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  1. NZD/USD Daily Analytics 07:41 22.01.2018 Recommendation: SELL 0.7230 SL 0.7285 TP1 0.7120 TP2 0.7055 On the daily chart, the inability of NZD/USD bulls to hold an important support at 0.7250-0.7265 points at their weakness. The odds of the reversal “Widening wedge” pattern will increase in the pair slides below 0.7170. On the other hand, a break of resistance levels at 0.7395 and 0.7475 will allow speaking about the uptrend’s resumption. On H1, NZD/USD keeps forming a “Widening wedge”. A successful test of support at 0.7230 will create a possibility for a decline to 0.7120 and 0.7055. More: ?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=EN_English&utm_content=Riki_Analyticshttps://fbs.com/analytics/articles/nzd-usd-kiwi%E2%80%99s-flying-in-a-wedge-6371
  2. GBP/USD Daily Analytics 06:20 22.01.2018 Technical levels: support – 1.3840; resistance – 1.3940. Trade recommendations: Buy — 1.3840/60; SL — 1.3820; TP1 — 1.3940; TP2 — 1.3980. Reason: bullish Ichimoku Cloud with rising Senkou Span A; a golden cross of Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen, rising Tenkan-sen; a market is on the strong support of Kijun-sen. More: [URL=https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/gbp-usd-pound-supported-by-kijun-sen-again-6366?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=EN_English&utm_content=Riki_Analytics ]?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=EN_English&utm_content=Riki_Analytics https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/gbp-usd-pound-supported-by-kijun-sen-again-6366[/URL]
  3. EUR/USD Daily Analytics 06:19 22.01.2018 Technical levels: support – 1.2210; resistance – 1.2300. Trade recommendations: Buy — 1.2230; SL — 1.1210; TP1 — 1.2300; TP2 — 1.2330 Reason: expanding bullish Ichimoku Cloud with rising Senkou Span A; a new golden cross of Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen with Tenkan-sen; the prices are supported by Cloud. More: [URL=https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/eur-usd-euro-may-continue-uptrend-6365?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=EN_English&utm_content=Riki_Analytics ]?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=EN_English&utm_content=Riki_Analytics https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/eur-usd-euro-may-continue-uptrend-6365[/URL]
  4. EUR/AUD Daily Analytics 01:57 22.01.2018 EUR/AUD remains trading around the Fibonacci zone of 61.8% at 1.5265, at which it’s expecting to find a strong rebound in order to allow further gains across the board. The ongoing consolidation could strengthen such bias and if it manages to break once again above the 200 SMA at H1 chart, the next short-term target would be the -23.6% Fibonacci level at 1.5514. RSI indicator remains in the negative territory, but it’s close to the neutral territory. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/eur-aud-consolidation-above-a-solid-support-6360?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=EN_English&utm_content=Riki_Analytics
  5. BITCOIN (BTC/USD) Daily Analytics 01:56 22.01.2018 The cryptocurrency continues to depreciate against the US dollar and still keeps intact the projections we have made in past reports. Technically speaking, the BTC/USD is finding support for the Fibonacci extension of 61.8% in 9.259. This has allowed to have relief in the short term and is waiting to resume the bearish trend. Fears regarding strict regulations for Bitcoin are still latent and the latest news about it does not favor BTC bulls. According to the latest reports, the government of India is beginning to send tax notices to the cryptocurrency traders. On the other hand, an introduced bill could force South Korean officials to declare their investments in this market. The Parabolic SAR on the H4 chart is calling for more losses in the Bitcoin because it remains below the 200-hour moving average, which continues to guide the path of the BTC/USD pair in the short term. In addition, the resistance of 23.6% continues to block the advance of the bulls, which produced the formation of an enveloping candlestick. What do we expect? According to our forecasts in the H4 chart, cryptocurrency still has enough traction to reach the goal of the 100% Fibonacci extension in 5,754, which would complete a cycle in the short term. The RSI remains in negative territory, which favors the falls in the BTC and which strengthens our hypothesis for the week ahead More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/bitcoin-btc-usd-poised-to-do-another-lower-extension-6359?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=EN_English&utm_content=Riki_Analytics
  6. USD/JPY Daily Analytics 08:15 19.01.2018 Technical levels: support – 110.30; resistance – 111.00 Trade recommendations: Sell — 110.70/80; SL — 111.00; TP1 — 110.30; TP2 — 110.00. Reason: bearish Ichimoku Cloud with horizontal Senkou Span A and B; a weak goldean cross of Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen with horizontal lines; the prices are on the weak Kijun’s support. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/usd-jpy-dollar-will-continue-downtrend-6339
  7. AUD/USD Daily Analytics 08:14 19.01.2018 Technical levels: support – 0.7980; resistance – 0.8030 Trade recommendations: Sell — 0.8030; SL — 0.8050; TP1 — 0.7980; TP2 — 0.7940. Reason: bullish Ichimoku Cloud with rising Senkou Span A; a cancelled golden cross of Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen; a market is overbought and under the strong resistance of 0.8030. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/aud-usd-aussie-under-strong-resistance-6338
  8. EURUSD Daily Analytics 13:02 18.01.2018 There's a pullback from 4/8 MM Level, so wave [iv] might have been formed. In this case, we're likely going to have wave [v] of 5 shortly. The main intraday target is 6/8 MM Level. It's likely that wave [iv] finished like a double three pattern, so there's a developing upward impulse in wave (i). If a pullback from +1/8 MM Level happens little later on, there'll be a moment to have wave (ii) of [v]. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/eurusd-pullback-from-4-8-mm-level-6325
  9. USD/JPY Daily Analytics 12:32 18.01.2018 There's a bullish "Doji", which has been confirmed enough. Also, we've got a bullish "Three Methods" pattern, so the market is likely going to test the 89 Moving Average soon. The last bullish "Harami" has confirmation, so there's an opportunity to have a new local high soon. Meanwhile, if a pullback from the nearest resistance area happens, there'll be a moment to have another decline. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/usd-jpy-market-going-to-test-89-ma-6324
  10. EURUSD Daily Analytics 12:29 18.01.2018 We've got a "High Wave" and an "Engulfing" patterns, which both have been formed at the last high. So, the market is likely going to test the 34 Moving Average in the short term. There's a bullish "Harami", which has been confirmed by the last "Three Methods" pattern. Therefore, we should keep an eye on the upper "Window" as the next intraday target. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/eurusd-bullish-harami-6323
  11. GBP/USD Daily Analytics 11:22 18.01.2018 Bulls faced with resistance at 1.3913, so there's a bearish "Thorn" pattern. The main intraday target is the closest support at 1.3765 - 1.3730. Meanwhile, if a pullback from this area is on the table, the pair will probably try to reach another resistance at 1.3913 - 1.3942. There's a "V-Top" pattern, so the price is consolidating. It's likely that the market is going to test the closest resistance at 1.3834 - 1.3871. If we have a pullback from these levels, there'll be a moment to have a decline towards another support at 1.3765 - 1.3730. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/gbp-usd-thorn-pattern-6322
  12. EURUSD Daily Analytics 11:20 18.01.2018 The main trend is still bullish, but there's a bearish "Triple Top" pattern, so the market is likely going to test the nearest support area at 1.2129 - 1.2080. If a pullback from these levels happens little later on, there'll be an opportunity to have another upward price movement towards the next resistance at 1.2296 - 1.2322. The 55 Moving Average has acted as support, so the price is consolidating. In this case, we should keep an eye on the closest resistance at 1.2246 - 1.2272 as an intraday target. This area could be a departure point for a decline in the direction of the nearest support at 1.2129 - 1.20280. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/eurusd-bearish-triple-top-pattern-6321
  13. THE NEW ZEALAND DAIRY INDUSTRY – KEY FOR NZD TRADERS 08:53 18.01.2018 Why is it important for traders to know the priority industries of countries whose currencies they trade and take into account such events as the Global Dairy Trade (GDT), for example? Let’s look at New Zealand. If you trade the New Zealand dollar, you should know that New Zealand is the world dairy leader. The dairy industry is the biggest export earner of New Zealand, it contains 29% of its export. Fonterra It is important to tell about Fonterra. Fonterra is a New Zealand multinational dairy co-operative that is responsible for about 30% of the world’s dairy exports. It is owned by around 10,500 New Zealand farmers. What can affect the New Zealand dairy industry Any changes in global dairy prices lead to changes in New Zealand trade, in turn, the New Zealand dollar. It is worth to say that dairy industry was affected by several events. They are the Russian trade embargo, the cut of Chinese imports and dynamics in the international currency exchange market. In 2013 Russia banned the imports of the Fonterra products, that was the second exporter on the Russian market. So it means that New Zealand lost a big importer, that affected the supply and New Zealand dollar as well. But nowadays New Zealand products have come back to the Russian market, that created good prospects for the currency. It is important to take into account that China is one of the main trade partners of New Zealand, so any changes in import will affect the New Zealand export and exchange rate as well. Now New Zealand is raising its share in Chinese import of dairy products. Considering currency exchange market, the weakness of the US dollar has a good impact on the New Zealand dollar. What GDT is Coming back to another important part of our question, let’s talk about GDT. GDT is the leading global auction for trading large volume of dairy ingredients and reference price discovery. Global Dairy Trade affects the price of currency because it regulates the number of dairy products that imports and exports in the world. Below you can see the New Zealand Global Dairy Trade Price Index. It measures the weighted-average price of 9 dairy products sold at auction every two weeks. So we can see if commodity prices rise, export income increases and vice versa. Tips In February 2018 the GDT will take place on Tuesday, February 6 at 12:00 UTC and on Tuesday, February 20 at 12:00 UTC. Conclusion Let’s sum up why traders should take into account main industries of the countries whose currencies they trade. We can say on the example of New Zealand that if traders know strengths of countries and take into consideration even such specific events as Global Dairy Trade, it can help them to make right decisions about currency trade. Talking about prospects of New Zealand dollar we can say that it has good chances according to its dairy industry: the come back to the Russian market, the weakness of the US dollar and the increasing share in Chinese imports support its increase. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/the-new-zealand-dairy-industry-%E2%80%93-key-for-nzd-traders-6318
  14. USD/JPY Daily Analytics 08:14 18.01.2018 Technical levels: support – 111.00; resistance – 111.60 Trade recommendations: Sell — 111.60; SL — 111.80; TP1 — 111.00; TP2 — 110.50. Reason: narrowing bearish Ichimoku Cloud with rising Senkou Span A; a dead cross of Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen, but narrowing channel Tenkan-Kijun; the market is in correction phase. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/usd-jpy-dollar-in-correction-to-cloud-6316
  15. EUR/USD Daily Analytics 08:13 18.01.2018 Technical levels: support – 1.2160, 1.2130; resistance – 1.2260. Trade recommendations: Buy — 1.2130; SL — 1.2110; TP1 — 1.20200; TP2 – 1.2260. Reason: expanding bullish Ichimoku Cloud, rising Senkou Span A and B; a golden cross of Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen; the prices are on the support of Kijun-sen, but correction may continue to Cloud’s levels. More: https://fbs.com/analytics/articles/eur-usd-euro-supported-by-kijun-sen-6315