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  1. Welcome to the Forum!! I hope you like it here.
  2. Yeah, same here, welcome.
  3. Hmm, I must say admin does have a point. I mean one day your banner may be showing and the next day it's been stolen due to the banner site it was on magically vanishing without a trace, while some other west bubble (fill in the blank) is using your banner to promote their business.
  4. Can you tell me how do you get instant first page ranking on Google? I have seen people do it before but never share how it is done, and I know others besides myself would like to know this information if you can honestly provide it.
  5. Finally, somebody who shows proof of payment, which is very nice to see. I don't know if you would be interested but you could advertise your business through mine and earn as a FREE member through our PPC system. I believe it is up and running now or will be soon. Just click my first signature link to see what mean about the advertising.
  6. I've seen this site before in the past, even thought about joining but didn't like the fact they don't offer any refunds or compensation for that matter. So can you tell me what has been your experience from using this program to earn online?
  7. Dude you got any payment proof to prove what your saying? I have seen a lot of so called "money earning forex softwares" that just don't deliver a flippin red cent. So how good or ligit is your software at making money from forex trading? And don't forget the payment proof.
  8. Can you show proof of payment that this is the real deal? There are just too mant fony hyips online these day and I really have had enough with seeing all these crazy and obsurd roi percentages that suppose to be real. I'm not trying to bite your head off I just want to know if this a honest and recommendable site to earn from passively.
  9. Please don't take this the wrong way, but.. that sounds like sweat shop wages. Are you yourself using this site to make money or are you just trying to get some commission out of a defensless newbie? Sorry to bash on you but I hope you are being a "user of your own product." it's only right.
  10. Question? have you earned any money from this ebook? or are you just trying to get a couple sales? Some payment proof of your claims would be nice if you can produce any. I'm not trying to bash on you just "keepin it real."
  11. Hmmm, are you the adim for this site or a member? I just honestly want to know how long you have been using this site and if it really is "The Place To Be Online" so if you can provide some more info it would be greatly appreciate.
  12. Your site sounds pretty cool, kinda simular to my business. You should check it out whenever you get a chance and let me know what you think of it.
  13. Sounds pretty cool, I have seen a lot of people promoting this opportunity online (of course). So how are you liking the program so far? I would consider joining if I wasn't so involved with my primary business opportunity. Then again I might still join if you provide updates on your progress with this company.
  14. How's your Wazzub promoting coming along?
  15. Is this site a real paying site? If it is do you have any payment proof to prove it?