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  1. Hello, This is my own LR head tails game. http://lrgame.milleniaclicks.info MilleniaClicks.info is my GPT site with over 3000 members. IF this lr game is a success, I will move it to a proper domain with ssl security ;) {{ As in any Forum, the posting rules must be read BEFORE you post a Topic, and instructions followed... as well as the Forum Rules... skylady }} corrected your Title... Read the Rules for Posting a Topic and follow ALL the instructions, thank you...
  2. I want Santa to bring me: - success in all my PTC sites - Great Grades in my exams. - A new Laptop My LR account: U2211790
  3. Ref Links are allowed in the correct boards. Register now. http://mymoneyplace.info
  4. We need moderators in our forum!
  5. MilleniaClicks now has a new forum! http://mymoneyplace.info
  6. Hello, I started a PTC few months ago and the earnings is great. You will need good contacts with other site owners as well as you have to put hard work in it to become successful. Never quit nor give in. Open a PTC and continue it with great determination. I would suggest to open an Aurora PTC as it is more stable. Bux sites involves a lot of money and it is very risky. LR U2211790
  7. Hello Guys, My PTC is up and running for 6 months already. Click the banner below to signup. JOIN NOW!! ADVERTISE YOUR HYIP THERE NOW! ACCEPTS LIBERTY RESERVE PAYMENTS!