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  1. After having your blog be active and running, you need to promote it in order to get visitors and also traffic. There're many ways to promote and get traffic, both free methods and paid methods. Free methods such as: Doing SEO, Social Media Content sharing, Youtube sharing, Facebook Content (Fanpage, Group), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,...and many other channels that give you free using and promotions Paid methods such as: Doing SEM such as Google Adwords, GDN, Solo ads, Facebook ads, banner ads,... So it depends on your budgets that you will choose which methods can give you the best effort, or you need to combine between free & paid methods in order to get the highest effective results I hope this helps.
  2. sell

    What did you mean: ads to domain?
  3. Content, content and content. If you have great content on your social page then your users will share it for you automatically. That's viral.
  4. Search Marketing encompasses: SEO: Earning traffic through unpaid or free listings SEM: Buying traffic through paid search listings Originally called "Search Engine Marketing" the shorter phrase “search marketing” is now often used as the umbrella term over SEO and SEM. The longer phrase "Search Engine Marketing" — or SEM — is now typically used to describe paid search activities. SEO + PPC = SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Good luck to you,
  5. For helping many other guys in choosing a right web hosting plan with high quality performance and support, I have this article that can help you guys in choosing and deciding which hosting provider is suitable for your business requirements. If you seriously want to buy, please visit and read the article here Top web hosting, then research and choose which one is the best suit your business requirements. I hope this helps.
  6. New promotion from Vultr, this time Vultr offer free $25 for any new customer at them. Beside of that, if you Tweet about them on Social you will receive more $2, then it's total $27 free It applies only for new users. All you guys can visit here to get Vultr coupon code free $25 I hope this helps.
  7. There's no any formula about how many is good per day. In stead of that, you should find quality directories to submit links. I thin quality is better than quantity.
  8. That's correct! Thanks for the answer!
  9. Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time. This indicator is evaluated by combining all data of other Moz links – link to root domain, sum links, MozRank, MozTrust… to the only scores. Source: What is Domain Authority? I hope this helps!
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  11. You're welcome. Those things you posted above are right.
  12. Update some in May 2017. Welcome all you guys :)
  13. Internal Links: Internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. They are commonly used in main navigation. These type of links are useful for three reasons: They allow users to navigate a website. Inbound Links: An inbound link is a hyperlink back to your site from another Web site. The one constant and reliable strategy in search engine optimization is that sites with a variety of high quality backlinks rank higher in the search engine results pages.
  14. I update more Godaddy coupons latest in May 2017, these codes below will save you 35% off on your new orders. CJCRMN35 GD7540A Good luck to you,
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