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  1. exchange

    Hi IFX Yvonne, I have no faith left in InstaForex nor in its claim process which is only for your benefits and cheat innocent traders like us. Also i do not need to prove to anyone that i am right, because i know about it, and even you know that i have done nothing wrong inside your heart. But since you're employed by the company who pays you to speak, so you are saying all against me, but i have no regrets. The only regret i have is why i was trading with you, when if i had traded with any other regulated broker i would have got every single dollar of my profits :wink: But again i am not the only one you have scammed. Internet is full of scam cases against Insta and all of them are correct. Just searching "insta + scam" on Google gave me 0.61 Million hits :laugh:
  2. exchange

    Dear IFX Yvonne, I did sent a Email on 18th June and till date no reply has been received. And what is the use when you, yourself have conspired to erase my profits manually as it is clearly seen and visible to all :) I have lost all faith in your company and because you will take my profits by doing wrong to me, something wrong will happen to you as well. This is the law of nature and nobody can escape from this :laugh: Thanks for scamming me :biggrin:
  3. exchange

    Hi IFX Yvonne,I know that you are trained to answer like this when infact any average Forex trader can see that you have scammed me of my Profits of 1761.35$. Yes you cannot pay my profits for 2 reasons: 1. You operate like a bucket-shop and so all clients loss you take and when any client makes profits you will manually erase them as CANCEL ERROR TRADES. When infact all other brokers display same market rates and i can prove that all my orders are correct and valid. 2. You want to take all my profits as this is how you make money since genuine brokers will never do that. Also as you are not regulated so you can do whatever you want at the liberty of poor clients like me whose hard work and efforts are wasted because they choose to trade with you Thank you for your time...
  4. exchange

    Insta Forex SCAM me of my Profits of = 1761.35$ And here is the Proof They write CANCEL ERROR ORDERS when in fact all the orders are correct and filled at the right market prices. They will take all my income to themselves. Trading account number (login): 2188809 Investor password: HmcVPnQ Server: (InstaForex-UK.com) So that anyone can login and see what i am saying is correct. This just tells me they are doing SCAM and that anyone who will make profits will not be able to get them for sure :) They do not pay profits and keep telling that it can take upto 7 working days this is just a tactic so that when you trade again you lost the amount.
  5. Almost all the popular Blogs now a days have RSS feeds which allows the members to be able to use the RSS readers and thus they can get the content they want :)
  6. Always you must know that with time and good content the SEO will keep on improving and the site wll soon have a large number of visitors:)
  7. Most of the visitors will come only when you have a content that is both unique and also interesting to the readers so that they will keep on coming back :)