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  1. Just an update from my initial post: -Webmasters will soon be able to earn 5% off every sale they make, starting on Friday! -Speed fixed. People used to download with 30 kbps...Now they download with 300+ kbps - Even for free users! -Webpage loads up twice the speed as opposed to before, because we added more webservers to take the increase in popularity of our site. -Competitions coming in the very near future (Around end of June) for extra & higher earnings! -Bug fixes coming every week - Find more of them, let us sort it out! -Payouts go out every Monday - Please google to find
  2. Hey desbest, Considering that we do not have any ranking tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum [usually in this order, but can be named something else]), we are the highest payout. Hope you like our service and will be a continuous user of it. If you have any other questions, just reply or shoot me an email :)
  3. Dear All (with the ability to generate traffic/got traffic), My name is Ricky, and I work for FileServe.com. We are a newly started premium filehosting that offers the highest payouts and the best possible service to affiliates. We have put together a professional website that is easy to navigate and to manage your files in – User compatability is our first priority. We are a serious filehosting service – this means you can download files without taking 99 surveys and insert your credit card at the end! Furthermore, we have the best top of the range payouts. We have made it clear that unli
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