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  1. The team build is in full swing! $40 and 4 people and you on headed to $10000 - this is the easiest business I have ever done. Thank you Dan! www.epxkeonna.homestead.com
  2. The power of duplication: Imaging getting 4 who get 4 who get 4 who get 4 who get 4 Thats all it takes to get a monthly pay check of $20000 Thats it!
  3. Bugaboo

    Hints were made that this is just the first of more apps to come - each with a payplan. Imagine - one downline -- multiple incomes. so exciting!
  4. After discovering more about this I have decided not to participate. Stilling to what is working:)
  5. Bugaboo

    Check out my new commercial. These guys are doing it right! They have started with one app but have plans for many. So what does that mean? You build a team in the first app and as new apps get developed your entire team moves with you and you get a raise instantly!! How fun is that? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U000fSQo7mY
  6. Bugaboo

    I made this funky fun video about making money from apps:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U000fSQo7mY
  7. EPX is delivering! Nice to see the people helping people movement in full swing!! Only $40 a month and 4 gets your product for free:) Easy www.epxbody.com/kb
  8. Bugaboo

    Experts predict this company will grow to 3 million in the next 2 years - So glad I am in now!! www.onecoolapp.info
  9. Bugaboo

    We are now officially in prelaunch! 40000 strong and growing by 2500 people a day! Get your spot and tell your friends before they tell you!! www.onecoolapp.info
  10. Bugaboo

    Wow - this is exploding. Launch - or official prelaunch Feb 1 35000 peeps already signed on. I have never seen anything like it Its easy and its fun!!
  11. THe People helping people movement is going full force - leads are in and signing up. Take the 90 day challenge - 90 days to 10000$ a month. Super amazing team!!
  12. Bugaboo

    8 more days to prelaunch, already over 30000 distributors strong! Jump in and get your spot now. No qualifyers or sponsoring requirements. www.ilivingapp.com/kb33
  13. All Real BizOps require you to recruit. I don't care if its MLM, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Sales, whatever name you label it. A product or service must be sold in order to make ching! And at best, 1% of those that even try actually succeed! UNTIL NOW! Simply Join Our Team for ONLY $40 - No Kits, Starter Fees, Website Fees etc. Then purchase 4 Distributors for just $10 Each! Those 4 New Distributors will also buy 4 and so on In Just 90 Days, YOU will be earning... **** $10,000 per Month **** SO POWERFUL IT'S BACKED BY A MINIMUM CHECK GUA.R.AN TEE AND A MONEY BACK GUA.R.AN TEE! The STRANGERS are coming NOW! - But they won't be strangers for long The Best Trained Team Wins Keonna Join my team here ---> http://www.epxbody.com/kb P.S. Can you just follow up with people that asked for more information on our BizOpp? Can you send an email? Copy and Paste? This is not just a Game Changer, this is an Industry Changer! Want a chance to Win 1,000 bucks, watch the Millionaire Movie Here --->> http://GetEPX.com/kb Super excited to try the SeaVeg product! Pure nutrition!!! When I got started in this I didn't even care about the products because the company is so amazing but seriously -- the more I find out about the products the more excited I am!!! Time to take care of your health and your pocket book - this is amazing. www.epxbody.com/kb
  14. Call this Recorded Sizzle Call 24/7, listen to one of our Team Leaders 641-715-3900 PIN 922185# The strangers are coming in - 10000 of them this week. The only program out there where you can buy your downline. You don't want to miss this one:) www.epxbody.com/kb
  15. Bugaboo

    Snap shots of the application are now on the website! Check it out www.ilivingapp.com/kb33 Would you get busy referring Netflix if Netflix was paying you? ILA delivers video to your phone or computer and pays you! How much fun is that?!
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