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  1. The Roboforex Forum is now paid to post which allows you to earn extra funds for your trading with the broker... Payment Rates: 1. For the thread opened 15 cents 2. For the poll posted 10 cents. 3. For referral acquisition 50 cents (if the referral came to the group Newbie) 4. WelcomeBonus (forregistration - 30 cents) Visit Forum Forum details Remember: Bonus can be deposited only on to accounts conformed to the following conditions: Trading platform - MetaTrader4 Currency - USD Account type - MT4 Pro-Cent,
  2. >Forex-Metal.com< “No Deposit” sign-up bonus! free $100 [*]Upon opening of the account here and provision copies of ID documents as maybe required, a customer receives a $100 “no deposit” bonus. (If you don't receive your MT details, send another documents to [email protected] If you don't receive the $100 no deposit bonus, send a request on that email as well) [*]The customer can make trades immediately after the bonus is credited into the account using the 1:200 trading leverage. [*]Funds maybe withdrawn from the account providing that the customer completed a minimum 50 t
  3. Tradersunion Traders Union is the first official International Association of Forex Traders! Our main goal is to create the most beneficial and comfortable conditions for your work on the foreign exchange market. We will pay you! In other words, we will rebate a part of the spread from every transaction, no matter if it was profitable or not! Benefits of Being a Member 1.) Meet other traders. 2.) Get rebates from your trades on your forex broker (60% rebates). 3.) Participate in the International Association of Forex Traders (IAFT) forex contests. 4.) Reliable insurance fund that prov
  4. SafeDepositary - I am not the admin - LR, PM, BankWire (requires verification for bankwire) - monitored by hyipreference. list4hyip and investguardian - Registered Panama Company - signed paper contracts - licensed by ministry of commerce Every side of the Safe Depositary business is the result of hard work done by tens of specialists engaged in management, marketing, stock trading, mathematics and high technologies. It means that every asset management operation is based on a scientific approach which implies calculating probability of bargain outcomes, risks, compensating bargains and
  5. https://www.ienfunds.com/ - am not the admin - powered by Indo Evolution Network (VIPclix, indoclix, etc.) - Plans:Monthly(30-40%)/Daily(0.5-1%) - Processors:AP/LR Welcome To IEN - Funds Project Your secured way to financial success! Be smart! You can increase your chances of long-term financial success when you invest with IEN. We have Monthly plans that will help give you an assurance earnings. IEN funds is a simple and easy way to put your money to work and begin saving money. We assures investors of investment guarantee. Come and lets Earn together. Plans Monthly Plans Plan Depos
  6. - am not the admin - KODDOS and COMODO secured Vodapex Plans: Name Minimum Maximum Percent (%) Capital Back (%) Insurance (%) Detail Silver $5.00 $10,000.00 2.8% Daily 24% Expiration 150% Bronze $50.00 $15,000.00 2.8% Daily 26% Expiration 194% Gold $100.00 $15,000.00 2.8% Daily 28% Expiration 280% Platinum $200.00 $15,000.00 2.8% Daily 30% Expiration 366% Join here
  7. Wow thanks admin... Have you followed it and made the desired earnings on Facebook?
  8. I like winter cause like it when it's cold... Our country is a tropical country so I never experienced winter.. Winter also reminds me of Christmas and New Year and I like it when a lot of things I see are white... When I was a kid, I used to get a little bit jealous bout other kids playing with snow... LR: U6252571
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