhstan. In this interview, he explains why those regions are attractive for affiliate marketing. Don't forget — this year, you’ll receive a double commission on flight ticket salesif a client books on the Aviasales.kz Building travel search engine websites Together with Travelerrr.com, we’ve prepared a guide on how to build search engine websites. Trevelerrr shared their expertise in the travel search engine creation space and prepared a step-by-step breakdown on how to build your travel-booking website.Check out full guideand try for yourself. The economics behind free apps Have you ever wondered how free apps and software earn money? We have the answer. We’re sharing tips and market insights on free apps and software monetization. If you get inspiration and make some of the ideas work, share your experience in the comments. Don’t break the rules Here is a helpful article — it’s the rules and agreements for Travelpayouts affiliates explained. Read basic information about Travelpayouts rules and corresponding penalties for violations. We’ve tried to explain the critical terms and how to avoid breaking them. Check it out. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and read blog. Best regards, Ivan Baidin
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    Bonjour! Today, let’s talk about our first travel affiliate casino, compare wordpress hostings and learn the secrets to making a passive income. April fools is coming We’re launching the first travel affiliate casino for our affiliates — meet the tasino, powered by Travelpayouts. You’ll have a chance to win cash or a prize. Spin the wheel, share your results and wait patiently for April 3 😉 Let’s meet Making an app is only half of the iceberg — the next big step is promotion, feedback, analysis and promotion through additional channels. We’ve collected the best ideas for promoting an mobile app for free (!). Here is your free guidefor promoting an iOS app — please enjoy and share your best practices! Passive income for pro-affiliates Have you ever wanted to make money while you sleep? With today’s online business exposure, that can become a reality. At Travelpayouts, we’re dedicated to teaching our affiliates how to earn more, so we’ve prepared the 10 best ways to make money with minimal effort —check these out in our blog. WordPress hosting comparison Wordpress is a very popular CMS in 2019, and it captures about 60% of the market. Let’s learn the best WordPress requirements for hosting to evaluate against your objectives and opportunities. Check out our article with advice on the best services for travel blogging. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and read blog. Best regards, Ivan Baidin
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    Hey! Today’s highlights include: Interviews with the Travelpayouts team, raised commission for the Omio offer and sharing helpful white papers for beginners. Agoda affiliate program 18+ million customers trust Agoda, the world’s most popular online travel-booking platform. Agoda works in 38 languages and has 2+ million properties available, including apartments, hotels, etc. Here is quick post highlighting Agoda’s benefits. Let’s meet Our team is growing everyday, just like the agoda community 😉 So, we’ve started a blog-post series about our team. Check out this interview with Tanya — a business developer at Travelpayouts. There will be more interviews soon! How to build your own website Have you ever dreamed about starting your own website? We’ve prepared an ultimate guide for beginners on making websites. Look at our perfect guide: You will learn the basics of how to start your own project. Download a full version of our white paper «10 easy steps to create website» You can make money on reviews: True or False? Here is a new idea for perspective niche: Write paid reviews. Statistics says: «95% of customers read reviews before choosing a product». And you can earn reasonable money for sharing a review. Look at our guide and comments with your opinion. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and read blog. Best regards, Ivan Baidin
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    Hi there! Today you’ll have a chance to check out the best tools for travel blogging, watch a recorded webinar about Travelpayouts for beginners and find out about the Booking.com Easter deal. Travel blogging tools We’ve made a list of must-have services and tools for travel blogging. The list contains 50 tools categorized by function. This list will make your life and work 100% easier. Bookmark it. Tell your friends. Share your opinion in the comments. Where you can buy mobile traffic? Mobile traffic is the latest trend for 2019. In last newsletter, we shared tons of useful content about mobile marketing. Here are the top PPC networks to find best mobile traffic. You know what to do. Travelpayouts 101: Recorded Travelpayouts has 1,000+ registrations every week. We’ve recorded a webinar about interface, offers and what «affiliate network» mean for the newbies. Check it out/url] to learn more! Easter deals Booking.com is offering a very special Easter promo: 25% off special accommodations! Save money this April and May. The booking date should be from Feb. 21 through May 6, 2019, and the stay date needs to be from April 4 through May 6, 2019. Also, Booking.com prepared a special landing page, which is already included in the promos ITB conference This year, Travelpayouts is going to ITB Berlin March 6-9, 2019. If you are also going, let’s meet there! Buy a ticket on the official website and meet us at booth #157 in Hall 6.1. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and read blog. Best regards, Ivan Baidin
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    Hi there! Here’s what you missed: A cool, new widget, a big bug fixed and two videos on how to make mobile marketing and where buy traffic. Let’s get into the details. A cool, new cool tool We’ve launched a useful widget for flight shedules You can customize its appearance and use your own IATA codes to make the user experience native. Try this in your blog pages, it’s a piece of cake. Share your opinion in comments Mobile marketing fever How often do you hear «mobile first» in 2019? Check out our recorded webinar featuring an ultimate A to Z guide on mobile marketing. We’ve also highlighted things that you did wrong 😉. After learning the basics, come for some theory on buing traffic from Facebook and Instagram for mobile. Booking.com bug fixed An important update from our tech team: A bug with Booking.comstatistics was found and resolved. From now on, the affiliate reward is shown right after the booking is made. Making money online: Myth or truth? What if I say that you don’t need to be Warren Buffet to make money with affiliate networks? Here are popular methods where zero investing is needed. Read an articleand start earning today. Non standard way to reach out your audience Tired of making newsletters? E-mail marketing is not the panacea. Here is your guide on attracting audience unusual ways. Check out and share your opinion! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and read blog. Best regards, Ivan Baidin
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    Hi, everyone! In this newsletter, we'd like to share some best practices from our affiliates with you. In trying to increase income, many website owners try to increase the number of articles on their website. Our affiliate, Victor Pashinsky, suggests rewriting old articles to make them more effective. He has managed to get up to 200% increase in traffic. Also, we've published an excellent post describing the vision how to write a new high-convertible affiliate article.It’s a case-based report based on the car rental affiliate program, but it’s universal so you can use it anywhere After you've learned how to create perfect content - you can create your website (or several ones). Get some new ideas on how to be successful in running and promotion to develop successful travel website from scratch. Let’s know each one better. Please, meet Nikita, he handles affiliate relations in Travelpayouts. Read about his job and ask him questions Follow us on Facebook, Google plus and read blog. Вest regards, Ivan Baidin
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    Travelpayouts - http://travelpayouts.com/ Travelpayouts provides the most effective tools for monetizing your travel traffic.After registering in the affiliate program, you can create your own flight search for free using our API and White Label.Make an app for iOS and Android with our mobile SDK.Install 11 different tables and widgets on your site using the WordPress Plugin We share with our affiliates 50 to 70% of the income we receive from agencies and airlines. Our income depends on ticket price and the agency from which the user is buying a ticket. On average, we receive around 2.2% of the price of the ticket, of which we give our affiliates 50 to 70%, which is equivalent to 1.1 to 1.5% of the ticket price.
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