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  1. VPS Hosting for InstaForex Customers InstaForex Company renders a new VPS hosting service for its customers. Today VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a front-rank option allowing to use a virtual private server for arranging activity in Forex market. VPS hosting grants you access to a full-function virtual dedicated server. Application of VPS hosting gives an opportunity to take all advantages of a single-unit physical server. Your trading stability will no longer depend on your personal computer capacity and Internet access. You will be able to control your trading from any spot of the planet without installing the terminal every time. You can employ this server of InstaForex Company on the most beneficial terms in Forex market. The company clients are allowed to choose one of three types of VPS server configurations with Windows system and with reinstalled InstaForex terminal. Depending on a trade balance, you can get access to VPS hosting for free or paying from 3 US dollars. You can draw up an order for one of chosen VPS hostings in the Client Cabinet. Besides, your Client Cabinet will show statistics of a server active period, amount of funds withdrawn from the balance and your order status. With this option of VPS hosting by InstaForex your trade on Forex will reach a brand new technological level. Trade and gain with InstaForex!
  2. InstaForex – Best Broker in Asia 2011 Worldwide known InstaForex Company has been awarded with the Best Broker in Asia title for the third time by the "World Finance Awards" launched by the British publication World Finance. Victory in this prestigious nomination comes as one more approval of the company's positive development dynamics. The company’s management made the right choice selecting the Asian region for implementing its strategic ideas. Impressive InstaForex achievements in Asia prompted further development and creation of well-known brand which is in the limelight of Forex currency market as well as among the financial market members. Presently, Asia involves the majority of direct sales offices and company's divisions. In many of them educational courses and seminars are run on a permanent basis. Having carried out accurate market researches, InstaForex experts have hammered out additional services for the Asian traders. Aside from that, the second year straight a great interest of Forex society is fueled by a distinguished "Miss InstaForex Asia" contest. All this has become possible due to a competent management policy and well-skilled approach to each activity aspect. Getting its work on the road, the company made a stake on high-grade services and their availability for traders with any capital. Amid this, its work standards are expanding permanently. To this day, InstaForex is one of the leaders of the Asian as well as of the global brokerage services market. The company offers maximally full range of trading instruments, wide choice of different options, various educational projects and unique bonus programs. In other words, InstaForex allows no matter a newcomer or a real Forex guru to find the most suitable terms of trading and extra opportunities. The broker always follows the latest trends, changes for the better and keeps on investing in people and technologies in order to meet expectations of traders around the globe. InstaForex turned out to be a reliable partner already for more than 350 thousands of traders from 80 countries. The number of representative branches also rises - expanding geographically the company advances the quality and efficiency of serving the international clients. InstaForex team thanks the award organizer - the international financial magazine World Finance and every client for giving a high assessment of the company's work. InstaForex hopes to solidify its positions in Asia and all over the world going forward for the benefit of its clients and extending its services line.
  3. Miss Insta Asia: Over 400 Beauties from All Around The World, Become One of Them! On the beauty contest website of Miss Insta Asia 2011 by InstaForex Company over 400 ladies have already registered and this number moves well along towards half of thousand. The contest gathers pace involving more and more visitors: day by day the number of beautiful participants increases, there are new photographs and comments to them, so the situation stretches. And although, the contest competitor Victoria from Kishinev is gaining the lead presently among her rivals, everything can change at any moment, as we are to see the months of fight for title Miss InstaForex Asia 2011 ahead. The second season of Miss Insta Asia moves on as one of the most popular online beauty contests in the global net. It is no wonder as the most gorgeous women from different countries of the world from Malaysia to Great Britain take part in this exciting competition. Who will finally reach the top - the title of Miss InstaForex Asia 2011 and 20 000 USD - it will be determined by users voting for their favorites on the website. The photos of beautiful ladies will be submitted to users for deciding fates of Miss Insta Asia contest competitors. The prize fund of Miss Insta Asia amounting to 35 000 USD will be shared among 6 the most beautiful girls in early autumn, according to users' opinion. Those who would like to try their fortune still have time, as for joining the contest it is required to accomplish a registration, fill in the application form and submit at least 3 the best photo shots. The experience of competition running approves that position in the contest rating shifts weekly, in such a way, even a newcomer has all chances of winning. To join or to vote for one of belles visit the official contest website miss-instaforex-asia.com. Cast a vote and probably, the main prize will reach that girl you root for!
  4. "InstaForex Tornado": Storm of Emotions! People are always attracted by the incomparable brightness and staginess of the ultimate fights. The battle of two fighters, two characters, arises the storm of emotions. Each of them wants to be the winner and is ready to pay for it with pain and blood. InstaForex Company being the general sponsor of "InstaForex Tornado" Fight Club and the general partner of "Grand Mix Fight 2011" tournaments in Ukraine raffled 3 tickets for 2 people each among its clients within the "Secure VIP Zone Ticket for Ultimate Fights" campaign! The winners were determined in a random way using the transparent algorithm of so-called Tornado-number which was registered at 23:59 (UTC+3) on June 3, 2011: 447. So whose account was closer to the Tornado-number? And here they come! 7098428 - Arun Somnath Taskar 3030466 - Konstantin Kopilov 7088467 - Vyacheslav Kovtutskiy InstaForex Company warmly thanks all the participants of the campaign and sincerely congratulates the winners! InstaForex - the choice of the winner!
  5. Campaigns and Contests Administration of international broker InstaForex is glad to inform all its clients and partners about launching a new contest for demo-accounts "FX-1 Race". The competition will be run weekly within 24 hours from Friday 01:00 to 01:00 Saturday. If you like the drive of high-speed and breath-taking trading together with monetary prizes, then "FX-1 Race" is meant for you. The racing track of InstaForex Company contest is a chance for each trading account holder to demonstrate his professionalism. As everything required is to trade more efficient than other partakers! The best 5 traders who are to cross the final straight with the biggest amount on a trading account will share the fame and prize in the amount of 1500 USD. The nearest Forex-contest "FX-1 Race" will take place on June 3-4, 2011, meanwhile, you can enroll yourself in and become a participant of a catching race. Besides, taking part in the competition you do not bear any risk, on the contrary, you get a priceless trading experience. You just have to trade and obtain reward for professionally fulfilled duties. Detailed information about the competition is available on the Contest Rules page. Be on board and reach the top with InstaForex!
  6. InstaForex Tornado - victory at any price! InstaForex Company is a title sponsor of famous fight club InstaForex Tornado and the general partner of Grand Mix Fight league in Ukraine. For 2011 the league has planned to a series of tournaments aimed at developing this sport. Mix Fight has become extremely popular all over the world as a spectacular and natural sport. Ukraine is not an exception - Ukrainian mix fight is developing rapidly. On April 15 Simferopol hosted the first stage of Ukraine's mix fight Championship "Grand Mix Fight & ProFC 2011". The hall of the State Circus after B.Tezikov was full of fans from all over the country! And believe us, they did not come there in vain. The audience witnessed 13 impressive fights among the best sportsmen of Ukraine. The heat of the struggle was fantastic and fans of intra-style fights got their adrenaline. The persistence of the fighters and their endevour to win were fascinating! We are happy to announce that two fighters of InstaForex Tornado - club Andrey Prizuyk and Alexander Voytenko will partixipate in the semifinal of the Championship, which is to take place in September 2001. The main target of such tournaments is to promote healthy lifestyle rather than popularize brute force. The call to play sports is addressed mainly to young people, who are starting to take interest in mix fighting. Besides, this is a good chance for potential mix fight stars to show their skills and reach a new international level! Participants and visitors of the first stage of Ukraine's Mix Fight Championship mentioned high level of organization. All feedbacks to the tournament were positive and everybody is looking forward to the next competition. Mix fight fans will have a chance to see new fascinating fights on the second stage of the Championship in July. Besides, international broker InstaForex is preparing such surprise as drawing of tickets to mix fight tournaments with the leading Ukraine’s team InstaForex Tornado. You can find pictures from the first stage of the Championship on the official InstaForex blog .
  7. InstaForex Educational Seminars: a Great Tradition InstaForex Company has been regularly holding its seminars in Malaysia so that it has already come to be a nice tradition. A wide range of the company's introducing offices together with Forex being increasingly attractive ensure all the necessary conditions for further developing this field. This time a mini seminar and corporate lunch were held on February, 26, in one of the most beautiful cities of Malaysia - Seremban, where InstaForex Company has several offices. Apart from Seremban InstaForex representatives, the event was attended by visitors from other places, such as Johor, Kota Bahru and Shah Alam as well as some InstaForex partners. Over 50 visitors of the seminar had a chance to ask Forex professionals their questions, listen to infomative lectures by well-known speakers Mr Hayazid (JB) and Mr Azhan (Shah Alam) and get pleasing bonuses granted by InstaForex Company. View the photoreport at InstaForex Corporate Blog.
  8. Glam up your desktop: brand wallpapers from InstaForex InstaForex international broker is glad to offer its partners, clients and guests of its official website a wide range of brand wallpaper created and implemented by the company's Design Department. Each picture in the gallery of brand InstaForex desktop wallpaper is of such a format and expansion that it fits any PC, regardless of which operating system it has and what its screen resolution is. InstaForex desktop wallpaper is a creative choice for a forex trader and a businessman who keeps up with the current trends and prefers comfort. A convenient menu allows downloading and installing any picture quickly and free of charge. Besides, a well-chosen design of your PC desktop contributes to business mood and keeps you in up for the whole day. InstaForex desktop wallpaper – trading in InstaForex style!
  9. Try your lick. We wish you to win one day! :rolleyes:
  10. InstaForex Great Race: new victories, new records! "InstaForex Great Race" chronicle was enriched by an unprecedented number of participants: over 2800 traders had registered in the fourth contest step and did their best to win prestigious places and prizes of which the fund comprises as much as USD 8000! Be it avarice or craving for victory, fervour or desire to show one's skills that drove the finalists, they succeeded in accomplishing their cherished goal and proudly took a place on the victory rostrum. The last spurt was particularly successful for the following contestants: 1 place - Maya M. Malkova (8057838) - 3000 USD; 2 place- Aleksandr A. Kudryashov (8070960) - 2000 USD; 3 place- Ruslan B. Popadyuk (8064975) - 1000 USD; 4 place- Suruceanu Iurie Vasile (8071460) - 750 USD; 5 place - Showunmi Funke (8064433) - 500 USD; 6 place- Dmitriy V. Litvin (8071428) - 250 USD; 7 place- Dmitriy V. Zayanchkovsky (8068890) - 100 USD + 40 bonus points; 8 place- Yuriy V. Kulabukhov (8038562) - 100 USD + 30 bonus points; 9 place- Aleksandr V. Pletukhin (8061109) - 100 USD + 20 bonus points; 10 place- Aleksandr A. Korotayev (8042481) - 100 USD + 10 bonus points; 11 place - Andrey S. Basarab (8071394) - 100 USD + 5 bonus points. We remind you that just a week is left untill the final of "Great Race". The contest that has been held for a year is coming to its close at last! Yet, the most exciting surprises are still ahead. The future has got in store an enthralling final of the contest which will serve for traders as a great opportunity to test their luck and professional skills and no matter what results they had shown in the previous steps. However, it is worth mentioning that the winners of the four previous steps enjoy the right to have bonuses which provides them with a priviledge but does not guarantee the victory though. Each participant has a chance to be favoured by Lady Luck. The final step of the contest is to take place from January 31 till February 25, 2011. The last day to register in the contest is January 29. So, you have few days to do it and start struggling for the prize. Hurry up, do not waste your time! The total prize fund of "InstaForex Great Race" comprises USD 46400. The contest has five steps with the last one being the most spectacular. According to the rules, you can join the contest at any step, even at the last one. Thus, you have a marvellous opportunity to participate in the final step of InstaForex supercontest. Go ahead and maybe you will be the one to hit the Jackpot at your last gasp. This is the kind of people Luck always favours most after all! Registration page Contest rules Photos and comments of finalists
  11. Thanks for your kind words and appreciation! We are really please to learn, our service is up to your expectations! :)
  12. Thanks for your warm greeting and friendlyness! :)
  13. Get your free InstaForex debit card on November 25 - December 25! The international broker InstaForex has prepared a very pleasant Christmas gift for its numerous clients! Each InstaForex trader can get the unique InstaForex MasterCard absolutely for free! To obtain the card you just need to fill in the application form, and soon you will receive the individual plastic card. InstaForex MasterCard is a handy way to withdraw funds from InstaForex trading account in any part of the world. All car operations are anonymous and confidential; the information is not handed over to any regulating or tax authorities, which is the standard of the bank’s services chosen by us. Thus, using InstaForex MasterCard you are free to withdraw the money from InstaForex account and get it within 24 hours. Thanks to InstaForex MasterCard you will have the direct connection between your trading account and your cash funds. One and the same InstaForex MasterCard can be bound to different trading accounts open in your name. Forex accounts have never been so easy to manage due to the debit cards from InstaForex. In addition, InstaForex MasterCard possesses all the functions of a standard MasterCard: you can pay for the goods and services, take cash from the ATM and replenish your trading account using the card as well. Order your Christmas gift from InstaForex Company right now!
  14. "InstaForex Great Race": more prizes ahead! Friday night, October 29 was the last sleepless night for the participants of "InstaForex Great Race" tournament before the final fight of this year. At 23:59 exactly last trades were closed. Some traders were desperate to realize that the victory slipped from their grasp. Some admitted their defeat and promised themselves to leave everyone behind on the 4th step. Some lost their confidence and left on the halfway. But eleven venturesome speculators managed to carry the contest "to the handle" and beat the rest of the traders hollow. We have nothing left but to reward them for a month of laborious work and lack of sleep. We are proud to announce the names of "Great Race" III step finalists: 1 prize - Rinat Gialimov (8057838) - 3000 USD; 2 prize - Maikel (8070960) - 2000 USD; 3 prize - Toni Widodo (8064975) - 1000 USD; 4 prize - Iwan Purwanto (8071460) - 750 USD; 5 prize - Herdinanda (8064433) - 500 USD; 6 prize - Bambang Sumaryanto (8071428) - 250 USD; 7 prize - Gennadiy Karpov (8068890) - 100 USD + 40 bonus points; 8 prize - Yanina Lobanova (8038562) - 100 USD + 30 bonus points; 9 prize - Saiful Idham Mahamod (8061109) - 100 USD + 20 bonus points; 10 prize - Alinur Yslamidinov (8042481) - 100 USD + 10 bonus points; 11 prize - Albert Bynda (8071394) - 100 USD + 5 bonus points. Even if you missed the three previous steps you can still join the contest and contend for the prize fund of the IV step. Registration deadline is November 29. InstaForex Company wishes all the luck to everyone who dares to go in for the "Great Race". Registration page Contest rules Photos and comments of finalists
  15. Exciting surprises by InstaForex are waiting for you in Indonesia! The international broker InstaForex invites the traders, investors and all keen on the currency trading to visit the company's stand within the exhibition arranged by ShowFx Asia in Jakarta. The exhibition will be held 2 days - November 27-28 on Balai Sidang located in the middle of Jakarta. Traditionally, InstaForex Company has prepared for its clients, partners and all ShowFx Asia guests a diversified participation program in the capital of Indonesia. For instance, each visitor of the InstaForex Company’s stand will obtain a $50 bonus accrued to the trading account and the luckiest fellows will gain more substantial amounts in their hands. In addition, visiting the company's stand you will get brand presents and souvenirs of InstaForex. For people attending exhibitions with the purpose of acquiring new information the leading analysts and Forex-gurus of InstaForex Company (Asri Mahmud and Arief Makmur) will run educational seminars devoted to the trading practice on Forex and also to the latest trends of the international currency market. For the international broker InstaForex Indonesia comes as one of the most attractive and strategically essential markets. As a consequence, in 2009-2010 there have been emerging more and more company’s representative offices in Indonesia as well as the number of partners. Financial institutes and Indonesian markets have been developing for more than a year demonstrating an enviable success. InstaForex Company representatives have no doubts that aside from pleasant events and surprises this exhibition will stick in memory of its participants as the right place for discussing relevant and vital questions related to Forex market. You can familiarize yourself with new options, products, services and technical novelties prepared for you by InstaForex Company. We are waiting for you! Balai Sidang, Jakarta, November 27-28. For futher details please visit the page.