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  1. As a partner of BitPay, Worldcore has changed the way cryptocurrency-based withdrawals are done worldwide. The company’s product line includes the following:

    • Payment account for bank transfers
    • Worldcore prepaid debit card
    • Worldcore prepaid virtual card
    • Mass (batch) payments
    • PayAnyCard (Card loading with cryptocurrencies)
    • Smart invoicing
    • Checkout for merchants (SCI)
    • API for automated payouts
    • Miscellaneous solutions for the crypto community
    • Affiliate programs
    • WRC Token

  2. I'm recommending www.ecoinspeed.com
    E-currencies Exchange on www.ecoinspeed.com is fast, safe and simple.
    Ecoinspeed.com is a global - oriented electronic currency exchange center, which provides 

    two interfaces in English and Chinese, which is perfect. There are no language barriers. 

    At present, the platform has fully supported the exchange of Epay dollars, PerfectMoney 

    dollars, bitcoin, ethereum, paypal usd and Tether USDT.

    It is fast & safe & simple to convert one E-currency into another kind at ecoinspeed.com. 

    Only 3 steps (1) choose the direction of exchange, (2) input the amount you want to 

    exchange, (3) click the "exchange" button to pay. It's so simple!

    Real time online customer service allows you to communicate with http://ecoinspeed.com/ 

    without delay.

    Youtube video from a user to show how to use this exchanger one step by another.

  3. I did not know of the existence of video games properly till I was at least 13, maybe 14. I lived in the countryside and spent most of my youth outside.Then video games came into my life. 2 years later, I'm overweight, unhappy with the only comfort being the knowledge that as soon as school ended I'd be back at home alone playing my favorite game. I'm not blaming it completely on video games, but I do not feel it was just a coincidence.

    best gaming laptop guide

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