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  1. New payment from Friday:(You can request withdrawals on Fridays) Date: 2/15/2013 9:57 AM Batch: 1316***** From Account: U7848285 (AmazingProfitRewardLR) Amount: $12.23 Memo: Payment From AmazingProfitReward
  2. Hello, There are some troubles at FCM, so I do not recommend to deposit now!
  3. Hello everybody, I am not admin! I brought a new program to you that offers you 4% for 50 days. It means 200%, so you will get 100% net profit after the 50 days! At the site you can purchase ad packs, so you can advertise your sites if you want, and you will earn money all of your purchased packs. The program is very fresh, it has been online for 2 days, so it is worth to join now! The second reason for joining is the free $4 that you get after joining, the system purchase an ad pack for that free $4 automaticly. You have to view 10 ads(free members) or 5 ads(gold members) per day. One ad is 10 sec long. Processors: LibertyReserve SolidTrustPay EgoPay Minimum withdraw limit is $10. Get ready and join for the free $4! Please use my ref link:http://amazingprofit...ref=penzanetrol Thank you! Non-ref link:http://amazingprofitreward.com/
  4. A fresh payment recieved from FastCashMega! Join and enjoy the profit earned in the program!;)
  5. A new withdrawal has just arrived, via STP;) They pay very nice, soi it is worth to join FastCashMega! Get passive money!
  6. I am not admin! FastCashMega is a hybrid money maker system. Its firts part is a daily profit programe, in which you can buy daily profit unit. One profit unit costs $10, and it gives 3%($0.30) for 60 days.It means 180%. But that money is split to 2 portions: 70% can be withdraw instantly, 30% go to your re-purchase balance, that you can use to buy cycler positions.(2nd part of the program) So it means your net yield is 180%X0,7=126%-> 26% profit after the 60 days! The rest yield (180%X0,3=54%) can be used to purchase cycler spot instantly. The other part of the program is the Cycler program. In this program you can buy positions in different lines from $10-$5000. Each positions in each line generate 300%:100% to get its price and 200% to get an another position on an upper line. Example: You buy a $10 position. It will ran out when reaches the $30. At this point your balance will be credited with $10, and you will get $20 position too. There are 10 lines: $10-$20-$40-$80$-$160-$320-$640-$1250-$2500-$5000. After the $5.000 ended, you get it. So $10 can make $10+$20+$30...+$5000=$20.010! You can join at any level, but i suggest you to start at $10. It is a long time to reach the level of $5k positon, but possible If you want to buy a daily profit unit, you have to buy cycler position, so it will be the first thing after registering. Suggestion: -If you have money to invest, do the Daily prodit system -If you can make a bigger downline the cycler sectios is yours! Without referals it is so much time to hit the bigest cycler line(that's why i recommend the 3% daily profit system), but with referals the cycler hits the sky! Affilates: 5% for your referalt's profit units 10% for cycler positions About sponsoring: There is a 1 up system at the site. It means the first member who registered via your own link and buy minimum 1 cycler position, will be passed to your sponsor. After this everybody will be your referalt if you bought minimum 1 cycler position. If you don't buy, all member who join via you, will be your sponsors referalt. The reason of this system is that they want to reward members who collect referals. For example if you refer 5 people, the first will be your sponsor's referal, but the 4 other will be yours. But if they refer people too, you will get their first referalts, so you will have 4+4=8 referal, but you refered only 4 member. Processors: Payza STP LibertyReserve http://fastcashmega....ref=penzanetrol I joined FastCashMega in October, i have positive experiences, the site is always online, daily earnings comes as clockwork, the site is simple, but you can find any information in the menu. They writes 48hours limit in the FAQ for recieving money, but withdraws arrive 4-8 hours from the request Latest withdraw:
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