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  1. Thanks a lot skylady. It feel great to be here :)
  2. My warm greetings to all the members in TGF. I am Arijit from India. Love to make friends and money :D I am a dead addicted Gamer who plays MMOFPS's like almost 15-16 hours per day; (The rest of the time is for money making - though I stopped it for some time as of now)-- Will resume in some days hopefully. It's great to be in TGF. I was involved in exchanges which again I have paused for sometime and hopefully due to PTV- I may resume it in 1-2 months or so. Hit me on yahoo anytime if you want to chat with me- would be glad to know you all. I use other messengers also but only when someone requests me to turn them on-- otherwise you can find me in yahoo. I can see that TGF is doing great in the online world- and I congratulate the Admin, Staff and all the members of TGF(PS: The next time someone tells this-- I will also be included as one of the members. Hehe :D ). Well I guess you can find me more in the posting sections from now on. Great to be here. Love you all. Yours sincerely, Arijit.
  3. Well from his question- it looks like he wants a verified Paypal account and thus is looking for one over here. I know VCC's are available- but he maybe unaware of it.
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