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  1. Please note that the code above is still working well for some accounts. If you want to get the discount when renewing your domain names, I think you should try it too. Cheers,
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  3. You can check directly with Google here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/
  4. JustGiving

    I see that the domain has 3 parts, an example with my domain below www.ecoupon.io In among of that www: the prefix of the domain, this is an option, you can also visit ecoupon.io without www. ecoupon: the domain name io: the suffix of the domain, it’s also called domain extension Also, domains are also hierarchy into 3 levels Domain level 1 (also called Top Level Domain – TLD): such as godaddy.com, google.com,… Domain level 2 (secondary level domain): such as google.com.sg,… Sub domain: they’re from domain level 1 or level 2, such as drive.google.com, mail.google.com,… You can read more on the article here What is a Domain Name? Hope this helps!
  5. JustGiving

    You can refer to the article about meta tags here: https://moz.com/blog/seo-meta-tags
  6. I'm using cache plugin to cache many static html pages in WordPress. This way will reduce the loading time on pages that not frequently generating content.
  7. JustGiving

    Please refer to my thread here, there're many ways you can do to get traffic:
  8. Just have another updates in the list in 2018. Make sure everything is up to date now! Cheers,
  9. I think it's the same. It's just a calling name.
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  11. You're welcome. I've updated some points in the list. You guys can read the latest version here
  12. Thanks! You're welcome You're welcome
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