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  1. Pro Matrix Plus has just launched with a Matrix 2x2 and for only a 1 time payment of $25 you can be on your way to earning $1,000,000. Get in early. --> http://promatrixplus.com/?ref=920 Come see what all the hype is all about this is rocking and has more that 900 members in just less than a week Follow Your Sponsor Forced Filled matrix with no splitting boards that's right no splitting boards and no sponsoring required to get paid this is a dream program don't miss out join now!!! Phase 1 $25 = $100 income. Pays $25 cash in ewallet, $25 re- entry and $50 upgrade t
  2. Golden Angels has a matrix system cycler http://goldenangels.biz/?derekwever Based out of Canada - Golden Angels is a unique marketing/advertising website with a superb 2x2 4 Phase affiliate program. The products offered at Golden Angels include banner ads and text ad advertising. They pay 100% commission to their members with no sponsoring requirement whatsoever. How Golden Angels works In short it is a company forced 2x2 matrix, that is designed not to slow down or to ever stall. 1. You buy your $2 daily subscription which starts you in angel 1 and includes banner and text advertising t
  3. Cash Monarchy get paid 25% for 5 days http://www.cashmonar...?ref=derekwever 25% Daily For 5 Days with 2 levels of Referral Income 5% First Level and 2% Second Level. CashMonarchy.com is here to make you money 7 days per week. All payments are made directly in your payment processor everyday. Minimum spend is $1 up to $25,000. Use referral program and earn up to 5.00% of referral deposits! If you are like me and are part of any of the other great programs online like JBP & W4ALL and are already enjoying these I am sure you will also want to take a look at Cash Monarchy.
  4. I just got done talking with one of the owners from Royalty Texts. The first paid texts are going to go out before the Olympics are over as a trial run. Get signed up and be part of a great start to Royalty Texts!
  5. 7/10/12 - ROYALTY TEXT UPDATE: Things are coming around getting ready to go from Pre-Launch to Beta Launch for paid texts. We have been fervently working on the next big update for RoyaltyTexts, and progressing from Pre-Launch to Beta Launch! As of today, we’ll have a new Nightly update call hosted by Marketing Director Steve Burnett – Monday through Friday at 9pm Eastern. To get on the call, please dial (712) 432-3066 and enter pin# 674641. Mr. Burnett gives a detailed breakdown of how RoyaltyTexts works, and gives a free nightly training class as well! RoyaltyTexts is still in Pre-Launch
  6. Royalty Text Update - Site still is in PRE-LAUNCH but getting a lot closer. Join during the pre-launch stage and be rewarded from national campaigns and downline members!
  7. New Company in Pre-Launch. Join now and be rewarded with great earning potential. Completely 100% FREE and always will be! GET PAID TO RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES Members get paid a share of the revenue that advertisers pay to advertise. Similar to Groupon or Living Social only rather than keeping the money the members that receive the special offers by text will get a share of this income. Every text message you receive you will get a get paid. Along with this you get paid 7 levels down. Q. What is RoyaltyTexts? A. RoyaltyTexts is a text-based advertising platform that compensates you for
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