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  1. Dear customers. In connection with the maintenance work on the server provider in the next few hours, our site may be temporarily unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience. Administration EMF "Impulse" 29/04/1910
  2. Received my payment within minutes after request. Thanks admin
  3. i can't access ER at this moment
  4. Received my payment. Date: 2010-04-19 13:29 Batch: 35968835 From Account: U7266534 (Impulse) Amount: $10.00
  5. Received my payments~ $38.50 has been successfully sent to your AlertPay account [email protected] Transaction batch is 389E4-0E958-20198. Date: 2010-04-20 08:19 Batch: 36051081 From Account: U5859034 (EXR) Amount: $4.00 Date: 2010-04-21 06:35 Batch: 36151970 From Account: U5859034 (EXR) Amount: $5.00
  6. From PTV
  7. 3. Features of conditions and order of charge of client interest in electronic depositary system “Impulse”. 3.1.The company “Impulse Holdings Ltd” is obliged to charge of clients repayments daily by adding to the Client’s account 1% (one percent) from total sum of money currently present on the account during 24 hours. 3.2. Interest repayment takes place once in 24 hours at the time defined by the rules of electronic depositary system “Impulse”. 3.3. Charged interest is automatically added to the basic sum ("Actual balance") at the Client’s account after 24 (twenty four) hours from the moment of first account filling up in electronic depositary system “Impulse” and afterwards becomes available to withdrawal. Further interest addition takes place after every 24 (twenty four) hours and lasts permanently while positive balance remains in the Client’s account. 3.4.Those monetary funds added, but not withdrawn by the Client are counted by default as the basic deposit on total sum of which the interest continues to be charged. 3.5.Calculation of interests interrupts, and added but not yet attached the to the basic deposit are lost, if the Client removes all the deposit completely before the termination of 24-hours term. 3.6. The size of the rate of the Client’s interest – 1 (one) percent a day is a constant and cannot be changed.
  8. I'm not admin,and havn't found it before post.

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