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  1. hyipergold

    Not Paid, Scam
  2. hyipergold

    looks like selective payments 2 days and no payment from this scam
  3. I am not Admin DeltaTrustGroup was created with one goal in mind which is to bring members a long term opportunity to earn. While gaining experience we have been able to secure investments which will allowed us to continuously pay members profits time and time again. With our secured investments and experience, DeltaTrustGroup is a safe and sure winner. Whichever plan(s) you choose, you are sure to always come out a WINNER. So come join the Winning Team of DeltaTrustGroup. DeltaTrustGroup
  4. hyipergold

    Payment Received Thanks Admin
  5. hyipergold

    Payment Received Thanks Admin
  6. hyipergold

    I am not Admin Hi and welcome to 1Adz Group Latest Program, 132Ads.com. I am lingo as some of you already know me and i learned from the past experience of administration, wishing to bring you a better, more profitable and longevity program. There is only 1 plan here in 132Ads.com. 11% for 12 days, payout on expiry with 5% single level commission and manual surf only 6 pages a day. We accept AlertPay, LibertyReserve and StrictPay. Join now
  7. hyipergold

    this is a total SCAM i have not been paid when my package expired INVEST AT YOUR OWN RISK :realmad:
  8. I AM NOT ADMIN: Welcome to World Asset Growth Ltd World Asset Growth Ltd (WAG) is a community built on the shared financial goals of its members: substantial, reliable income that's secure from bureaucratic marauders and Internet scammers. It provides a powerful way to build and promote your business, as well as a multitude of services to enhance your life and your family's wellbeing (and save a lot of money doing it!). WAG is an advertising company and as such delivers web traffic to your site based on the advertising packages purchased. But WAG is much more! We pay 75% of our revenue total back to members: 65% as rebate sharing and 10% as ref commission, making a total of 75% revenue share. WAG will keep 15% for our labor with security and 10% for cost of maintaining the site, We just like you have to pay bills. Upgraded Pro Membership requires a purchase of $10 worth of Adcentives. Pro members are required to view 80 other members websites every week to qualify for the weekly cash rebate. (If there is a cash rebate). All Pro Members receive 2 levels of referral commissions. Pro Members can earn a weekly cash rebate (up to 10%/totaling 200% of their Adcentives purchases from the advertising sales that WAG generates each week. VERY IMPORTANT: WAG "DOES NOT GUARANTEE" that it will pay a cash rebate every week. You are purchasing advertising. When you purchase Adcentives, THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE you will make any cash rebates. Here are just a few of the reasons this is a great opportunity for WAG members: * Protect your assets offshore. * Diversify your personal and corporate banking. * Increase your banking options with more services. * Protect funds that would otherwise be fair game in your home jurisdiction. * Give your business a truly international presence. * Open the door to financial products and services that are otherwise unavailable to you or your company. * Internet banking is the easiest way to manage your money. * Gain access to your accounts from anywhere in the world! Staff of WAG http://www.worldassetgrowth.com/?ref=goldenpot
  9. hyipergold

    1st Payment Received Thanks Admin
  10. hyipergold

    This has scammed, selective payments only DO NOT INVEST U WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY
  11. hyipergold

    Adsoodle First I want to WELCOME everyone to Adsoodle. We have been online only 24 hours (1 day), and I think we have had a great start. I want to invite all members to take part in the earning potential we have at Adsoodle. Currently we have 2 earning plans open: 10% for 13 days 22% for 5 days Payments at expiration on both plans 3% referral commissions for upgraded members I want you all to know that I have some very big, awesome plans for Adsoodle. There are some things I have in mind that I cant talk about currently as they are still in the planning stages. We have the potential to become the biggest and best advertising/surf site online today. With your help we can make this program ROCK. My desire is to ROCK this entire industry and I will do everything in my power to do just that. Thanks for your support.
  12. hyipergold

    I am not Admin Hello, my name is Vincent (Vince for short) and I welcome you all to my new advertising/traffic exchange site called Adsoodle. Our site, Adsoodle, is a powerful advertising platform that utilizes the power of the internet with a daily captured audience, to display advertising of your choice to our entire member base. When you join Adsoodle you are given 100 free credits to test our program. Then, if you desire you can purchase ad credits in increments of $5 each. Each $5 purchase will give you an additional 25 credits. In addition to displaying your ads to other members, you also have the opportunity to earn with Adsoodle. We have chosen to share our revenue with our members in the form of ad rebates. What this means is, as we profit, we share 10% of your original purchase with you for 13 days, which means that after 13 days you can earn 130% of your original purchase paid back to you. So, as you can see, with Adsoodle, it PAYS to advertise. So, go ahead and JOIN today. Advertise your favorite money making opportunities to our entire member base and begin to earn 10% daily for 13 days. I think you will be totally Blown Away by Adsoodle. Adsoodle
  13. I am not Admin Adven-profits is now under Pre-launch and will be officially launched soon . Hi this is Alan the Admin of Adven-profits limited.Avp is advertisement company where we guarantee the highest traffic to your websites .We also offer great income to our members for viewing other member's sites .You can earn with our 2 different plans . In Plan A you can earn 144% rebate at the expiry of your upgrade whereas in Plan B you can earn and withdraw 11% daily for 11 days. You can upgrade with as low as $6 and as high as $6,000 We offer upto 6% referral comission to members for referring other people to join and Upgrade in Avp limited.So what are you waiting for ? Join us today and increase your income. Program Site: http://www.adven-profits.com/?=36 Splash Page: http://www.Adven-profits.com/?splash=36
  14. hyipergold

    I am not Admin 10% Daily for 14 days --AP&LR Welcome "U" to "1"Adz Group New online advertising site. It consists of: Manual 7 Pages surfing, Upgrade costs 5 units($5), Daily Maximum Upgrade of 20 units, Maximum of 100 units per members, Minimum $5 cashout, 5% direct Referral Commission, and lots of traffic to your sites. Please check our FAQ and Terms to know more http://uto1.com/?ref=47
  15. I AM NOT ADMIN How would you like to make money and gain real advertising? We have all learned over time that auto surfing and banner ads create lame useless hits. Also that fly by night high pay rates never last more than a month. Well get ready for the revolutionizing Cash-Adventure system. No more lame automatic hits and always waiting to get paid. We have created Adventure Ads a new way to advertise and Adventure units a proven way to earn. Adventure Ads Adventure Units Adventure ads make sure the user reads your site 100% With our new sentence search feature we ensure you a real live visitor read your program or site. We also include full logs of the users hits, including time spend on your site and much more. Adventure units are the next generation of earning with profit sharing. The system is setup to last and avoid the hit and runners. Each unit pay double and does not expire. Safety is our goal we strive to keep you and our program 100% secure and safe. Notice we have (SSL) Secure Socket Layer installed to keep all your information safe and secure. Adventure Referrals We pay you 10% of all your referral spends. Including advertising purchases. We also allow you to upload a picture and a voice clip to give your referral URL a more personal feeling. Time to take an adventure and see what a stable program with real advertising can do for YOU ! Click here to join now and take an adventure http://Cash-Adventure.com/?ref=87
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