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  1. Carbono Orange Skin .. because I saw you invest very much in this skin ... although until now I have not seen anything new in your skin ... some icons to replace ... For the forum to add color Terminal two main color is black gold ... But still the predominant need a good color to highlight more forums Skin is easy to read articles and easy to see, I also like iSkin It is a bit prominent and easy to add a new banner, if you grow it can be very good But Carbono Orange Skin is number one My LR:U2112045
  2. Autumn, because it's the perfect mix between winter and summer. It's not too cold to stop wearing capris and shorts but it's cold enough to get rid of the bugs and mosquitoes that rear their ugly heads during the spring. Plus the scenery is breathtaking before it goes into hibernation. MY acc LR: U2112045
  3. this is a real song or ... One bad day will pass quickly and you will find a new joy My favorite song is Roxette - Bad Day By Daniel Powter ........Where is the moment we needed the most You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost They tell me your blue skies fade to gray They tell me your passion's gone away And I don't need no carryin' on.......... LR account:U2112045
  4. good site i will jion it but min pay is 3$ o M g i can't Do t
  5. My first Experience using E-Currencies verb was around 2010 because I joined a gaming site that is making money gotya I've earned $ 10 but want to withdraw the $ 10 I have must paypal account I registered paypal account and then the site asked me to send 5$ to their site .. I sent the money then I get $ 10 difficult and trouble to get this $ 10 ... their site load very slowly in our country ... It was the first successful mmo my account lr:U2112045
  6. OMG min pay out $ 10 it is too large for this ....... I really do not attract It's that {Edited} I will die
  7. Who can verify payment posted to this page heard this Web payment problems
  8. MY LR ACC:U2112045 i have just watch l Clash of the Titans Based on the classic movie Clash of the Titans of the 80 centuries ago, Warner Bros. has created a new film version and put the audience into the world of mythology Perseus with the action and adventure coated ball i hope admin pay for me
  9. +I think the area of advertising ... not perfect forum should arrange the left and right of the forum, with moderate size +quick links section (right) I see no need +more emoticons +add point fore every post in user EX: Nhatbanlata newbie group member post:7 point :21<------ jion XX -XX-XXXX + when i edit my reply plese add note revised by ...... at .... EX: Edited by mantha July 1 2010 at 5:33 am MY acc LR: U2112045
  10. Hi all I'm From VN Age ;20 Sex male company : earn money :D welcome you

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