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    Don’t dream it, win it! Jaguar F-Type from InstaForex InstaForex is eager to announce the start of the new great campaign - Don’t dream it, win it! Jaguar F-Type from InstaForex. The winner will take possession of a Jaguar F-Type, a powerful gorgeous sports car from the British manufacturer. The winner of the prize draw will be determined through a transparent algorithm based on the Jaguar number. Thus, all participants have fair chances to win the campaign. The keys to the brand-new Jaguar F-Type will be awarded to the holder of the trading account on condition that 5 last digits of the account coincide with the Jaguar number. The campaign kicks off October 27, 2014 and finishes October 31, 2016. Don’t hesitate to take part in the race for the main prize. To join the prize draw, you should top up your InstaForex trading account with at least $1,500 and register on the campaign page. Please be aware that Don’t dream it, win it! Jaguar F-Type from InstaForex is held as part of the large-scale contest project with the annual prize pool of over $500,000. So, you can win a part of this fund as well as become the lucky owner of the new Jaguar F-Type. May your dreams come true with InstaForex!
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    Christmas in Liverpool with InstaForex InstaForex is glad to announce the launch of an unprecedented campaign – Christmas in Liverpool. The prize is a trip to Liverpool, home of the legendary Beatles rock band. Three winners will be given VIP tickets to a home match of Liverpool FC in addition to other entertainment events. Note that there will be three lucky winners, not one. The winners will be determined randomly, with the help of transparent number generator algorithm. The Christmas in Liverpool campaign will run from September 15 to November 15, 2014. All clients of InstaForex can contend for the prize with no limit. So everybody who deposits $500 on their InstaForex trading account and fills in a simple registration form has a chance to win. For more details about this super Christmas in Liverpool campaign, please go to its official page. Take part in InstaForex campaign and spend your Christmas holidays in Liverpool!
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    We wish all Muslims a warm and blessed Eid ul-Fitr! InstaForex Group is honored to congratulate all Muslims on the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month. May the Almighty bless you with happiness and answer your prayers. We hope the true essence of Eid ul-Fitr brightens up your heart and the joyful spirit keeps glowing in your heart both on the holy celebration and through your whole life. May Allah’s Rahmat shine upon you and your family. May your home be filled with love, good fortune, and peace today and always! We wish all your beginnings to be accompanied by Allah’s grace and good luck. Eid Mubarak!
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    Please post this news today. Thank you. New option for accounts comparison in PAMM and ForexCopy systems New option for accounts comparison in PAMM and ForexCopy systems InstaForex is glad to inform you about a new option enabling you to https://www.instaforex.com/pamm_monitoring.php#!/compare/'>compare accounts in the PAMM and ForexCopy systems. Fresh functional will help you to choose the best account out of many for putting your money in and copying deals. From now on, before you invest your funds within the PAMM system or copy trades within the ForexCopy system, you can https://www.instaforex.com/forexcopy_monitoring.php#!/compare/'>compare accounts by different criteria so that to make the right decision. In particular, you can sort out accounts by total profit, date of opening, daily gains etc. The function is available on the PAMM and ForexCopy Monitoring pages on InstaForex official website. InstaForex never cease improving its services and products as well as developing the new ones so that to make the trading activity of its clients way more profitable and enjoyable.
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    WebTrader - full-featured web platform by InstaForex! InstaForex is glad to offer its clients a new exceptional product, trading platform InstaForex WebTrader. WebTrader by InstaForex enables clients to trade on financial markets directly in a web-browser enjoying the whole range of features available to regular desktop applications. All existing cutting-edge technologies of trading on the forex market have been implemented in the trading platform InstaForex WebTrader. InstaForex novelty suggests that clients can choose from the three multifunctional interfaces for more convenient trading: classic, dasboard, and chart. Each of them has its particular features; hence, you can pick a certain interface depending on your trading strategy. Apart from trading advantages, WebTrader users can inquire about current news, up-to-date analytics as well as real-time market quotes. To trade via WebTrader, clients can use all types of trading accounts with InstaForex and all trading instruments, such as forex, metals, and CFDs. InstaForex is eager to provide its clients with unique services and products which have to facilitate trading activities of its numerous clients in the most comfortable and efficient way. So, implementation of in-browser trading platform WebTrader is one more breakthrough. Trade everywhere and always with InstaForex!
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    Yet another Dakar Rally series has been over InstaForex[/url] covered this year's Dakar Rally in order to provide its customers with play-by-play reviews of how the events were unfolding. Together with you we rooted for [uR=https://www.instaforex-loprais.com]InstaForex Loprais Team which became a regular participant of this thrilling off-road race. Just like organizers promised, it was a difficult competition for all the teams without exception. In addition to rough tracks and harsh weather conditions, which tested their truck’s limits, racers also had to cope with strenuous physical exertion and sheer weariness. Competitors jostled till the very last minutes of the race. Our team was held up as true professionals pushing their strength limits. Even an unexpected breakdown of the Queen 69 on the penultimate stage, which threw the team back to the last position, was unable to break their fighting spirit. In the final, the team was 6th overall. It was a fierce competition but InstaForex Loprais Team got over the hump. However, we will keep on hoping that the next year’s Dakar will be more successful and our guys headed by Ales Loprais will win a podium place. For now, we want to express our gratitude on behalf of InstaForex Loprais Team to all supporters, friends, and fans that closely followed the ups and downs of the race and believed in our victory till the end. We could hardly be where we are now without this warm support. InstaForex and its partners have responded in kind, preparing special prizes for the winners of a traditional after-race quiz. The team’s leader Ales Loprais will hand over the prizes at a fan meeting that will be held on February 1, 2014. We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Dakar opening ceremony!
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    Reduced spreads on USD/PLN, EUR/PLN, GBP/PLN, CHF/PLN, AUD/PLN InstaForex notifies the customers of considerable reduction in spread values for a number of currency pairs with the Polish zloty as the result of ongoing development and optimization of trading terms as well as due to external market factors. The reduction concerns almost all trading instruments that include the Polish zloty. Below are the https://www.instaforex.com/trading_conditions.php'>new spreads in pips, the old values are specified in parentheses: USD/PLN - 20 (75) EUR/PLN - 35 (120) GBP/PLN - 25 (120) CHF/PLN - 40 (50) AUD/PLN - 40 (50) New spreads are to be effective as of December 12, 2013. Please consider these changes and adjust your trading strategies if necessary.
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    Well-deserved victory is the easiest way to success! The competition spirit and eagerness to win are very important traits for every person. But they are just essential for a genuine trader. Successful trading is the result of daily hard work. You certainly aspire to run at a higher level, to avoid mistakes, and to become more prosperous. InstaForex has invented various contests aiming to help you understand precisely what your ambitions are and what exactly you have achieved. When competing with other traders, you are able to estimate your capability and show your professional skills. Everyone enjoys equal conditions at the start, but only the final straight can set priorities and reveal who is worthy of winning. InstaForex congratulates all contestants and gladly announces the winners’ names. InstaForex Sniper The annual prize pool totals $75,000. Each time, a part equal to $1,500 goes to a winner. So, every demo account’s owner has a chance to win their prize money. This time, Elena Kravchenko is celebrating her winning. She has displayed the best results in this race; hence the first prize goes to Elena. InstaForex Sniper is a contest that suits perfectly both novices and more experienced traders who are willing to test their skills. Who will have luck next time? We will find out soon! You may register on https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_sniper.php'>the contest webpage from November 11, 2013 (GMT+2) till November 15, 2013 (GMT+2). FX-1 Rally by InstaForex What is FX-1 Rally by InstaForex like? This contest is unexpected, fast, and tough. It is Khaqqul Iman who came first! The Rally is a great opportunity to prove yourself. You have no room for error; one wrong decision can cost you a victory. Despite the fact that contestants execute all trades using demo accounts, the environment is quite strung up. An owner of the largest deposit at the moment of results evaluation wins the rally. Once again, let us congratulate the leader of the week! Those willing to take part in the next rally are welcome! You may register on https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_rally.php'>the contest webpage from 00:00 November 8, 2013 (GMT+2) till 23:59 November 8, 2013 (GMT+2). One Million Option Do you think you have learned all ins and outs of options trading? Welcome! Options trading fans can check their trading techniques while they take part in One Million Option contest by InstaForex. This time, Alexander Myasnikov has taken the top place on the winners’ podium. The next scheduled stage is near at hand. Now contestants are getting ready to buy options and get scores in case of their winning. On completion, the contestant who has gained the most scores becomes a winner. The next stage is being held from November 11, 2013 (GMT+2) till November 15, 2013 (GMT+2). You may register on https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_option.php'>the contest webpage. Lucky Trader Lucky Trader by InstaForex is one of the most popular contests among company’s clients. Any demo account’s owner can apply for the competition. This time, Elena Gorshkova has been able to display the best results. So, she has deserved the first place, heartfelt congratulations, and the longing prize. Next time, it might be exactly you who will catch good luck. You are welcome to register, fatten a profit, and gain the highest rating among participants. Try your hand in fighting for a part of the prize pool. The next stage is taking place from November 18, 2013 (GMT+2) till November 29, 2013 (GMT+2). You may register on https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_lucky.php'>the contest webpage. https://www.instaforex.com/forex_contests.php'>Learn more about contests http://blog.instaforex.com/?page_id=11650'>Finalists comments and fotos
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    While winners are being awarded, new contestants are set to go! One more mass racing competition is over. It is always a great pleasure to congratulate the winners at the awards ceremony. We are always happy to watch first-timers getting ready for a new tournament. We warmly respect those who come to challenge and prove their skills, who are not afraid of the tough competition and are able to reach the top. Here are new prizes and congratulations to the heroes of the recent stage. Do not step back, do not give up! Just go ahead! InstaForex Sniper Hossam Mahmoud Ahmed Ali was the luckiest one this time and proved his right to take the victory. The proper way of working with trading instruments helped him to achieve success. It is a well-merited reward for the persistence he showed during the contest. InstaForex wishes the winner further achievements the the forex trading and big profit deals. Those who are interested, please feel free to join us. The next race will be held from October 14, 2013 (GMT +2) to October 18, 2013 (GMT +2). Registration is available https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_sniper.php'>on the contest page. Trade Wise, Win Device Mobile gadgets occupy an important place in the modern life. We are used to being online all the time and to being informed about the latest events at once. More than that, many people cannot imagine their lives without such devices. InstaForex is an up-to-date company fulfilling traders’ dreams. Every contestant may receive an absolutely free gadget. Aleksander Abeslamidze won the recent race. His prize is a new Samsung Galaxy Tab. Be the first to take part in the https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_device.php'>next round from October 14, 2013 (GMT+2) to October 25, 2013 (GMT+2). Maybe, next time the fortune will smile at you! FX-1 Rally The roar of engines has faded. Now you can hear only typing and see indicators and charts on the screen. But it is still a real race. Participants aim at getting the first place and a part of the prize pool. Congratulations, Raymund Ricarte! You are the one who managed to make the largest deposit. InstaForex invites you to try your luck in the https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_rally.php'>future stage scheduled for October 11, 2013 (00:00 GMT+2) to October 11, 2013 (23:59 GMT+2). Rush to register and raise your account balance. Lucky Trader We make many attempts to catch the fortune, before it steps on our side. Lately, Dosbol Balkhanov has become a star. Each InstaForex client can show his worth in this contest. https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_lucky.php'>Register[/url], trade, improve your rating and get real money for trading on a demo account. Words are easy, actions are hard. Do your best and triumph will come to you! Compare your trading experience with others from October 21, 2013 (GMT+2) to November 1, 2013 (GMT+2). [url=blog.instaforex.com/?page_id=11650'>Finalists comments and photos
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    One more stage came to an end, but new achievements are ahead! InstaForex gives a chance to everybody regardless of his or her trading experience and financial means. Anyone can become a winner of one of InstaForex contests or campaigns! All you need is aspiration, self-discipline, and a stroke of luck. We would like to congratulate all the traders, who ventured into the competition to win prizes. As usual, only the most worthy and persevering ones earned the right to be the winners. Today, we are glad to announce the next wrap-ups and congratulate the luckiest traders of the past stage! InstaForex Sniper Congratulations to Anna Lotish! It was her who managed to show the best results and break the tape. Hard work, right decisions, and deep knowledge helped Anna to head the list. InstaForex would like to congratulate the winner and invite other traders to register for participation in the next stage that will take place on September 23-27, 2013 (GMT+2). Registration is available at the https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_sniper.php'>contest’s page. FX-1 Rally by InstaForex One of the most thrilling contests became an arena for intense competition. The contest’s participants were making deals on their demo accounts. At the end of this stage, the most successful trader was Nikolai Tretyakov. Congratulations! You can try your hand at the next race and https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_rally.php'>register[/url] for participation. It may be you who will get the piece of the pie. The next stage will take place on September 20, 2013 from 00:00 to 23.59 (GMT+2). One Million Option Please welcome Andry Gunawan, the winner of the past stage! He managed to outrun other competitors and hit the jackpot! Any demo account holder can be named a winner. All you need is to register for the participation. Your total score totally depends on your options trading skills. Perhaps, next time it will be you who scores the victory. To participate in the contest, which will take place on September 23-27, 2013 (GMT+2), fill in the registration form at the [url=https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_device.php'>next stage that will take place from September 30, 2013 to October 11, 2013 (GMT+2). https://www.instaforex.com/forex_contests.php'>Learn more about the contests http://blog.instaforex.com/?page_id=170Finalists'>comments and photos
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    Another contest race by InstaForex is over Summertime is second to none in terms of holidays, but not for the traders! When the hottest season comes, InstaForex contests hit their fever pitch. Today we present a wrap-up of the tournaments, praise the winners, and announce the results. With every new step the number of contestants increasing, competition is getting more vigorous, and the rivals are more experienced. However, every contest has its winner. It is not enough just to be lucky to get the prize. Here, you have to take the trouble: nothing but your knowledge and skills can guarantee you the best results. InstaForex Sniper Anyone can test his skills in a real battle. The record-holder is to get the prize money. Moreover, the participants do not put their own money at risk as the contest is held among demo accounts. This time the top position is held by Sumarsono! He managed to earn the biggest profit. You can register with (for) the following step which is held from August 26, 2013 (GMT +2) until August 30, 2013 (GMT +2). Trade Wise, Win Device The luckiest traders are still getting fancy mobile devices from InstaForex. Flawless trading results are not what exactly required for this campaign. Those who have charged their accounts with $500 have all the odds to receive the gadgets. The winner is determined randomly. Now brand-new iPad is waiting for its owner, Fyodor Chetvergov! Benefit from depositing your account, top up your account with $500 and partake in the contest! Lucky Trader Every demo account holder is welcome to struggle for the part of a prize pool. Gain the biggest rating based on the sum of all the profitable traders and maybe next time you will take the first place. Today, by a stroke of lucke, (luck) Ahmadom Agha Ahmadi won the contest! InstaForex congratulate (congratulates) you! We are waiting for the new participants and new victories! Register with (for) the next step which will take place from August 26, 2013 (GMT +2) till September 6, 2013 (GMT +2). Chancy Deposit It is high time to believe your good luck. Chancy Deposit by InstaForex is a great opportunity to prove that the luck is still out there. Every week a contestant of the Chancy Deposit campaign whose account number is selected randomly gets $1,000 as a prize. This time the winner is Princewill Uzoige. Who is going to be the next? We will soon know! Deposit your trading account with no less than $3,000 and you will be automatically enrolled in the contest. Learn more about InstaForex contests Finalists’ photos and comments
  12. exchange

    The contests results: ready, steady, go! InstaForex always encourages competitive spirit and passion to win. You cannot live the life to the fullest without it especially being a trader. Participation in different contests and campaigns is a great opportunity for developing your skills. The participants fight not just for the victory, but also for the title of the best trader. The victory in a contest is, first of all, the victory over yourself, it is a possibility of showing yourself and the others what you can do. It is time to announce the results. InstaForex, as usual, wants to congratulate all the participants, who took the risk and test themselves, and to reward the winners. Real Scalping InstaForex A real scalper needs only one call to open position, get profit, and close the deal. This time the top prize of the short-term trading contest goes to Konstantin Dmitrievsky! Register now for participation in the next stage that will take place on September 2-27, 2013 (GMT+2). Real Scalping is real money! InstaForex raffles $6,000 monthly and $72,000 annually. Win and rise amount of money on your trading account. You can register on the https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_scalping.php'>corresponding page. One Million Option One of the most interesting and dynamic ways to increase you income is option trading. One Million Option by InstaForex is developing fast and becoming more popular among the traders that is proved by large number of participants taking part in each stage of the contest. You just make prediction, wait till it turns out to be correct, and get profit. This time Innokentiy Dachnikov scored the top rating! Congratulations on spectacular results! Good job! Next stage is ready to start on August 12-16, 2013 (GMT+2). You can register on the https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_option.php'>corresponding page. Trade Wise, Win Device Every week InstaForex raffles mobile devices of the world-known brands. Now every InstaForex client has a chance to win iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Samsung Galaxy Tab. Every trader having at least $500 on the trading account may become a happy owner of the new gadget. We are glad to congratulate P.Manikandan, whose last digits of the trading account complied with the so-called Device number. Make maximum use of your deposit and get a chance to win. You can https://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_device.php'>register[/url] for the next prize draw that will take place on August 19-30, 2013 (GMT+2). Chancy deposit Every week one of the [url=http://www.instaforex.com/forex_contests.php'>Learn more about the contests http://blog.instaforex.com/?page_id=170'>Photos and comments of the finalists
  13. exchange

    Results of InstaForex contests InstaForex is glad to outline the results of the latest steps and congratulate the winners! We thank all the traders who expressed interest in our campaigns and joined them. Absolutely everyone can test his strength and skills in real conditions. You can also increase your trading account due to the prize money you can win. InstaForex provides the wide range of contests for you to reveal your strong points no matter what training you have and how long you have been trading on the currency market. New steps, new results, and new winners! InstaForex Sniper We congratulate Korsunskaya Viktoriya on winning this contest! Perfect results, skillful handling of trading instruments – and the deserved reward for the efforts! The first place is the result of competent work and discipline in making important decisions. We wish Victoriya every success. May your top place be a great incentive for future achievements. Others are welcome to register for the next step that will be held June 24-28. The http://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_sniper.php'>registration[/url] is available on the contest page. Real Scalping Short-term trading is highly stressful. When it is competitive, it requires much more from you with no right for mistake. Andry Gunawan has become the best in this contest! InstaForex reminds you that everybody has a real opportunity to fight for a part in the company’s prize pool of $72,000. [url=http://www.instaforex.com/forex_contests.php'>Learn more about the contests http://blog.instaforex.com/?page_id=170'>Photos and comments of the finalists
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    InstaForex announces results of contests InstaForex is happy to announce the results of contests. Congratulations to all traders who got interested with our campaigns. A decision to join the contest is your victory already. Every contest is first of all, experience and discipline, and then a possibility to check skills amid high rivalry, to dare and be listed among the best - all this is real for participants of InstaForex contests. A wide choice of contests and campaigns allows you to find something suitable irrespective of Forex knowledge, professional experience and education. Today we present new results and congratulate the winners! InstaForex Sniper The winner of the contest is Ignacio Vasquez! At the first step he managed to show splendid results and maintained the leadership until the end. We are sure that the first place in the contest is the product of hard work and right decisions. Congratulations to the prize-taker! We invite everybody to join the next step which is held May 27—31,2013. http://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_sniper_reg.php'>Registration[/url] is available at the official page of the contest. Real Scalping InstaForex Traditionally, the most active rivalry was observed in the most intensive contest. The best winner of the contest for short-term trading is Andry Gunawan! Out congratulations! Clients who wish to check their skills, should already start to get [url=http://blog.instaforex.com/?page_id=170'>Finalists' comments and photos
  15. exchange

    InstaForex contests and campaigns results The contest week has passed, and InstaForex is ready to announce the names of the winners. We sincerely congratulate all the prizetakers and hope that less lucky traders will hit the jackpot next week in the contests and on Forex! Let’s sum up the results! InstaForex Sniper The most accurate trader was Dmitry Sobolev! Congratulations! If you are a Forex sniper, http://www.instaforex.com/contest_forex_sniper.php'>register[/url] for the next step of InstaForex Sniper 2013 that is to be held from April 29 to May 3, 2013. Hurry up to take part in the engrossing competition and put your hand in the $1,500 prize pool! Chancy deposit If you don’t believe in happy chance, ask Anuar Bin Saidin, who was fortunate to win this campaign, what luck is! Every week InstaForex raffles off $1,000 among its customers. You also have a chance to get the prize, all you need is to replenish your trading account with at least $3,000. There is every possibility that next week we will publish your name in the news! FX-1 Rally The competition of the fastest traders has been gaining momentum. Every week more and more traders wish to hit the gas pedal of successful trading as the prize pool is $1,500! Last week the finish line was crossed by Aleksandr Ivanitskiy. But it means that you have a chance to outstrip other racers next Friday, April 26. [url=http://blog.instaforex.com/?page_id=170'>Finalists' comments and photos