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  1. Hi All, I found a pretty good list on how to drive traffic to your blog. Check it out: 1. Join MyBlogLog, add friends, and join communities. 2. Sign up for Technorati and ping it when your blog content changes. 3. Use a ping service like pingomatic to ping RSS aggregators. 4. Submit your blog to all of the directories on Robin Good’s list of RSS directories. 5. Use trackbacks. 6. Leave comments on blogs in related niches. 7. Tell your friends about your blog and specific posts. 8. Put your blog URL in your forum signatures. 9. Create link bait. 10. Tell Your newsletter subscribers a
  2. The Meta Keywords, Description and Robots tag — Google used description copy to market your site in its results, treat this as optimized sales copy. Make sure your sitemap.xml page is CONSTANTLY called up to the search engines The Title Tag – The MOST important aspect of on-page SEO, just take our word for it. The Body Text (focus on the body text in bold, for this denotes strong emphasis to the search engines) The first sentence in the body text and the first words used per sentence are the most important ones for advanced on-page SEO necessities (Make it humanly readable and SE readable —
  3. I have been trading Forex Hedge Fund EA on two live accounts with Alpari UK since the beginning of Novemeber. One small account with aggressive settings and a larger account with moderate settings. I only use pairs like on EURUSD, USDJPY and EURJPY. On average the small, aggressive settings, account grew at a rate of 40% a week (multiplication by 1.40 each week!) and the account with the moderate settings at a rate of 18% per week! Only once a trade did hit stop loss. 90% of the trades have been closed profitable so far. I'm very happy with Forex Hedge Fund EA and hope to be able to sustain
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