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  1. desbest

    You get paid money to complete earning opportunities. Right now the only once available are for being paid to view websites, and complete free surveys. It makes you type in what's called a ycrow to earn your money, and in 5 days those ycrows are converted into money that goes to your account balance. You can find some payment proofs here.
  2. desbest

    How does it work? Well, Your Price has a unique currency called ycrows, that ensures that its members earn the most money, than they can from any other GPT website. It's designed to revive the routinely failing get-paid-to-view adverts market. The sooner you join, the sooner I'll be able to setup deals with advertisers, so you can get paid even more.
  3. I would like to buy a US Virtual Bank Account Request with a drivers licence number. It's to verify my Amazon Payments account. Plus I want my own us virtual bank account to be owned with a debit card that gets delivered to my house.
  4. desbest

    That happens to me and there's nothing I can do about it. And some websites only work in Firefox. Firefox is bad because it is based on Netscape making it's core bad. Basically on Microsoft Windows, when you close a program expecting your pc to speed up and get more ram, sometimes you will find that this does not happen. And you have to wait a couple of minutes for the cpu and memory to go down. This is called a memory leak due to bad memory management and can be fixed with MemOptimizer. Anyway, this same thing is happening to Firefox. I use Opera.
  5. desbest

    Your banner says get paid the most with File serve. I am going to check other websites to see if that is true. I find it is.
  6. We have Cpanel 11, Ruby on Rails, Live chat, telephone support, email support and ffmpeg. Enquiries are answered within 12 hours. Hostingz has been around for years. Hosting Plans H1 1GB Space 2GB Bandwidth $4 monthly H2 2GB Space 4GB Bandwidth $6 monthly H4 4GB Space 6GB Bandwidth $7 monthly H8 8GB Space 10GB Bandwidth $8 monthly H10 10GB Space 15GB Bandwidth $10 monthly Launch Hostingz Reseller Plans R10 10GB Space 20GB Bandwidth $14 monthly R20 20GB Space 40GB Bandwidth $16 monthly R30 30GB Space 60GB Bandwidth $17 monthly R40 40GB Space 90GB Bandwidth $18 monthly R50 50GB Space 100GB Bandwidth $20 monthly Launch Hostingz Master Reseller Plans M50 50GB Space 150GB Bandwidth $24 monthly M75 75GB Space 175GB Bandwidth $27 monthly M100 100GB Space 200GB Bandwidth $30 monthly M125 125GB Space 225GB Bandwidth $35 monthly M150 150GB Space 250GB Bandwidth $40 monthly Launch Hostingz Any questions? Reply below.
  7. desbest

    Yeah have a nice time.
  8. desbest

    I joined a survey website called Pure Profile and it took me 3 years to get £26 which for me was bad. I never joined any gpt click sites as the clicks are worth less than a cent.
  9. desbest

    It seems a bit pretentious to call an ebook Google Secrets but it is good at showing secrets. I have read this book and 5 of my websites already do this. But still little search traffic though.
  10. desbest

    Google provides personalised search results based on your previous browsing history and whether you click a search result 3 or more times that is not the 1st search result.
  11. desbest

    There has to be more than SEO to this. In fact every Wordpress blog template follows these rules and my blog isn't receiving alot of traffic in Google.
  12. desbest

    Submitting your website to 1000 web directories does not improve traffic. I did that to my webhost and it has PR2 but no traffic from directories.
  13. desbest

    I logged in once and was told that my account balance was flushed (gone to zero) because I haven't logged in in 3 months. Sounds like a scam to me. I then tried to login again and my account was deleted So then I never attempted to sign up again. Sounds like a scam to me. I
  14. I can spot a fake smile in my day to day life because if a girl (girls do it the most), was to smile at you to say hello or something like that; it would be obvious that it's fake. The smile is for you to feel good, not them expressing their happiness to see you. Not that girls aren't happy to see me, but that no sane person smiles at everyone they meet, it's not a Nick Jr tv show. But on that BBC test, I might fail because it's photos, and the smiles aren't really in a visual context (video).
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