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  1. Trader’s Pulse : 150% Festive Welcome Bonus As the year comes to close and with the holiday season about to begin Traders Pulse would like to spread the happiness by offering our new clients a 150% deposit trading bonus Traders Pulse will instantly reward our new clients with a generous trading credit. This offer is only available to new clients until the 31st December so grab it before it before it goes. The terms of this offer are as follows. Deposit Bonus Max Bonus Expiry $100 to $7500 150% $7500 30 Days Only applicable to new client accounts. A minimum deposit of $100 is required to receive the bonus. Maximum deposit available $7500. This is a credit bonus that will be credited instantly to your account upon account acceptance. Conversion of the bonus will occur after for every $10 of the credit 1 lot is traded. The entire credit must be traded within the 30 days for the bonus to be converted. If after 30 days the required volume is not traded the credit bonus will be removed. The bonus is offered only once per customer and not per accounts. Bonus is available to both Active Trader and Elite Trader accounts. The bonus will be removed if the client removes funds from their account before the required volume is completed. Only traded volume for Spot Forex and Spot Metals are applicable under the terms of this promotional offer. Negative equity account balances are not allowed. Account equity with zero balance will have the bonus removed. A client cannot redeposit new funds during the bonus period. Traders Pulse reserves the right at any time to remove the bonus from the account or to refuse to convert the bonus from credit to balance at its own discretion if it is deemed the trader has attempted to manipulate the terms of this offer or arbitrage the bonus. If Traders Pulse suspects that a participant has abused the terms of this promotion by hedging their positions internally through the use of multiple Traders Pulse client accounts or externally through the use of accounts held with other brokers, then Traders Pulse reserves the right to immediately reverse the granted bonus from the Client’s trading account without the consent of the Clients.
  2. Sara Rivaldi

    Why Trader’s Pulse The Next Generation BrokerTrader’s pulse is the first broker to take the next step deviating from traditional trading methods, and acknowledging the needs of today’s traders, the value of their time, and the density of their schedules STP brokerWe follow the straight through processing method guaranteeing no intervention from the help desk and a faster order execution UniTrader trading platformThe new generation one click execution platform designed for the modern trader providing no time consumption and ease of use Customer supportTo help our clients have the best trading experience we offer live chat where we welcome all your questions and inquiries and aim to satisfy all your needs and help you make the best trades Low competitive spreadsThrough our liquidity providers we are able to offer low pricing on our spreads consequently making your trades less costly Multiple trading choiceA wide choice of trading assets including indices and stocks in addition to FX and commodities. ProductsTrader’s pulse offers more than just FX trading assets. In addition to all major currency pairs, cross currency pairs and exotics, we offer a lineup of commodities, Indices and Stocks. гис-технологии ткани для вышивания About Us
  3. Hello everyone, hope u are all ok I was interested in IB program, so I was looking at many broker's programs to compare, and found interesting one- www.traderspulse.com very flexible program, where I'm able to choose what's the best for me, so I liked it very much,,,also a very high IB commission. My advise for all you IB's is to check this page out,,,maybe u will find something you like
  4. Hi everyone, Hope you are all fine and that yours trading are going great. Anyway, I found this promotion on the internet, and I think it's useful information for new and old traders! Cash back bonus- u can check it on www.TradersPulse.com basic information - u get back equivalent amount you initially invested , once u open live account with them worth of giving it a shot See ya all
  5. Hi guys, nice to meet you all,,,,,,any way i have question , because I found broker who can provide me Unitrader platform,,,,what 's you experience with that one?
  6. Hey everyone, I hope your trading is going good?? Good,,,,,well you may not know, but I 'm always searching for new offers from Forex market, and recently i found this- Cash Back Bonus,,,, obviously , these guys have a promotion in which they give you back the equivalent of the money you initially invested with them,,,, and there are some more prizes too if you invest more money ,,,, you can check all here,,,, i 'll give it a shot http://traderspulse.com/en/promotions/cash-back-bonus.html
  7. Sara Rivaldi

    You can always learn from forums and there is a lot of websites where you can read text related to Forex market,,,after that you can open a demo account with some broker and learn some more
  8. Sara Rivaldi

    Hi ,I'm also new,,,so how do you like forex market so far? Did you already trade or still learning?
  9. Sara Rivaldi

    Hello nice to meet you,,,I'm also new in this, so I'm learning also,,,,maybe we can learn together
  10. Sara Rivaldi

    ok, and what about their spreads?
  11. Sara Rivaldi

    Welcome!!! I'm also new here, hope we can make friends and chat about Forex. Do you trade now? cheers
  12. Sara Rivaldi

    hi everybody . how are you? I would like to here your opinion about forex brokers? which one is good? I'm in a middle of searching for a good broker, comparing and reading , I need to hear your voice :D
  13. Hi everyody, my name is Sara Rivladi, and I have just got interested in forex trading, I hope I can learn something here, it looks like a cool forum. Hope you can help me with some introduction or information it would be lovely thank you very much
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