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  1. The Roboforex Forum is now paid to post which allows you to earn extra funds for your trading with the broker... Payment Rates: 1. For the thread opened 15 cents 2. For the poll posted 10 cents. 3. For referral acquisition 50 cents (if the referral came to the group Newbie) 4. WelcomeBonus (forregistration - 30 cents) Visit Forum Forum details Remember: Bonus can be deposited only on to accounts conformed to the following conditions: Trading platform - MetaTrader4 Currency - USD Account type - MT4 Pro-Cent, MT4 Fix-cent Partner code - roboforum Areas with Monetary Post Value: Services for RoboForex clients - not paid Customer support service-not paid Affiliate programmes - not paid RoboForex: information and callback- not paid MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Trading Platform - up to 25 cents MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Trading Platform - up to 25 cents cTrader Trading Platform - up to 25 cents Software for trading robotization - up to 25 cents FOREX-digest - up to 25 cents Trading from A to Z - up to 25 cents Trading Psychology, discipline, motivation - up to 25 cents Trading strategies - up to 25 cents «Forex Nostradamus» Contest -up to 25 cents «Trade Day» Сontest -up to 25 cents «Demo Forex» Contest - up to 25 cents About RoboForex Forum–not paid EPS - Electronic Payment Systems - up to 25 cents Traders’ talk -up to 10 cents Off-Topic- not paid Advertising: offers for traders ... - Not paid Visit Forum Forum details
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  9. I like winter cause like it when it's cold... Our country is a tropical country so I never experienced winter.. Winter also reminds me of Christmas and New Year and I like it when a lot of things I see are white... When I was a kid, I used to get a little bit jealous bout other kids playing with snow... LR: U6252571