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  1. I'm a beginner in online trading and cryptocurrency world, but trading with Beetoom company helped me to understand how things work in this business ... so, I am happy with my investment! https://beetoom.com/
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  3. I agree Forex is a big business opportunity earning for online money and profit but with Forex trading you cannot become rich in one day. people trade it without the knowledge and want to become rich quickly so they lose and leave forex trading. Always learn the basics of Forex first and then start trading. http://www.smartfxtrader.com
  4. You offer a service that people need. Something related to content. Creating graphics, coding or anything like that. Otherwise , there is no way to make money online fast, at least not fast and will keep on coming in. swift transfer
  5. Yes Forex is an easy source of earning if we have proper ideas about Forex trading . We can trade with Forex all day long and as a part time trader. There are two kinds of trading systems like long time trading and short time trading or scalping. We can earn money through Forex within a short time by scalping. NWBO Stock
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  7. Emotional problem is the issue here and many traders focus primarily only to money, profit and make a revenge to losing trades without utilising a trading plan. This is part of lack of discipline. Discipline is the one which separates the one who making money and the one who always losing money in the game or you can call it a battle. Lack of discipline is always a mistake and never be a reason for success. Things to avoid never increase the lot size (Risk), doubling the losing trades, and the famous one are FEAR - GREED - EMOTION. Fee FX Robot
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  15. I mostly use Google keyword planner to search keywords in my niche but Semrush and market samurai are also very helpful.