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  1. 1.http://www.earngingpalace.com 2http://www.google.com 3.http://www.vietlockerz.com 4.http://www.nhaccuatui.com 5.http://www.goldentalk.com LR U9167770
  2. LR:U9167770 i'm Doan Minh in FAcbook
  3. I make money online by clicking the ads for some PTC sites and at the same time I was a member of several forums especially PTP site earningpalce income it brings me My LR:U9167770
  4. scam site i wait my fist payment and i dont have any thing ... ID 183 Date 2010-08-05 amount $0.28 Description Pending Processor/Paid to Liberty Reserve U9167770
  5. Yeah! I choose this skin: Carbono Orange well I've found your version has many new features I enjoyed it ... it really impressed me, I want to give more, you can add icons for items not look monotonous circle Carbono Orange skin is beautiful color harmony, and to use article search My LR:U9167770
  6. My favorite season is Summer . I like being able to go out in just shorts and t-shirt, without having to dress in layers of clothes like in winter. There are more things to do in the summer, such as going to the beach, amusement parks, barbecuing, swimming, etc.. No need to worry about taking your life in your hands driving in ice and snow. I cannot take the cold My LR:U9167770
  7. Here is a song that I like it always ring in my heart My favorite song is Apologize-One replubic My LR:U9167770
  8. site for freemember One click is really boring .... 0.001 This page also lost GPT sites is disappointing loss thought this was a fine white but in return pay $ 0.5 per click amount is too low
  9. Site rates are good with low payout (1.5$). They got over 200 members and already 5$ paid but in the payment proof section of their forum there are no payment proofs posted. I'll wait to see some payment proofs first.
  10. I have been compounding my earnings here. Now I compounded again after my upgrade expired but there was excess after i deposit to the next level. I'm already at silver pack 2 with $60 upgrade. I'm now withdrawing my profit after going through the different stages. This is really a long term program and you can not in anyway do the hit and run as you have to start from the 1st level. I'm happy how this program is going.
  11. Thank you admin ....................................................................
  12. I would like mud .... But there are other memorable celebration It is difficult to go back to fix that