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  1. Hi Im Pedro, came acroos this forum to promote a couple of my programs :D cheers
  2. Hi there, Wealth4all Team is a very good system that pays a lot see the table below if you but Tap 1 for 16$ every 10days you earn 4.5$ Tap 1 cycles 5 times ... tap 2 8 times... and so on you can have 12 taps inside every tap Tap 1.1,1.2...1.12 After TAP 5.12 you will have TAP 6.1 this is the same as 1.1 so this table repeats it self. The program has a minimum of reinvestment of 50% this makes it sustainable indefinitely. And much more you can read all about it, after you register and click on How it works. Registration is free and if you want to start with this program the start-up fee costs only 10$ The program also has it's own payment processor called i-payout eWallet that works very well i.e. I had a problem the other day and the online chat actually worked quickly and solved my problem in 10minutes. Register here: https://wealth4allteam.com/index.php?spon=36420 please register after you click on this link if you browse around I will loose the reference :( Regards, Pedro