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  1. Deep linking means to place the site link in the very inner level of a site ex :- a.com/a/ab/abc/abcd/a.html so, for the search engines the page a.html is considered as a deep link page. so to placing a link at the deepest level of the site is called as a deep linking.
  2. Link Pyramid is a technique through which we can achieve the high rank in search results very fast and the effect of the link pyramid remains for a long time but only expert can do this not an ordinary person.
  3. There are too much importance of seo beacuse if you want to make business online then same as the local market you need to beat the competition on online market too and for doing it, you need to do seo for your site.
  4. There are many benefits of blogging, if you are promoting your business over the internet then blogging can really help you in all of these because if you are promoting your site in different different platforms of blog then you will get much more benefits from it.
  5. Whenever Google Updates the database then at that point of time the rankings on almost all the keyword rankings are changed for a while and that point of time is called as Google Dance, it usually done 4 times in a year but nobody knows about the perfect month and time.