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  1. I wonder if you are trading with these signals yourself with real money...
  2. Welcome to the Forum If you need anything you can contact me
  3. 1) http://www.google.com/ (SE) 2) http://www.pokerstars.com/ (Poker Room) 3) http://k7.net/ (Phone Services) 4) https://perfectmoney.com/ (Payment Processor) 5) http://www.facebook.com/ (Social Network)
  4. I work with so many traders and they allow to start trading with less than 500 USD That's a big problem, plus, they don't charge any start up fee. I am an investor myself.
  5. Can you prove that Fairies do not exist? You can't can you? But I am sure you agree with me that saying that people who try to force you to believe in fairies are charlatans. Edited: Makes no difference what your opinion is, you've been told the way it is and either go by our rules or go somewhere else... I can't proof that magicians do not exist, but hour logic agrees that whoever says to be a wizard or magician or astro magic guy or whatever must be a Edited. Everyone has a right to their own opinions and beliefs, as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others... as you are doing... ...who do you think you are, to say they are wrong and you are right... no answer needed or wanted... just think about this... Do not post any more comments in this Thread David, your opinions or beliefs are not to be forced on anyone either... Anyone that does not believe in this, DON'T READ IT !!! Actually quite a simple remedy...
  6. Welcome to the Forum. Since you are learning new things, could you share what are you learning at the moment?
  7. Oh, it's not even 120, it's 1200. But it says "Get 1200 Free Cash" in the banner Nothing about deposits. I mean, at least that's how interpret free!
  8. I browsed through the website, but I didn't find how to get the 120 USD! Any help?
  9. Hi DeadMau5! I remember you from from extremesurfs. If you need something you can contact me
  10. Oh I have done so much! I have crossed by bike. I went to the beach. I posted at some forums, and moderated my community, as that is my job. I have invested money in traders. And traded money on the forex markets. I could keep on, but I guess you get the idea LR: U4539269
  11. Welcome to the forum If you need something you can contact me. I also trade Commodities, in this case I mostly trade currencies. I wonder, which commodities do you trade?
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