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  1. Risk Reward is one component in trading planning, where we can determine the value of risk that we will get and also the value of profit (reward) that we will get before we enter into the market or install an order (Order Limit or Order Stop). By determining this component, we can see how valuable an entry opportunity we meet in our chart. Earn 6% Cashback
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  3. Trading forex is a bit like driving, if you don’t get a few lessons from someone who knows what they’re doing you’ll probably crash. A good forex trading coach will help you become a profitable trader far sooner than if you dive into trading without proper training. A good trading coach, much like a good driving instructor, is aware of the mistakes a novice is likely to make and is able to steer you around or away from them and can explain why a certain course of action or choice is the better option. Much like driving, most of us want to learn so that we can use it safely, frequently and of course successfully. Driving without caution or at high speeds, without understanding the dangers, mirrors unprofitable or high risk trading and inherently increases the chance of losing money. Once you’ve accepted that coaching is the best way to start the next step is choosing which coach is right for you. In most situations where you need an expert, your natural instinct is to gravitate to the best available. This is where most people run into their first hurdle, as the industry is littered with so-called ‘forex gurus’ but who are not even professional traders. A recommendation from someone you know and trust is always a good place to start, but if no-one you know can advise you on coaching for forex trading there are some things to look out for which will help you make an informed choice. ‘Try before you buy’ is a good way to get a better idea of the quality of the training a forex coach is able to provide, so it makes sense to look into some of the free training advice your potential coach might offer on their website. If the coach you’re looking at doesn’t offer any advice for free and is simply trying to sell you a product that makes some grand promises based on past performance it is best to stay clear. Another simple test to carry out is to discover if you are dealing with a real person. A forex coach who features in his or her own videos and uses their real name is more likely to be a genuine trader with something useful to offer. Try out the phone number, email or any other contact information provided and check out if they are really on the other end of that communication line. If they are present it means they’re also accountable and that is a sure sign they are confident in what they’re offering. People who constantly seek out new learning tend to be more successful than those who settle on what they know and plod a familiar path. Coaching provides an ongoing learning process, even for those who are already at the top of their own mountain. When Rafael Nadal achieved Number 1 status in the tennis world the first thing he did was increase his coaching staff. It’s one thing to learn something, learning to apply that knowledge is the next step then learning from your own experiences is yet another. This applies as much to forex as it does to all walks in life that require special skill or knowledge. Forex coaching provides the opportunity for continuous learning, regardless of how long you’ve been trading, and is an essential component of long-term success. One-on-one training has been shown to increase the rate someone learns by 70%-80% and there is no quicker way to learn how to make consistent profits in forex trading. 5 reasons why coaching will make you a better trader: 1. Our natural instincts teach us to learn from our mistakes and novice traders naturally employ this trial and error method. However, this results in a novice taking longer to learn how to trade profitably, sometimes years, and in that time they are likely to have picked up some bad habits. A trading coach will challenge the way you think and your trading paradigm, the trading coach will also identify your bad habits and help you replace them with profitable strategies. 2. Nobody likes being told they’ve done something wrong and it’s one of the reasons some traders resist the idea of training. But throughout our lives the biggest and most important lessons we learn is through the mistakes we make, not our successes. A good trading coach will be able to offer constructive criticism and teach you how to learn from mistakes. 3. Some, if not most, people who start out in forex dream of achieving huge wealth and overnight success. Forex trading is about creating a plan with realistic weekly, monthly and yearly goals that get a trader to a target. Having a target without a plan is simply dreaming. A forex coach will help you establish realistic and achievable goals that will ensure you reach your target. 4. A common problem novice traders face is becoming overwhelmed with irrelevant information. A trading coach will help you to focus on the information that matters and how to stay focussed on the information and avoid wasting time on details that can steer a trader away from their targets. 5. Another common problem that afflicts traders is when they get stuck on a certain level of knowledge. It can be hard for a trader to recognise this in themselves which is why having a coach is vital as they will see it and know how to get a trader to move forwards again. In short, a good coach will tell you what you need to hear when you don’t, and see what you need to see when you can’t. A good coach will help you achieve your goals. In the past coaching was seen as something that only professional athletes used, but successful traders have realised the benefits of forex coaching. In the long term it saves a trader time and money and eventually proves to be a worthwhile investment for the future. Source
  4. You can earn tens or even hundreds of percent in a month, but you can also go bankrupt overnight because of forex. In principle, forex is High Risk - High Return. So if you are interested in forex trading, prepare a big profit and also a big loss. Try trading with FXB Broker
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  6. I never see forex as fun or game, because forex is a business with a high risk despite the high reward. Trader need to has enough knowledge and experience in order to maintain the high risk and gain the high reward from forex market. No one can predict accuratly the market movement, that why trader need trading strategy and the reliable broker to trade. FXB Trading is one of broker that offers good trading condition and education to improve their clients trading skill and profit.
  7. With the high risk in forex trading learning to calculate profit is important, this is one from the risk management, trader need to calculate the risk and profit to minimize the loss possibility. I use trading calculator from FXB Trading to calculate the risk that i may face and profit that i may get, they provide pivot calculator, fibonacci calculator, deal size calculator and correlation calculator in their web.
  8. I like GBP/JPY most for trading. Sometimes my account at FXB Trading, only trade for ane pair.
  9. Try FXB Trading to get Super-Tight Spreads Take advantage of low spreads from 0 pips and deep liquidity.
  10. Learning forex trading is easy-easy hard. Called easy because the principle of work is not difficult to understand. But it can also be difficult, especially when it comes to the best strategy to take advantage of the transaction. For beginner investors, learning forex should be done gradually with great patience. Losses are common, and should not make a person give up. Lets try FXB Trading, and get profit.
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  12. I trust FBS to invest my money in forex.. It's reliable and trusted broker... And fbs has get several awards for their consistency in providing services...
  13. Of course, it always change and there is surprise in demo contest, include 999 demo contest.. We will not know who will be the winners before the contest is ended and this contest will be end in 3 days more...
  14. Yeah, sir.. That's why i'm very satisfied with FBS because I'm an Indonesian trader and FBS give a lot of convenience for Indonesian traders who want to make transaction...
  15. Yes, i have try it... It's very useful because we can trade without having to make deposit firstm, and if we get profit we can withdraw it without any restriction and We will only charge $ 7 for the first withdrawal...