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  1. Hello Are you sun-kissed, sun-burned, or totally rocking the T-shirt tan? Anyways, we hope you enjoyed some days in the sun because we only have one month left of summer. At Travelpayouts, we are celebrating the holiday season with increased commission rates, new partners, and fresh blog posts. Find out more about July’s content in this newsletter. Programs Ticketmaster: Now available as a partner. Help your audience find the next gig by partnering up with Ticketmaster, the official ticket marketplace for thousands of the world's biggest events, performers, teams, and sports leagues. Along with its partners, Ticketmaster is committed to being the safest, most reliable ticket marketplace in the world. RVShare: Higher commission rate till the end of summer. While your followers’ book and save big on RV rentals, you get to benefit from an increased commission rate. RVShare, the world’s biggest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace is increasing commissions by 2% until August 31st. Earn up to +25% more with Get Your Guide. GYG will give you an additional 2%-points, i.e. you'll receive a total commission of 10% for the entire purchase — that's up to +25% more commission! Update your content with the best tours today. Webinars & Events Join the “SEO Traffic Show” on August 19th and learn how to increase your website traffic, deploy the right optimization strategy, and more tips and tricks from two leading SEO experts that will review three websites in real-time Fill out the survey to submit your website for review What’s hot on our blog? Increase your brand recognition, boost branded content, and better understand your audience by properly managing your hashtags on Instagram. Discover the latest hashtag trends and learn the best practices in our blog post. Plus, we share 50 hashtags to use on your travel-related posts. Read more We know how to draft powerful follow-up emails that persuade your leads into taking action when you receive no response from your initial attempt. In our guide, we present the best practices for crafting effective emails sequences, so you can build your own email sequence that works! Take a look here More opportunities for partnership deals, commercial assignments, and even sponsored posts are all possible through the power of networking. We gathered a few effective networking tips for beginner bloggers that even experienced content creators can benefit from. Discover the tips Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  2. Hello While some are sipping margaritas at the beach, others are counting down the days till their summer holidays. Since you are reading this email, you probably belong to that latter group. Take advantage of this time and catch up on the latest content we’ve curated for you at Travelpayouts, so you can scale up your impact. Programs Now, all the sales made through the WeGoTrip app on iOS and Android will be counted by the partners in the Travelpayouts statistics. An affiliate link to the app has already been added to your personal account. The travel brand has also shared popular tours for the summer in Russia and abroad. VisitorsCoverage has seen an increase in domestic travel by US residents. The top three destinations that VisitorsCoverage customers travel to are: the United States, Costa Rica, and Turks and Caicos Islands. The top three travel health plans are: CoverAmerica-Gold, Patriot America Plus, and ChoiceAmerica. The travel brand Musement has shared its top-selling excursions in Cyprus. What’s hot on our blog? New to blogging? Here are 12 straightforward and easy steps that can help you attract hundreds of visitors in your first month of blogging. And, no, you don’t need experience or thousands of Instagram followers. Find out more Successful email workflow can increase your sales by 14.5%. Discover how you can improve your email marketing strategy, so you can drive more traffic, generate hot leads and collect constructive feedback for your business. Explore the guide If you haven’t utilized the influence of bloggers to get more people talking about your brand, now is the right time. We’ve made it easy for you by collecting 11 effective tips to make your blogger outreach game plan a success. Check out the tips Learn the difference between these two types of content, so you can achieve a perfect balance in your marketing strategy that is designed to attract new viewers and maintain a regular stream of traffic to your blog. Take a quick look Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  3. Hello April flew by and finished without warning. So, here’s a snapshot of what the month has brought us and what we’ve been working on at Travelpayouts. Programs Experts predict that in 2021 travelers will book more activities to make up for the time lost in 2020. So, make sure you partner with Eatwith — an online platform offering the world’s largest selection of culinary experiences. Join Eatwith New product from Tiqets. Tiqets gives marketers a chance to boost their revenue with Packages — unique bundles of activities that have a higher average booking value and allow publishers to earn more. Boost your revenue New filter in the Booking search form. Now you can set the type of accommodation that will appear in the search results on Booking by default. Check it out New Eatwith widget. To help you market unforgettable culinary experiences to your audience, we’ve added an experiences search widget to the Eatwith affiliate program. Install the widget Product Updated WordPress plugin. We’ve released a new version of the Travelpayouts WordPress plugin. The updated plugin supports PHP 8.0, makes Search forms easier to set up, allows you to choose one of the pre-defined formats or set your own, and more. Learn more What’s hot on our blog? Top-selling travel products in the USA and Australia. In our statistics in Travelpayouts, we see the recovery of domestic travel in the US and Australia. Together with our advertisers, we’ve prepared statistics about destinations that are popular in the US and Australia at this time. Use these statistics to build an effective marketing strategy! Have a look Use affiliate creatives like a pro. Travelpayouts provides lots of affiliate creatives that can take your affiliate campaigns to the next level. To learn how to make the most of these tools, take a look at the ultimate creatives guide for marketers. Read on Gauge your email marketing performance. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your affiliate arsenal. But to hit your email marketing goals, it’s vital to track how well your email campaigns perform. The post explains the benefits of measuring email campaigns and covers the most important metrics to keep an eye on. Learn more Grow your brand with social proof. There’s evidence out there that people are likely to conform to the decisions made by others around them. How can marketers use this phenomenon to turn website visitors into loyal customers? This post covers the nuts and bolts of using social proof for business growth. Take a look Get a robust tool for top-notch content. Want to have blog posts that drive tons of organic traffic and draw readers in? Then a clear and easy-to-understand copywriting brief is a must. This post guides you through the process of writing a perfect brief that results in top-notch content. Check it out Bring old content back to life. Creating top-class content is hard and requires a lot of effort. But do you know that content repurposing is a sure-fire way to save you some time and money? This post covers the tried-and-tested strategies you can use to give your old content a new lease of life. Explore them Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  4. Hello March ushered in spring and brought with it optimistic news of travel picking up and many destinations reopening. So, it’s time to do a quick recap of what we did last month to help you get ready for the new travel season. Hot news The best Airbnb alternatives. The Airbnb Associates Program closed its doors on March 31, 2021. Thankfully, it’s not the only game in town. There are lots of Airbnb alternatives offering vacation rentals for every taste and budget. Explore them YooMoney is back. And you can transfer your affiliate earnings to your YooMoney wallet again. Product The updated Aviasales map widget. To help you boost affiliate commissions, we’ve updated the Aviasales map widget. Now, you can navigate through the map and interact with prices. Test it out Programs Earn on culinary experiences. Experts predict that in 2021, travelers will book more activities to make up for the time lost in 2020. So, make sure you partner with Eatwith — an online platform offering the world’s largest selection of culinary experiences. Read more Increased commissions from Viator and Tiqets. Viator increases commission up to 8% from all bookings until June 1. Tiqets, an innovative ticketing platform, also offers its clients an increased commission of up to 8% from April 1 till June 30. Education Hone your digital skills. To help you achieve your big picture goals, we’ve hand-picked world-class online courses, both free and paid. The courses are easy to navigate and cover a wide range of topics, from content creation to web development. Explore them to set yourself up for success Master email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your affiliate toolkit. So, here’s an extensive collection of courses to help you build a winning email marketing strategy. Check it out Learn from the best. On March 16th, we hosted a webinar with Sharon Gourlay, one of the top blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing experts. Take a look at the webinar recording and learn how to use affiliate marketing to make money from your blog in 2021. Watch the webinar What’s hot on our blog? Top travel trends for 2021. To help you get set up for the new travel season and make the most of it, we’ve put together a list of travel trends that will shape the near future of tourism. We’ve also shared actionable tips to propel your affiliate success in the year ahead. Take a look Keep your fingers on the pulse of travel. For some, making a healthy income with affiliate marketing may seem like a pipe dream. But it isn’t. To prove it and inspire you, we’ve gathered exciting success stories of affiliate marketers from all over the world. Read on for tips and motivation Write a perfect travel guide from home. Many novice travel bloggers think that it’s impossible to create a great travel guide without extensive travel experience. Well, they’re wrong. You can easily do it with our writing tips and useful templates. Want to create a state-of-the-art travel guide from the comfort of your own home? Check them out Boost your revenue with QEEQ. In 2021, road trips will be on the rise. So, make sure car rentals are an important part of your affiliate strategy. This post covers the ins and outs of making money with QEEQ, one of the fastest-growing online car rental platforms worldwide. Learn more Maximize your affiliate earnings with Expedia. With travel slowly recovering and people eager to hit the road again, it’s time to partner with the best to monetize your travel content. Like Expedia, one of the world’s leading, full-service online travel brands. Learn more Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  5. Hello February was short, but at Travelpayouts, we worked long hours getting ready for a new travel season. So, it’s time for another monthly update. Programs Viator increases commission up to 8% from all bookings until June 1. Enjoy the increased commission. To help partners step up their affiliate game, Kiwi.com now provides API within its affiliate program. To access the API, join the program and send a request to ur support team. Welcome a new advertiser — Eatwith, the world's largest community for authentic culinary experiences with locals, available in over 130 countries. In case you haven’t, partner with Insubuy and VisitorsCoverage to help travelers find insurance hassle-free. Product If you haven’t started using Travelpayouts Money Script, you should. Why? Because it automatically turns all website links into affiliate ones and helps you maximize your affiliate earnings. To get this powerful affiliate tool and a revenue boost, add Money Script to your website. As simple as that! Education Want to turn your travel blog into money? On March 16, we are hosting a webinar with Sharon Gourlay, founder of digitalnomadwannabe.com and one of the top blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing experts. Grab this opportunity and save a spot Affiliate video hacks Many experts predict that the long-awaited travel market recovery is on the way. So, you should be on your toes. Watch the webinar by Musement to get ready for the market recovery. Podcasts are a hot trend in digital marketing you can’t ignore in 2021. To learn the ins and outs of podcasting, take a look at the podcasting video tutorial by Chris Christensen. Travel Insights 2021 The new travel season is just around the corner, and it’s time to get all set for it. We’ve put together the most popular destinations for spring 2021. Check them out. And if you still have a nagging doubt about whether it’s ethical to promote travel amid the pandemic, read Ivan Baidin’s article in Forbes. What’s hot on our blog? Email marketing: How to grow and segment your email list. The best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. Travel blogs you need to follow in 2021. How to make money on TikTok with affiliate marketing. Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  6. Hello The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over and it’s time to pick up the pace and renew your affiliate efforts. In January, we prepared lots of things to help you make good on your affiliate plans for 2021. So, here’re some highlights you don’t want to miss. Travel trends for 2021 Is it bad to promote travel these days? In his Forbes article, Ivan Baidin, head of Travelpayouts, looks into this and other pressing industry questions and weighs up the pros and cons of traveling and promoting travel during Covid-19. Read on In the Travelpayouts 20/21 webinar. on January 19, we also discussed burning travel issues, including the most topical one — What does 2021 hold for the world of travel? In case you missed the webinar, watch recording on YouTube. Programs Say hello to the new brand – QEEQ. It’s one of the fastest-growing online car rental platforms worldwide, listing over 7 million rental cars in around 200 countries. Hotels gives a generous 8% discount on accommodation. Get the code. Musement launched 395 brand-new experiences to help your customers enjoy the best selection of tours and activities worldwide. Explore them. Airhelp is back and ready to help passengers get compensation for delayed, canceled, and overbooked flights. Education Do you know that social media and messengers can become a goldmine for your affiliate business? To help you uncover it, we’ve put together a free hands-on guide. It will walk you through the process of choosing a social media network and messenger, and running powerful affiliate campaigns. Download the guide to raise your affiliate marketing game. Affiliate video hacks Getting a steady flow of traffic to your website may be challenging. At TPAS 2020, Farzad Rashidi from Visme shared actionable tips on how to get traffic to your website for free or with a minimal budget. Have a look Do you want to dive deeper into SEO and affiliate marketing on WordPress? Watch the TPAS2020 video in which Bryan Tighe, co-founder of BudgetYourTrip, gives expert advice on security, marketing, and promotion on the platform. Most interesting posts on our blog How to earn with a travel blog in 2021 How to earn with travel insurance with Insubuy Earn on car rentals in 180 countries with AutoEurope Earn on car rentals in the US with RVshare Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  7. Hello Feeling the Christmas vibes already? So are we at Travelpayouts. That’s why we’re working hard on a big Christmas surprise for you. Wonder what it is? We’ll unwrap it on December, 14. So stay tuned. Meanwhile, it’s time to take a look back at November. Programs We’ve added Insubuy — a leading InsurTech company and online marketplace, providing different types of medical insurance for foreigners visiting the US. Get a new promo code for December from OMIO, a platform helping money-savvy travelers book tickets to thousands of destinations across the globe. HOME2020 promo code gives 5% discount on first booking under €250 until December 25, 2020. We’ve also added a new easy-to-customize transfer search widget for Intui travel. Check it out. Product Say hello to the beta version of the updated WordPress plugin. It can boast a widget constructor for all programs, improved layout, more languages for data tables, and more. Webinars and events Want to unlock the earning potential of travel? Well, luck is on your side. From December onwards, we’re restarting live product demos. So, join us every fortnight to get first-hand travel monetization tips. Book a spot. Most interesting posts on our blog Travelpayouts' travel radar: popular destinations for winter 20/21 TPAS2020 videos 10 tips to be productive as a freelancer Useful off-page SEO techniques for your blog Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  8. Hello September was a slow news month, but we still have some interesting updates for you: Programs GetYourGuide, raises commission for Travelpayouts affiliates indefinitely! Now, you will receive an 8% reward for each booking with the opportunity for higher rates on a per partner basis for top-affiliates. Musement updated commission rates: 8% for everyone and 9% for top affiliates (5+ orders monthly). Tiqets raises commission up to 9% until October 31. Trip.com raises commission for hotel bookings up to 5.85% until November 30 for Travelpayouts affiliates. Now you can use CheapOair API on request. Contact our support team to submit a request: [email protected] We've updated the Aviasales/Jetradar calendar widget and it will soon be available for everyone. Also, check out the new Rentalcars.com and VisitorsCoverage widgets. TPAS2020 This year for the first time, we’ve hosted the Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit online. Five days of sessions, workshops and networking with Kiwi.com, Similarweb, Visme, MeetEdgar, Budget Your Trip and others. Don’t worry if you missed the live stream — join our YouTube channel and wait for the recordings! Product We have finally redisigned ‘Reports’ tab. Using this feature, you can group and filter data by country, device type, referrer domain, and platform to thoroughly study your users and build an efficient marketing strategy. Also, we’re testing a new WordPress plugin. If you are ready to join the testing, please let us know: [email protected] Most interesting posts on our blog 21 blogs that spill all the monetisation secrets Grow your business online: Best social media groups to follow How to buy a website in 3 simple steps GetTransfer affiliate program: transfers in more than 150 countries Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  9. Hello August was a quieter period in Travelpayouts. No wonder, it’s vacation time! Hope you’ve also noticed this and enjoyed the vacation boost in your August statistics. Programs Explore our new advertisers: CheapOair is now offering the extra commission of $5 per car rental, $15 per hotel booking, $25 per vacation package. We’re also thrilled to announce the arrival of four completely new widgets. We’ve built the first widget for the Klook program a dynamic widget. And we’ve plugged away to create three handy widgets for the Kiwi.com program: single O&D widget, trending destinations widget, result widget. Explore our new widgets and use them to take your affiliate campaigns to the max. TPAS2020 The first online Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit starts on October 5. This year, we’re bringing together experts from industry giants such as SimilarWeb, Meet Edgar, Redtrack, Digital Marketers, etc. So, save your spot and learn from the travel industry thought leaders. And here’s a sneak peek of some of our speakers: – Darley Newman, an Emmy Award-winning American producer, TV host, writer, journalist and entrepreneur, will teach you how to create top-notch video content. – Jason Hunt, blogger and international speaker, will share expert tips on the ways to set up, optimize, and automate your Facebook campaigns. – Fabiana D’Addario and Alisha Kapur from SimilarWeb will share insider tips and tricks on making the most of SimilarWeb robust analytics solutions. Webinars and events Register for the Travel traffic monetization to find out what’s no longer working in the travel niche and what practices you can use to skyrocket your income from travel content. Just started with us? Watch our Webinar for newbies Travelpayouts 101: Tools and Offers review. Product Just a quick reminder. Don’t miss out on numerous discounts, promo codes, bonuses and trial periods from our partners in the Services section on your affiliate dashboard. The section is constantly updated and we welcome every suggestion on services to include. Travel affiliate video hacks As you know, the travel market is an excellent choice for both fresh hands and experienced marketers. To make serious inroads into affiliate marketing you should pursue a lead with these 10 actionable tips we described in our new video. Most interesting posts on our blog How to become a successful travel blogger: Expert advice How to get free Instagram followers 20 design tips to energize your ad banner and get more clicks Best ideas for launching a travel site in 2020 How to cover a topic you know nothing about Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  10. You're invited to the Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit is the one and only annual travel affiliate marketing conference, gathering key players of the international market. The event is free of charge and for invited guests only. Thus, in the past three years, it was attended offline by over 1000 experts in the travel niche. Every year, TPAS features exclusive reports and great speakers. This year, we’ll be hosting the summit on October 5-9. For the first time, it will be held online, so everyone can join us. TPAS2020 will feature world-renowned travel and SEO experts, such as Jason Hunt from Digital Marketers, Alisha Kapur (Similarweb), Megan McMullin (MeetEdgar), Patrick Stox (Ahrefs), Farzad Rashidi (Visme), etc. Save your spot now for free
  11. Hello It’s time for another monthly Travelpayouts update. Travel is gradually recovering and the 2020 summer travel season is well underway. We have travel reopening trends, new advertisers, and exclusive bonuses for you. Programs Explore our new advertisers: CheapOair is a platform offering a wide range of travel services and employing innovative technologies to help budget-savvy travellers roam the world. AutoEurope, a service offering great car rental deals around the globe, is now available for Europe and the UK Klook is a trustworthy online booking platform allowing travellers to discover tours, attractions and activities for their adventures and book in-destination services at the best prices. Webinars and events In July, we held the Q1-Q2 2020 webinar covering this tumultuous period. We discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the travel niche, and how we managed to survive, develop and provide support to our affiliates against all odds. We also hosted an online meetup on failure stories by travel bloggers and on how they managed to make things right again. Take a look and learn from the mistakes of others. TPAS2020 We’re thrilled to announce that October 5-9, 2020, we’ll be hosting our Annual Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit, for the first time in English. This year’s summit will be online, and everyone’s invited. So, don’t miss the chance to hone your affiliate skills and get insights from key experts in the travel niche. We'll announce the full agenda soon! Product We’re happy to introduce the new Services section in your Travelpayouts affiliate dashboard! Here, you’ll find a pack of exclusive bonuses and promo codes from top digital services, including SemRush, RedTrack, Visme, GetResponse and many others. Check it out! A penny saved is a penny earned. YouTube channel We know you’ve been waiting for it and we are excited to introduce our new YouTube channel for the English-speaking audience. Subscribe and watch loads of useful webinars, shows and how-to-tutorials, etc. Most interesting posts on our blog Everything you always wanted to know about Travelpayouts but were afraid to ask 30 easy ways to promote on Reddit without getting banned 20 design tips to energize your ad banner and get more clicks Who regulates affiliate marketing: What every affiliate should know 12 ways to get free advertising for your blog PeerClick Special Offer If you’re into traffic arbitrage, PeerClick is a robust solution for monitoring and analysing your ad campaigns and boosting your affiliate performance. PeerClick offers an incredible free plan with 100,000 events and unlimited access. And there is a $50 sign-up bonus as part of the bargain for Travelpayouts affiliates exclusively! To get this, use the Promo code TRAVELPAYOUTS. I want to try P.S. We know that tool placement and content creation prove to be major hurdles for many affiliates. Don't forget about our content creation and promo tools guides created to take your affiliate performance to the max. Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  12. Have you been struggling to optimize your website to generate more traffic and conversions? Well, SEO is massively important and the search engine algorithms are constantly changing. To keep up, you need to invest time and effort. The best thing to do is get hands-on tips directly from our first-rate SEO experts, which you can do by watching our SEO Traffic Show, where Tristam Jarman, cofounder at Purple Smudge, and Jason Barnard, The Brand SERP Guy at Kalicube.pro, pick affiliate sites apart and give advice on how to improve them to rank higher. Each episode will highlight common problems that these two experts notice on affiliate websites. For example, in the first episode, Tristam and Jason discussed how to improve header menu navigation and page speed, as well as how to avoid thin content. Join us live on August 6th for the second episode or apply to become the hero of the show and get your website picked apart by the SEO experts!
  13. Hello Here are our main news in June to share with you. Long story short, things are better and we are working hard. Now, first things first… Bookings are increasing Flight ticket bookings increased by 30% from the previous week. The number of bookings for transfers, car rentals, and activities is also growing. As the situation continues to improve, we decided to further develop our guide, The COVID-19 Survival Kit for Travel Bloggers, leaving only the long-term forecasts on the market recovery and updating the instructions with the latest and most relevant tips. News from advertisers GetYourGuide raised their commissions up to 8% from July 1 to September 30 (inclusive). Klook raised their commissions up to 5% on all products from July 1, except for "Special Activities". Also, Klook is now providing affiliates with data feeds for 15 popular destinations. i'Way now has a widget. Booking.com shared a special deals landing page with discounts for hotel stays and other accommodation options. The minimum discount is 15%, but is, in fact, much higher! The offer is valid until January 4, 2021, so make sure to present it to your audience while tourist season is still going on! New programs for local markets! HomeAway UK is an international vacation rental service for projects with traffic from Great Britain. Fewo-Direkt is a part of the Vrbo company and targets audiences in Austria and Germany. Webinars and events Watch the first episode of the SEO Traffic Show on YouTube! Do you want us to audit your website’s SEO? Easy peasy — just submit your application and wait for the next episode! Btw, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified about the next episode! We invite you to an exciting and important event — wrapping up the first half of 2020. Together we’ll discuss travel trends and ideas on how to develop partnerships. Save your spot now! Another exciting online meetup will be dedicated to blogging mistakes and will bring together bloggers who’ll be brave enough to share their failures. Come join us on July 23 to learn firsthand about blogging and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Who wants to be an affilionaire Let’s check your affiliate IQ! Play the game and win cash! Guaranteed rewards for all users: a promo code for 14-day free trial on SemRush. Finish the game the quickest and win $50. Play now TPAS 2020 The annual Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit 2020 will be held online October 5-9. If you have something to share, send us an application for participation. The registration will be open for everybody soon. Keep up with our announcements. Most interesting posts on our blog How to make money on Instagram: 7 proven ways How to start a travel blog: Firsthand experience Effective email marketing segmentation strategies you should know about Mission failed: How to launch an advertising campaign and lose your money How to target ads to your competitors’ audiences on Facebook and Instagram Stay tuned! Your Travelpayouts team
  14. Hello It’s kind of a crazy time right now, and everyone is trying to adapt to the changes. We’re working as usual and aren’t going to close. Payouts will be sent exactly as before, so no worries. For us at Travelpayouts, the travel niche is everything, so we’re in this together. We've prepared for you a special Survival Kit The crisis will be over, and the market will return to normal. Meanwhile, we advise you to rethink priorities. For example, SEO is a long process, so why not use this downtime to improve your website? We’ll do our best to keep you informed, help save the traffic and grow your business anyway. Here is what we’ve got for you so far: Survival Kit Learn what exactly is going on in the travel market and what to do to survive an income decrease with our Survival Kit Webinars All our webinars are free and publicly available. You can watch them here and save the spot for the upcoming events. Blog Follow the latest updates on the market situation and don’t forget to check our tips on how to improve and monetize your website in the meantime Product We don't encourage you to promote traveling now. However, if you want to save your traffic, we’ll be redirecting it from unavailable advertisers to valid programs automatically, including programs not yet available at Travelpayouts. For example, you can switch from HotelsCombined to HotelLook with a simple script We are with you! Your Travelpayouts team
  15. HotelsCombined has temporarily stopped its affiliate program on March 18th, 2020. Which means that affiliates from the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and other countries across the world, will need to migrate to the alternative affiliate program. Travelpayouts came up with the temporary solution to help us minimize the losses: learn how you can easily transfer to Hotellook affiliate program without changing the HC links. Read more here

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