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  1. nice, I only got 11 out of 20 correct ... I really can't tell the difference
  2. Earnon-i.com is my new web page. I hope to build up a great community and hope everyone can share their opinion and advertise themselves. Feel free to advertise yourself. If you want to have more referrals with any program you are a member of , just post your referrals links there. Soon I will also build in a cash rewards to members. So if you are interested , please join, post, and get more referrals !
  3. I'm from ESTONIA ! Nice to meet you all !
  4. I have started earning something about 3-4 years ago, but these were just few bucks with ptc or similar programs. After that I stopped it because it was quite boring. It took me also quite a long time to get paid.. I think 2 or 3 months. And now I want to get back into the business and I give my best. One day I hope it will be a nice steady income, but it wouldn't replace my job. Tom.