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  1. Pesa

    More good news from the admin:
  2. Pesa

    From the admin:
  3. Pesa

    From the admin:
  4. Pesa

    From the admin:
  5. Pesa

    From the admin: EFX just gets better!
  6. Pesa

    Another meeting with the admin...all welcome! Do not miss this one!
  7. Pesa

    EFX also has a short notice meeting in a few hours: It is on in a few hours. Don't miss it!
  8. Pesa

    Further good news from the admin about Forex training being offered: Looking better as time goes on!
  9. Pesa

    This is from the latest newsletter from admin:
  10. Pesa

    Well I am happy it was not deleted because of 'PAID' posts...lol 311391 Withdrawal request # 1736 completed - $100.81 03 Nov 2009 12:23 AM
  11. Pesa

    Looks like Topgold is not for me... PTV Partner is the best money-making site around... :dizzy:
  12. Pesa

    Paid again Saturday payday to LR. :thumbsup: Upgraded again...working my way to the maximum. Great site with responsive admin! :unworthy:
  13. Pesa

    I was paid in the early hours of Saturday as usual. I think this is the best at the moment. :thumbsup:
  14. Pesa

    Paid again to LR from Calypso. :thumbsup: This is the best run from an autosurf I have had for a long time. :unworthy:
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