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  1. Local changer for Indonesia trader is basically using LR, with local changer we don't need to have LR account. But you are right, there's more advantage to deposit using LR to our FBS account.
  2. Actually I don't like the rate, it's lower than using local changer, that's why I still prefer to using liberty reserve, hopefully liberty reserve will be fine soon.
  3. Fasapay is e-currency like liberty reserve, I have tried to withdraw from my FBS account to my fasapay account, it just took a minute to be IDR, unfortunately when I sent it to my bank account, there's another fee, so I think, I prefer to using liberty reserve :-)
  4. FBS really give the best service to their client, now Indonesian trader get more best facilities to make the easier deposit or withdrawal. Deposit and withdrawal options in IDR expanded. http://www.fbs.com/news/18752-deposit-and-withdrawal-options-idr-expanded
  5. We can see how many traders from around the world curious with trading with FBS from the contestatnt of FBS demo contest, in this period the contestant more than two thousand.
  6. With their service, no wonder if FBS get several awards, and will get another awards again.
  7. Here is the result of Predict NFP contest http://www.fbs.com/n...contest-results Congratulation Khodamfx........... a brand T-shirt from FBS will be yours this time.
  8. Thank's Debook, yes you are right, I want to enjoy my Ied Mubarok holiday with my big family, and I definetely doesn't want to forget to take a part in the next contest. What do you plan to your Ied Mubarok holiday ?
  9. I think I will not participate again in FBS demo contest this time, I have plan to make vacation with my big family, it's will be useless if I cannot focus to my trade.
  10. Here are the final guesses for Forecast contest Eternity - 1.2845 rmjm - 1.2140 bonny - 1.2522 riki143 - 1.2634 demren - 1.2533 ridwans75 - 1.2909 lollabun - 1.2808 uncle gober - 1.1878 motiurbd - 1.2350 soegoen - 1.2823 maory82 - 1.2778 khodam fx - 1.2222 qlink - 1.2160 Ashvini - 1.2325 firmanta - 1.2222 mifta - 1.2270 akhi agus - 1.2259 gaban - 1.18 ujhe - 1.1935 theos - 1.2391 khadaffi - 1.2200 dollar - 1.2700 fgold - 1.1808 tweety trader - 1.2305 piramida - 1.2111 widhie75 - 1.2157 gandha - 1.1888 strawberry - 1.2604 Mang_ncep - 1.2277 abory - 1.2412 baraya - 1.1919 kaito kid - 1.2292 pas - 1.2002 sahayat - 1.2345 nullahfx - 1.2121 Wynna SuJu - 1.1934 warstg - 1.2141 dodol88 - 1.2215 Winner will be announced on 30th July 2012. Good luck everyone
  11. How about Forecast Contest ? do you have post your prediction ? You can hone your analyze skill with the big prize offer.
  12. You are right, Gaban. With always participate in FBS demo contest, we will get better in trading, because we can get more experience, and get more practice.
  13. Still a few days to the end of FBS demo contest, let's wait and see the result, hopefully just the best result for Indonesia trader.
  14. Next week will be the last week for demo contest, hopefully Indonesia traders not just dominate in the top ten, but in the top three, too.
  15. More closer with the end of the contest, the competition more tight, let's make the best hope to our country.