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  1. Hi Perkinmalin, There are number of earning opportunities online, you can start with anyone, initially you won't be able to make big bucks but certainly you will be able to make some bucks atleast. You need to have patience to start with, just follow the link in my signature and you will get to know various earning opportunities and start with anyone you would like to and will be comfortable with also :).
  2. 1) Earn $1 per 10 posts i.e $0.1 per post. 2) Minimum payout is $1. 3) Payment will be made by Paypal. Join now, Click here
  3. The logic for online earning is simple, online earning is no different from the conventional earnings of the world, u will be paid only when you offer something from here, be it a service or product or any other skill. The thing is you have to work for online earning as you work for conventional earniing as well. No one is going to pay for free..
  4. Right there are legitimate companies as well but one needs to be careful when trying to differentiate between the real one and the fraud one because it is very difficult in some cases to differentiate between the two....
  5. Hi this is Mpretentious, I am currently going through a very difficult phase of my life financially so i joined this forum. I hope people around here may help me. Please PM me if anybody is willing to help!
  6. Hi this is mpretentious, I have a request for all the topgoldforum members, It seems a bit odd but i have no other choice! I recently lost my job just after 4 months of joining as IT industry is going through a recession currently. i tried to get a job there after but i have been unlucky so far and i am still struggling as i am not able to afford even for my living. I tried online earning by desigining a website but there also i am struggling for last three months to get traffic to my site and my life has turned miserable. This phase of my life is very frustrating. my request to all of you is that i want you to help me by drawing traffic to my site by joining the forum on my site and post some content there so that i may be able to get some traffic to my site and may be able to earn a bit from it. The URL to my site is: http://www.internet-earning-guide.com/forum Thanking you all in Advance, Please do help me to get out of this difficult situation, i will be highly obliged....
  7. I don,t know exactly but Vshares will be given for refferals only till the time Zurker is in beta testing.
  8. What according to you is the best SEO strategy for websites?
  9. There are various legitimate online earning opportunities but the fact that there are also a lot scams. Most of the beginners to online earning fall prey to these scams. There are a number of ways to avoid these scams like jobs offering $100 per hour or $30000 per month are mostly scams and websites asking for a start up fee should be closely monitored. There are many other indications by which scams can be recognized.. Just visit the website mentioned in my signature to know more........
  10. There are a number of legitimate online earning opportunities which are free to join like PTC, sharing files online, surveys, paid emails. Some will pay good amount and some will pay lesser. To know more about these opportunities just visit the website given in my signature.
  11. It is quite obviously FACEBOOK, because of its popularity and the services. Moreover the interface of facebook is very easy to use. Facebook allows me to remain in touch with people which otherwise would have been almost impossible.
  12. Now a brand new social network website with a very innovative idea has come up to compete with facebook. I liked the idea of this new social networking site. let us see how it competes with the gaints of social networking zurker is a brand-new social network currently in beta testing and not open to general public.Zurker is the only social network owned by its members. Not only do you own your content on Zurker, you own part of the actual social network itself! Members get vShares (a stake of ownership, or equity) in Zurker for referring their friends. vShares are a stake in Zurker. Specifically, vShares are units of equity in the Zurker Project allocated to members during alpha and beta testing. While vShares are a form of ownership, vShares shouldn't be confused with shares or stock, as Zurker isn't a public company yet.vShares are allocated to members in exchange for inviting their friends to Zurker. vShares may also be purchased for cash.One vShare is equivalent to ownership of 1/1,000,000 of Zurker. When 1,000,000 vShares have been allocated, Zurker will be restructured as a public corporation and vShares will become real shares. Zurker disburses Vshares in exchange of cash and refferals. By inviting friends to zurker you will be allocated vshares. More the number of refferals, more will be your Vshares. The idea behind disbursing the Vshares is that the acquisition cost of users usually estimates to be $7.5 per user and Vshares is a cheaper alternative. If any one is interested to join mail me at mpretentious@gmail.com as Zurker is not open to public yet, it can be joined only through a refferal.
  13. hi this is muzaffar, i like knowledge sharing... Hope to meet quite a few people here
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