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  1. Do you trade these precious metals through binary option trading system? If so, I'd like to make a review of your site to add it on my brokers list.
  2. But this thread is listed under the scam sites. If I were you, another high risk investment to get yourself in would be binary options.
  3. There have been reports that this broker is having issues satisfying withdrawal requests of clients. This is obviously a situation that generates a lot of concern as no sane trader will put money in a brokerage that cannot meet its obligations to clients. It is safe to say at this time that it is better not to invest money with this broker until the issues regarding withdrawals are cleared up. Click here to find reputable binary options brokers.
  4. I'm currently investing my time in building a binary options blog wherein I share tips in binary options. However, I just noticed that 459friends.com is getting popular; I haven't had read any reviews about this site. The only comment I read about it is this: It's amazing site that provide amazing income and best helping system. Is it worth my time?
  5. How does uinvest differ with binary option and forex? :huh:
  6. thebinaryboy

    Hello everyone! I'm the Binary Boy! I'm very interested in financial trading. I write advanced strategies in trading binary options in my website. Along with other writers, we talk about the latest news, strategies, and even guides for those interested to trade in binary options.
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